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13 April 2005 Military News

Defense Policy / Programs
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News Reports

Current Operations

  • OIF/OEF Casualty Update 13 Apr 2005 [PDF]
  • DoD Identifies Army Casualty
  • DoD Identifies Army Casualty

  • 10 Killed In Iraq Violence RFE/RL 13 Apr 2005 -- At least 10 civilians were killed in the latest violence in Iraq yesterday as U.S.-led forces battled insurgents near the border with Syria.
  • Insurgents Kill 12 Police In Northern Iraq RFE/RL 13 Apr 2005 -- Insurgents attacked policemen dismantling an apparent decoy bomb in northern Iraq today, killing 12 officers and injuring at least three others.
  • HMM-165 wraps up combat operations in Iraq USMC News 13 Apr 2005 -- Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron 165 (REIN) recently rejoined its parent command, the 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit (Special Operations Capable), after wrapping up a month of flying numerous missions throughout high-tension areas in Iraq.
  • MPs patrol, provide security, press on USMC News 13 Apr 2005 -- Imagine patrolling the treacherous roads of Iraq for improvised explosive devices on a daily basis, stopping at commonly used IED sites and putting your life at risk to check a block of concrete along the road that was not there the day before.

  • RUMSFELD/SOUTH ASIA VOA 13 Apr 2005 -- Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld has made a brief surprise visit to Afghanistan. Mr. Rumsfeld met with the Afghan president, who called for a security deal with the United States.
  • Afghanistan: Kabul Wants To Restore 'Historic Symbol of Democracy' For New Parliament RFE/RL 13 Apr 2005 -- The Afghan government wants to restore a war-damaged former royal palace so it can be used as the seat of parliament. The Darulaman Palace was built in the 1920s by former King Amanullah Khan as part of his plan for social and political modernization. It originally was intended to house Afghanistan's first elected parliament. But before that legislature could be created, Amanullah Khan was forced into exile by conservative Pashtun tribesmen who opposed his reforms.
  • Afghanistan Wants 'Long-Term' U.S. Security RFE/RL 13 Apr 2005 -- Afghan President Hamid Karzai today said that he wants his country to have a long-term security relationship with the United States.

Defense Policy / Programs

  • Readiness, Environment Missions 'Closely Intertwined' AFPS 13 Apr 2005 -- Sustaining readiness and taking care of the environment are not separate realms but twin missions in the same cause, DoD's top readiness official said.
  • Security Conditions Improving in Southern Afghanistan AFPS 13 Apr 2005 -- The security situation in the southern region of Afghanistan has improved considerably over the past year, local commanders told Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld here today.
  • Myers Says U.S., Latin American Cooperation Growing AFPS 13 Apr 2005 -- The military-to-military relationships between the United States and countries of Latin America continue to improve, said the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff following meetings in the region April 10-12.
  • Top US Defense official Fallon meets Indian service chiefs IRNA 13 Apr 2005 -- Admiral William J. Fallon, commander of the US Pacific Command, held talks with several Indian service chiefs to chalk out joint exercises between the armed forces of the two countries and other issues.
  • AFRC streamlines augmentee program AFPN 13 Apr 2005 -- Air Force Reserve Command officials here are working with other major commands to streamline management of individual mobilization augmentees.
  • MCTSSA provides warriors tactical edge USMC News 13 Apr 2005 -- Part of the newest communication technologies available to the battlefield here are the responsibility of the Marine Corps Tactical Systems Support Activity deployment team.
  • CAST braces II MEF with simulation training USMC News 13 Apr 2005 -- The mock terrain model resembles a huge board game - complete with micro tanks, armored personnel carriers, artillery pieces and other assorted military vehicles - to play out the scenario of a combat environment. This isn't a game. this is the Combined Arms Staff Trainer.
  • C-17 makes first polar airdrop AFPN 13 Apr 2005 -- Aircrews from here airdropped life-sustaining cargo to National Science Foundation scientists at the North Pole in the C-17 Globemaster III's first polar airdrop April 12.
  • Bowsers make draining KC-135s more efficient AFPN 13 Apr 2005 -- A new piece of equipment is making things cleaner and easier for 92nd Maintenance Squadron Airmen here.
  • Seabees Depart for Exercise Cobra Gold Navy NewsStand 13 Apr 2005 -- A group of 75 Seabees from Naval Mobile Construction Battalion (NMCB) 40 departed in April for Deployment-for-Training (DFT) Cobra Gold in Thailand, an annual joint exercise involving U.S. Armed Forces, as well as the Japanese, Royal Thai and Indian military services.
  • Grey Wolves homeward bound USMC News 13 Apr 2005 -- Navy Electronic Attack Squadron 142 returned to Naval Air Station Whidbey Island, Ala. recently, after a highly successful six-month deployment here.
  • Star Warriors make first trip to Iwakuni USMC News 13 Apr 2005 -- Tactical Electronics Warfare Squadron 209 arrived aboard the Station Monday from Naval Air Facility, Washington.
  • Marauders hone combat skills USMC News 13 Apr 2005 -- The Marines and sailors of Marine Aviation Logistics Squadron 12 hit the dirt recently for weapons familiarization and tactical emplacement classes.
  • Lancers maintain air supremacy USMC News 13 Apr 2005 -- -- Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni has many tenant units, many of which call southern Japan home for only a few months.
  • VMR-1 demonstrates Pedro's prowess USMC News 13 Apr 2005 -- Approximately 50 Marines gathered April 6 to witness what the commanding officer of VMR-1 termed "a historic, one-time event for VMR-1."

