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*FM 3-34.331 (FM 5-232)

Field Manual
No. 3-34.331
Department of the Army
Washington, DC, 16 January 2001


FM 3-34.331




This FM is a guide for military occupational specialty (MOS) 82D (Topographic Surveyor). It provides techniques not found in any commercial text concerning the precise determination of position, azimuth, or elevation of a point. Additionally, this publication describes and standardizes procedures for performing recons, preparing station descriptions, and reporting and briefing of survey projects.

The material in this manual is applicable, without modification, to all geodetic-survey projects in all environments (prebattle, conventional war [nuclear and nonnuclear], low intensity conflicts, and postbattle). This manual complies with Army doctrine and international precision surveying practices. It does not provide previously published surveying doctrine or theory and may be supplemented with commercially available texts or previous editions of technical literature.

Appendix A contains mensural conversion charts.

The proponent of this publication is HQ, TRADOC. Send comments and recommendations on Department of the Army (DA) Form 2028 directly to United States (US) Army Engineer School (USAES), Attention: ATSE-DOT-DD, Directorate of Training, 320 Engineer Loop, Suite 336, Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri 65473-8929.

Unless this publication states otherwise, masculine nouns and pronouns do not refer exclusively to men.


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