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11 December 2009 Military News

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  • World Court Judges Adjourn to Consider Legality of Kosovo Independence VOA 11 Dec 2009 -- Judges at the International Court of Justice in The Hague have adjourned after nine days of hearings into the legality of Kosovo's 2008 declaration of independence. The United Nations' General Assembly asked judges to give an advisory opinion on the matter, which has divided international legal opinion and pitted the US and Russia against each other.
  • UN World Court ends public hearings on the question of Kosovo’s independence UN News Centre 11 Dec 2009 -- Public hearings wrapped up today in the International Court of Justice (ICJ) on the question of Kosovo’s unilateral declaration of independence from Serbia early last year, with the court now ready to begin its deliberations.
  • Sri Lanka: UN envoy on children and armed conflict ends visit UN News Centre 11 Dec 2009 -- A senior United Nations official today wrapped up a visit to Sri Lanka aimed at determining first-hand the well-being of children affected by the recent conflict between Government forces and separatist Tamil rebels in the north of the Indian Ocean nation.
  • Former Company Head Says Serbian Buses Used At Srebrenica RFE/RL 11 Dec 2009 -- The former head of a Serbian bus company says the firm's buses were used to transport Bosnian Muslims from the town of Srebrenica after it fell to Bosnian Serb forces in 1995, RFE/RL's Balkan Service reports.
  • Civilians continue fleeing clashes in northern Yemen, UN reports UN News Centre 11 Dec 2009 -- Thousands of civilians continue to steam out of northern Yemen, where the clashes between Government forces and rebels enter their fifth month, the United Nations refugee agency reported today.
  • Human Rights Watch Supports a War Crimes Tribunal in Liberia VOA 11 Dec 2009 -- The U.S.-based Human Rights Watch said it supports the Liberia Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s (TRC) recommendation to prosecute those who committed the most heinous crimes during the country’s brutal civil war.
  • Thousands Continue to Flee Fighting in Yemen VOA 11 Dec 2009 -- The United Nations refugee agency reports thousands of civilians continue to flee their homes in northern Yemen as fighting between government troops and Al Houti rebel forces enters a fifth month. The UNHCR says the situation in Saada province remains particularly tense as more people arrive there.
  • Israeli Settlers Suspected of Vandalizing Palestinian Mosque VOA 11 Dec 2009 -- Tensions are rising in the West Bank after speculation Jewish settlers were to blame for desecrating a Muslim holy place.

News Reports

  • DPRK on US Envoy's Pyongyang Visit KCNA 11 Dec 2009 -- A spokesman for the DPRK Foreign Ministry Friday gave the following answer to a question put by KCNA as regards the DPRK visit by the U.S. special representative for DPRK policy and his party:
  • Pro-N.Korean paper sets conditions for return to nuclear talks RIA Novosti 11 Dec 2009 -- North Korea will not agree to resume six-party talks on its nuclear program until the United States agrees to a peace treaty, a pro-North Korean newspaper in Japan said Friday.
  • Moscow intensifies North Korea talks with U.S. envoy's visit RIA Novosti 11 Dec 2009 -- Washington's point man on the North Korean nuclear issue will visit Moscow next week for talks with Russian diplomats, including Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, the Russian Foreign Ministry said on Friday.
  • North Korea says six-party talks need to resume RIA Novosti 11 Dec 2009 -- North Korea said after a visit to Pyongyang by U.S. President Barack Obama's special envoy that six-party talks on its nuclear program should restart.
  • N. Korean Assessment of US Visit Seen as Positive in S. Korea VOA 11 Dec 2009 -- North Korea is giving an upbeat assessment of a visit by a senior U.S. envoy. In Seoul, experts on Pyongyang see the reaction as a sliver of progress toward resuming talks aimed at ending the North's nuclear weapons programs.
  • Hoj. Sediqi: Iranian nation not to give up nuclear rights IRNA 11 Dec 2009 -- Substitute Friday prayers leader of Tehran Hojjatoleslam Kazem Sediqi said here Friday that Iranian nation will, by no means and at no cost, give up its nuclear rights.
  • Iran, Syria endorse defense pact IRNA 11 Dec 2009 -- Iran and Syria inked a defense cooperation protocol on Friday, based on which they will share experience in the defense domain and form a joint defense cooperation committee for the purpose.
  • Syria, Iran strongly willing to face common enemy – Min. says IRNA 11 Dec 2009 -- Syrian Minister of Defense Lieut. Gen. Ali Habib said here Friday that Tehran and Damascus are strongly resolved to face common enemy, a goal for whose materialization they have entered a deal.
  • France Leads Push For Iranian Sanctions At UN RFE/RL 11 Dec 2009 -- France has asked its fellow members on the United Nations Security Council to start work on a new round of sanctions against Iran for its refusal to verify the peaceful character of its nuclear program.
  • Gates Predicts Stronger Sanctions on Iran, Unless Nuclear Policy Changes VOA 11 Dec 2009 -- U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates predicted Friday that the international community will impose stronger economic sanctions on Iran unless its leaders change their policy and live up to agreements related to their nuclear program. Gates spoke to U.S. troops at Forward Operating Base Warrior, near Kirkuk, northern Iraq.
  • BIMSTEC adopts convention to combat terrorism, insurgency IRNA 11 Dec 2009 -- The seven-nation BIMSTEC grouping Friday adopted a convention to combat terrorism and insurgency, a step that is expected to add teeth to India's action against militancy, particularly in its north east.
  • Global swine flu death toll rises to some 9,600 - WHO RIA Novosti 11 Dec 2009 -- Some 800 people died from the À/H1N1 virus in the first week of December, bringing the death toll to 9,596, the World Health Organization (WHO) said in a statement on Friday.
  • Pakistani Official Says 5 Americans Will Not Be Deported VOA 11 Dec 2009 -- Pakistan's interior minister says five young Americans arrested in Pakistan's Punjab province this week on suspicion of trying to join militant Islamist groups will not be immediately deported.
  • Clinton Cautions Latin American States About Iranian Influence VOA 11 Dec 2009 -- U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton Friday urged Latin American countries to "think twice" about establishing links with Iran, which she said is the world's leading promoter and exporter of terrorism. Clinton also expressed concern about democratically-elected leaders in Latin America who later move to undermine democratic institutions.
  • EU Summit Concludes With Climate Pledge, Call For Financial 'Tobin' Tax RFE/RL 11 Dec 2009 -- European Union leaders today agreed to collectively contribute more than 2 billion euros a year between 2010-2012 toward offsetting the costs the world's developing nations will incur in cutting their greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Zelaya to leave Honduras by January 27 - embassy RIA Novosti 11 Dec 2009 -- Ousted Honduran president Manuel Zelaya should leave the Brazilian Embassy in Tegucigalpa before his term expires on January 27, Brazil's Globonews TV channel said on Friday.
  • Turkey Bans Pro-Kurdish Party VOA 11 Dec 2009 -- The ruling comes as the government is attempting to bring an end to 25 years of fighting with the Kurdish rebels.
  • Tymoshenko ready to join hands with Yushchenko 'for Ukraine's sake' RIA Novosti 11 Dec 2009 -- Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko does not regret her decision to support Viktor Yushchenko in the 2004 presidential elections and is ready to unite with the incumbent president "for the sake of Ukraine."

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