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22 March 2011 Military News

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  • OIF/OEF Casualty Update 22 Mar 2011 [PDF]
  • Transcript: DOD News Briefing with Adm. Locklear via Teleconference from USS Mount Whitney DoD 22 Mar 2011 -- Presenter: Commander, U.S. Naval Forces Europe and Africa, Adm. Samuel Lockleare
  • RAF Typhoons patrol Libyan no-fly zone UK MOD 22 Mar 2011 -- CRAF Typhoons flew their first ever combat mission yesterday while patrolling the no-fly zone over Libya in support of United Nations Security Council Resolution (UNSCR) 1973.
  • Operations in Libya having a very real effect UK MOD 22 Mar 2011 -- Coalition operations against Colonel Gaddafi's forces are having a very real effect in protecting the city of Benghazi, Major General John Lorimer, the Chief of the Defence Staff's Strategic Communications Officer, said today, Tuesday 22 March 2011.
  • Task Force Commander Provides Libya Update AFPS 22 Mar 2011 -- The two-man crew of a U.S. fighter jet that crashed in Libya is safe, while the coalition has established a no-fly zone and grounded Moammar Gadhafi’s forces, the commander of Joint Task Force Odyssey Dawn said today.
  • Gates Cites Efforts to Avoid Civilian Casualties in Libya AFPS 22 Mar 2011 -- Coalition forces enforcing a no-fly zone in Libya to halt the slaughter of citizens by Moammar Gadhafi “have gone to great lengths to avoid civilian casualties,” Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates said here today.
  • U.S. Plans Transition to Support Role for Libya Operations 22 Mar 2011 -- Although the United States has played a prominent role in the first phase of the international coalition’s military activities in Libya, the Obama administration said the U.S. contribution will be diminishing as other members of the coalition take the lead.
  • US: Gadhafi's Air Defenses Now Largely Ineffective VOA 22 Mar 2011 -- A U.S. defense official said the jet that crashed in Libya late Monday was targeting Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi's missile capabilities. U.S. Navy Admiral Samuel Locklear, commander of U.S. Naval Forces Europe and Africa, spoke to reporters by phone from the USS Mount Whitney in the Mediterranean Sea.
  • US Jet Goes Down in Libya Operation VOA 22 Mar 2011 -- Heavy ground fighting was reported in several cities across Libya Tuesday, the fourth day of a U.N.-backed effort to establish a no-fly zone across the north of the country. U.S. confirmed one of its jets crash-landed while taking part in that effort.
  • Obama: No Doubt Coalition Will Take Over Command in Libya VOA 22 Mar 2011 -- President Barack Obama says he has no doubt that the United States will be able to turn over control of military operations over Libya to an international coalition.
  • US Legislators Debate Libya Intervention VOA 22 Mar 2011 -- U.S. military intervention in Libya has sparked widely divergent congressional reaction. Some legislators lament U.S. actions may be too little too late to force leader Moammar Gadhafi from power, while others object that the Obama administration acted without Congress’ consent.
  • Allies Agree On Role For NATO In Libya, Qaddafi Predicts Victory RFE/RL 22 Mar 2011 -- French President Nicolas Sarkozy and U.S. President Barack Obama have agreed on a plan for how NATO's command structure can support the international military campaign to protect civilians against the forces of Libyan ruler Muammar Qaddafi.
  • US Air Force F-15E Incident in Libya; Crew Safe AFRICOM 22 Mar 2011 -- Two crew members ejected from their U.S. Air Force F-15E Strike Eagle when the aircraft experienced equipment malfunction over northeast Libya, March 21, 2011 at approximately 10:30 p.m. CET.
  • Coalition air strikes hit two air defense bases in eastern Libya RIA Novosti 22 Mar 2011 -- Coalition forces have hit radar installations at two air defense bases to the east of Libya's opposition stronghold of Benghazi, Al Jazeera has reported.
  • Gates expects fighting in Libya to recede within days RIA Novosti 22 Mar 2011 -- U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates said on Tuesday the significant military fighting going on in Libya now 'should recede in the next few days.'
  • Fourth Day Of Air Strikes Keeps Pressure On Qaddafi RFE/RL 22 Mar 2011 -- Coalition forces have carried out air strikes in Libya for a fourth day, targeting the military infrastructure of longtime ruler Muammar Qaddafi.
  • Coalition Trying to Expand Libyan No-Fly Zone VOA 22 Mar 2011 -- U.N.-backed forces are trying to expand a 'no-fly' zone across much of northern Libya, after three days of airstrikes weakened Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi's defenses. So far, a U.S. jet taking part in the operation has crash-landed.