  • RICE-BOLTON-U.N. VOA 13 Apr 2005 -- Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice Wednesday defended the controversial nomination of John Bolton to be U.S. ambassador to the United Nations. The Senate Foreign Relations Committee has postponed action on Mr. Bolton amid Democratic criticism of his management style and performance as State Department arms control chief.

  • White House Daily Briefing, April 13 Wasghington File 13 Apr 2005 -- President's schedule, meeting with congressional members, energy costs, Leader DeLay/criticism from Republicans, budget/agriculture, ANWR/capped oil wells, Social Security, Afghanistan/permanent military base, Israel/settlements, Palestinian Authority/road map, Iran/Israel, President's trip to Russia, Saudi Arabia/Crown Prince visit, China, opening game/nationals
  • State Department Briefing, April 13 Washington File 14 Apr 2005 -- Lebanon, U.N., Iran, Syria, Japan/South Korea/China, Greece, Macedonia, Iraq

Defense Industry

Other Conflicts

  • "FIERY SUMMER" OF CHECHEN TERRORISTS RIA Novosti 13 Apr 2005 -- The Chechen law-enforcement agencies have information that militants are going to stage several resounding terrorist acts in summer.
  • EU DELEGATION COMES TO CHECHNYA TO GAUGE PROGRESS IN INSTITUTIONAL REFORM AHEAD OF POLLS RIA Novosti 13 Apr 2005 -- A delegation of the European Commission, the European Union's executive body, has arrived in the republic of Chechnya to gauge progress in institutional reform ahead of parliamentary elections here.
  • CHECHNYA: REHABILITATION PROJECTS TO REPLACE HUMANITARIAN AID RIA Novosti 13 Apr 2005 -- Chechen President Alu Alkhanov welcomes the initiative of the European Union to pass from humanitarian aid to specific economic projects targeting the rehabilitation of Chechnya.
  • RUSSIA DISAGREES WITH STRASBOURG RULING ON CHECHENS CASE RIA Novosti 13 Apr 2005 -- Pavel Laptev, Russia's special envoy to the European Human Rights Court, intends to appeal against the decision of this court on the action brought by a group of Chechens against Georgia and Russia.

  • COTE D IVOIRE: Mbeki makes his decision ahead of crucial disarmament meeting IRIN 13 Apr 2005 -- President Thabo Mbeki has asked President Laurent Gbagbo to use his special presidential powers under the constitution to allow all the parties that signed last week's Pretoria peace accord to present candidates in elections for a new head of state next October.
  • COTE D IVOIRE-LIBERIA: Child-soldier ring investigated amid warnings of growing West African mercenary activity IRIN 13 Apr 2005 -- Authorities are investigating a Liberian suspected of recruiting child-soldiers to fight in Cote d'Ivoire amid warnings that more and more young ex-combatants are resorting to work as hired guns in West African trouble spots.
  • COTE D IVOIRE: How dangerous are the loyalist militias in the "wild west"? IRIN 13 Apr 2005 -- If the western government-held zone of Cote d'Ivoire is known for anything, it's for its loyalist militias. But how dangerous are they really?
  • COTE D IVOIRE: Mbeki's crucial peace ruling remains under wraps IRIN 13 Apr 2005 -- On the eve of a meeting slated to kick off disarmament in volatile Cote d'Ivoire, South African President Thabo Mbeki has informed all signatories to a new peace deal of his final ruling on a key chapter of the accord.
  • IVORY COAST / MEDIATION VOA 13 Apr 2005 -- South Africa mediator Thabo Mbeki has sent the warring parties and opposition leaders in Ivory Coast a letter on eligibility requirements for the presidency, and is awaiting their response. The issue has been at the center of the two-and-a-half year civil war in the world's leading cocoa producer.
  • IVORY COAST/ MERCENARIES VOA 13 Apr 2005 -- South African and United Nations officials are investigating allegations that the Ivorian government has been actively recruiting Liberian mercenaries, despite all parties signing a peace deal last week in Pretoria. An Ivorian rebel spokesman says that there is now a big question mark over conditions to be set for scheduled disarmament.

