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Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction (SIGIR) Reports to Congress

April 30, 2005 Report

April 30, 2005 Cover"I am pleased to submit to the Congress the fifth Quarterly Report of the Offi ce of the Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction (SIGIR), which complies with the reporting requirements of Public Law 108-106, as amended. It documents our progress since the January 30, 2005 Quarterly Report and updates the status of reconstruction efforts funded by the Iraq Relief and Reconstruction Fund (IRRF).


During this reporting quarter, we produced a thoroughgoing new audit plan for 2005-2006 and announced several new audits that reach to the core of IRRF project management. We recognized the need for more granularity in the reporting on how the IRRF has been used to execute Iraq’s reconstruction, on what current projects are underway, and on what future plans for construction are in the pipeline. This Report contains the details on a new system that we developed to combine all reporting on Iraq reconstruction contract and project activity into a single, understandable database.


This Report also provides summaries of four recently completed audits and brief descriptions of selected investigations. Two of the audits, which we began under our previous incarnation as the Coalition Provisional Authority Inspector General (CPA-IG), found a lack of controls and poor oversight in contract administration and defi ciencies in the management of cash disbursements, resulting in a potential for fraud. To be clear, these two audits involved assets from the Development Fund for Iraq (DFI) and not U.S. appropriated funds."

April 30, 2005 Report File Size File Type Date
April 30, 2005 Quarterly Report to Congress   PDF   585 KB   5/06/05
Appendix Acronyms and Definitions   PDF   61 KB   5/06/05
Appendix Endnotes   PDF   42 KB   5/06/05
Appendix List   PDF   31 KB   5/06/05
Appendix A - Statutory Requirements   PDF   51 KB   5/06/05
Appendix B – Iraq Relief and Reconstruction Fund Apportionments by Agency   PDF   86 KB   5/06/05
Appendix C – Seized Currency Expenditure Status   PDF   50 KB   5/06/05
Appendix D – Vested Assets Expenditure Status   PDF   50 KB   5/06/05
Appendix E – International Reconstruction Fund Facility for Iraq   PDF   61 KB   5/06/05
Appendix F – List of International Pledged Support for Iraq Reconstruction   PDF   56 KB   5/06/05
Appendix G – List of Contracts   PDF   593 KB   5/06/05
Appendix H – Audit Plan   PDF   511 KB   5/06/05

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