  • Obama insists Gaddafi 'needs to go' RIA Novosti 22 Mar 2011 -- U.S. President Barack Obama has reiterated U.S. demands for Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi to step down, stressing that the goal of the international military operation in Libya was to protect citizens.
  • Beijing opposes use of force in Libya RIA Novosti 22 Mar 2011 -- China called on Tuesday for an immediate end to a Western-led military operation in Libya.
  • Several African Leaders Criticize Air Attacks in Libya VOA 22 Mar 2011 -- South African President Jacob Zuma has warned that the Western-led bombings of Libyan military installations must not target civilians. Zuma was one of several African leaders who criticized the bombings, which were meant to establish a no-fly zone in Libyan air space.
  • Russia Calls for Immediate Cease-Fire in Libya VOA 22 Mar 2011 -- Russia's defense minister is criticizing U.S.-led air strikes in Libya, saying some of the strikes have killed innocent civilians.
  • China Calls for Libya Cease-Fire VOA 22 Mar 2011 -- China Tuesday called for an immediate cease-fire in Libya, where a United Nations 'no-fly zone' is being enforced. After abstaining last week from the U.N. Security Council vote on military action, the Chinese government says it wants immediate talks to end the violence.
  • Advisers aid weapons delivery to Iraqi partners AFNS 22 Mar 2011 -- Iraqi and U.S. weapons crews and pilots completed a $250,000 weapons-delivery mission from Sather Air Base, Iraq to here March 14.
  • Security Council extends UN mission in Afghanistan for another year UN News Centre 22 Mar 2011 -- The Security Council today extended the mandate of the United Nations mission in Afghanistan for one more year so that it can continue to assist the Government as it assumes greater responsibility for ensuring the country’s security and development.
  • Afghan Army to expand logistics capabilities USMC News 22 Mar 2011 -- The Afghan National Army will soon have more robust logistical capabilities in Southwestern Afghanistan. The Corps Logistics Battalion for the 215th Corps of the ANA is currently training in Kabul with the guidance and mentorship from Marines and sailors of the 2nd Marine Logistics Group (Forward).
  • 455th Airmen support ISAF's RC-North mission AFNS 22 Mar 2011 -- A small group of Airmen assigned to Bagram Airfield is making huge contributions to the U.S. Transportation Command mission in Afghanistan.
  • Afghan President Announces NATO Pullout Areas VOA 22 Mar 2011 -- Afghan President Hamid Karzai says Afghan forces will soon take over security from NATO in seven areas throughout the country - a first step towards the eventual withdrawal of foreign combat troops from Afghanistan.
  • A Diplomatic 'Address' For The Taliban Gaining Momentum RFE/RL 22 Mar 2011 -- Efforts to bring Taliban fighters to the negotiating table are shifting to a new front: Turkey.
  • Forces Detain Insurgents in Afghanistan Operations AFPS 22 Mar 2011 -- Afghan and coalition forces detained at least 15 suspected insurgents, including several Taliban leaders and foreign fighters, in operations yesterday throughout Afghanistan, military officials reported.
  • Karzai Announces Areas to Transition to Afghan Control AFPS 22 Mar 2011 -- Afghan President Hamid Karzai announced the first seven areas of his country that will transition to full Afghan security control.
  • Medevac Initiatives Save Lives in Afghanistan AFPS 22 Mar 2011 -- New ambulances designed to negotiate Afghanistan's rough, narrow roads, kits that quickly convert standard combat vehicles for casualty evacuation and state-of-the-art field medical packages are improving battlefield medicine and saving lives, an official involved in developing and fielding the new equipment reported.
  • Central Asia Stands To Gain As NATO Shifts Supply Lines Away From Pakistan RFE/RL 22 Mar 2011 -- Until recently most supplies were shipped by sea to the Pakistani port of Karachi, then shipped overland into Afghanistan. But after Taliban militants and their sympathizers began to attack the supply convoys, NATO planners began to cast about for more reliable alternatives.
  • Russia supports NATO success in Afghanistan - Serdyukov RIA Novosti 22 Mar 2011 -- Russia welcomes the success of NATO-led coalition forces and the stabilization of the situation in Afghanistan, Russian Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov said on Tuesday.
  • Patrol Squadron 4 Surveys Tsunami Damage Over Japan NNS 22 Mar 2011 -- Patrol Squadron 4 (VP 4) took to the air from Naval Air Facility Misawa (NAFM) to conduct an eight-hour field survey of ports in northern Japan, March 22.
  • Essex Embarks Radiological Assessment Control Team NNS 22 Mar 2011 -- A radiological assistance team embarked the forward-deployed amphibious assault ship USS Essex (LHD 2) to assist in humanitarian assistance and disaster relief (HADR) efforts March 19.
  • AFNORTH EPLOs deploy in support of voluntary evacuation from Japan AFNS 22 Mar 2011 -- Air Forces Northern National Security Emergency Preparedness Directorate recently deployed two emergency preparedness liaison officers in support of the voluntary authorized departure of military dependents from Japan to the U.S., and is poised to support with others if tasked.
  • Bioenvironmental techs test for toxins near Tokyo AFNS 22 Mar 2011 -- Among the typical crews for disaster relief in mainland Japan is an atypical crew.
  • Marines deliver relief supplies to Japanese affected by earthquake and tsunami USMC News 22 Mar 2011 -- As a group of 31st Marine Expeditionary Unit, CH-46E Sea Knight helicopters made their way along the northeast Japanese coast March 21, the destruction caused by the recent 9.0 earthquake and following tsunami became apparent.
  • Marines, sailors conduct area survey before starting HA/DR operations USMC News 22 Mar 2011 -- Eight Marine and Sailors with the 31st Marine Expeditionary Unit and Amphibious Squadron 11 performed a beach landing survey at a possible site for humanitarian assistance and disaster relief operations, March 21.

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  • UN human rights office voices concern at recent events in Yemen, Bahrain and Syria UN News Centre 22 Mar 2011 -- The United Nations human rights office today voiced its deep concern at recent events in Yemen, Bahrain and Syria, including the excessive use of force and killing of protesters, while stressing the responsibility of Governments to uphold basic freedoms, even in times of instability.
  • Yemen's President Warns Coup Would Lead to Civil War VOA 22 Mar 2011 -- Amid defections by military commanders and former political allies, Yemen's president is warning that any attempt to stage a coup against him will lead to civil war. But he also says he is willing to hold early elections and leave office by January in an orderly transition of power, as protests intensify against his 32-year rule.
  • Yemen President Ready to Step Down at End of Year VOA 22 Mar 2011 -- Yemen's President Ali Abdullah Saleh says he is willing to hold early elections this year and to leave office by January, in the face of intensifying opposition protests against his 32-year-rule.
  • Ban pledges full UN help for Tunisia's transition to democracy UN News Centre 22 Mar 2011 -- Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today pledged full United Nations support for Tunisia’s transition to democracy, hailing the country’s revolution as the spark that lit “the profound and dramatic changes” sweeping the Arab world.
  • Turkey suspects nukes on Iranian plane, finds other banned weapons headed to Syria - media RIA Novosti 22 Mar 2011 -- Turkish authorities suspecting nuclear arms on board an Iranian cargo plane bound for Syria found less lethal weapons and ammunition, however still fall under a UN resolution, Turkish daily Milliyet reported on Tuesday.
  • Confirmed dead in Japanese quake, tsunami passes 9,000 RIA Novosti 22 Mar 2011 -- Police in Japan say the death toll in the devastating earthquake and subsequent tsunami has exceeded 9,000 people, the Kyodo news agency reported on Tuesday.
  • Radiation near Japanese nuclear plant 1,600 times normal level RIA Novosti 22 Mar 2011 -- Radiation levels in some areas within a 20-kilometer (12-mile) zone around Japan's troubled Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant is 1,600 higher than the norm, the Kyodo news agency said, quoting International Atomic Energy Agency officials.
  • Radioactive Seawater Latest Woe for Battered Japan VOA 22 Mar 2011 -- Strong aftershocks continued to rock northeastern Japan, while firefighters and repair personnel risked excessive radiation exposure at a heavily damaged nuclear-power plant.
  • Western Diplomats: Iran Again Violates Arms Embargo VOA 22 Mar 2011 -- Western diplomats on the U.N. Security Council expressed concern Tuesday at mounting reports of Iranian violations of a U.N.-imposed arms embargo, including the seizure of rockets intended for the Taliban in Afghanistan and 50 tons of weapons Israel confiscated en route to Egypt.
  • UN reports more alleged violations of sanctions against Iran over nuclear issue UN News Centre 22 Mar 2011 -- Voicing “serious concern,” the chair of the United Nations committee monitoring the arms embargo imposed on Iran over its nuclear programme today reported two additional alleged violations involving material related to fuel enrichment or weapons delivery systems.
  • Ukraine Opens Case Against Ex-President Over Gongadze Murder RFE/RL 22 Mar 2011 -- Ukrainian prosecutors have opened a criminal case against former President Leonid Kuchma in connection with the high-profile murder of an opposition journalist more than a decade ago.
  • Thai PM denies role in court ruling to extradite Bout to U.S. RIA Novosti 22 Mar 2011 -- Thailand's prime minister, Abhisit Wechachiwa, said on Tuesday that neither he nor his Cabinet made the decision to extradite Russia's alleged arms dealer Viktor Bout to the United States.

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