  • Africa: Donors Pledge Billions In Aid For Sudan RFE/RL 13 Apr 2005 -- International donors are congratulating themselves on their generosity, after exceeding their targets for aid to Sudan at a recent donors conference. Donors pledged some $4.5 billion to help the country recover from two decades of civil war. Now the challenge will be actually paying the money. With aid budgets tapped out by the recent Indian Ocean tsunami disaster, the danger is that needy Sudanese might not see the promised cash.
  • United States Pledges Additional Aid to Sudan at Oslo Conference Wasghington File 13 Apr 2005 -- The long-term objectives of the United States in Sudan have been to encourage the peaceful reconciliation of all parties there and to create an opportunity for a new start for that country, U.S. Deputy Secretary of State Robert B. Zoellick told reporters April 12, the same day he pledged up to $2 billion in U.S. aid for that troubled nation.

  • US / ISRAEL VOA 13 Apr 2005 -- Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has wrapped up his visit to the United States. His discussions with President Bush and other leaders focused on the planned withdrawal of Jewish settlers from the Gaza Strip, the expansion of settlements in the West Bank and concerns about Iran's nuclear program.
  • ISRAEL / U.S. / SETTLEMENTS VOA 13 Apr 2005 -- Israel is playing down differences that may have emerged during this week's summit between President Bush and Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and the Palestinians are giving Mr. Bush's statements a cautious welcome. But the issue of Israeli settlements remains very much at the center of the debate and the conflict.

  • THE OUTLOOK FOR RESOLVING INTERNAL CONFLICTS IN GEORGIA RIA Novosti 13 Apr 2005 -- Georgia is preparing for a visit by George W. Bush, who is expected to arrive in the republic after the May VE-Day celebrations in Moscow.
  • BUSH HOPES TO RECONCILE GEORGIA WITH ABKHAZIA AND SOUTH OSSETIA RIA Novosti 13 Apr 2005 -- The Georgian press made a sensational announcement yesterday: President George W. Bush plans to convene at the negotiating table Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili and the leaders of breakaway republics of Abkhazia and South Ossetia, Sergei Bagapsh and Eduard Kokoity, Noviye Izvestia reports.

  • HAITI / UN VOA 13 Apr 2005 -- A delegation from the UN Security Council arrived in Haiti Wednesday to examine the situation in the troubled Caribbean nation.
  • TWO ATTACKS ON POLICE IN MAKHACHKALA - ONE KILLED, FIVE WOUNDED RIA Novosti 13 Apr 2005 -- One policeman was killed and five others wounded as a result of two attacks on police late Tuesday night and Wednesday morning in Makhachkala, the capital of Dagestan (a republic in the North Caucasus neighbouring on Chechnya), RIA Novosti was told at the duty desk of the city's interior department.
  • SOMALIA: 13 reported killed in inter-clan fighting in Mudug IRIN 13 Apr 2005 -- At least 13 people were reported killed in renewed inter-clan fighting in Hobyo district, Mudug region of central Somalia, sources told IRIN. At least 30 others were reported wounded, the sources added.
  • UN/COLOMBIA VOA 13 Apr 2005 -- The top U.N. human-rights official says she is seriously concerned by the havoc wreaked on the civilian population by Colombia's ongoing civil war. In a report to the U.N. Human Rights Commission, Louise Arbour cited a lengthy list of abuses committed by illegal armed groups, including torture, rape, and summary executions.
  • Disarmed Congolese militia members number 10,000, UN mission says UN News Centre 13 Apr 2005 -- Just over 10,000 members of armed militias in the northeastern Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) have disarmed and entered transit areas secured by the United Nations peacekeeping mission under the community reintegration plan for Ituri district.
  • CHAD / REFUGEES VOA 13 Apr 2005 -- A U.N. aid agency in eastern Chad that is helping refugees from Sudan's Darfur region is warning of a possible deterioration of the humanitarian situation there. These new worries come amid fears the conflict could spread to the Chadian-Sudanese border region.

News Reports

  • Rice Calls Karami Resignation "Opportunity to Move Forward" Washington File 14 Apr 2005 -- Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice characterized the April 13 resignation of Lebanese Prime Minister-designate Omar Karami as "an opportunity to move forward" and urged Lebanese officials to tend to the business of forming a new government and to hold legislative elections on schedule.
  • U.S/LEBANON/POLITICS VOA 13 Apr 2005 -- The United States Wednesday said the resignation of pro-Syrian Lebanese Prime Minister-designate Omar Karami is an opportunity for Lebanon to move forward toward a new government and elections. It says the political impasse in Beirut is no excuse for delaying elections and a Syrian troop withdrawal.
  • UN / CLINTON / TSUNAMI VOA 13 Apr 2005 -- Former President Bill Clinton has pledged to devote whatever time and energy it takes to do his job as special United Nations envoy to countries hit by the Indian Ocean tsunami. Mr. Clinton declared himself in good health as he came to U.N. headquarters to take up his new assignment.
  • NO REVOLUTIONARY PREREQUISITES IN AZERBAIJAN RIA Novosti 13 Apr 2005 -- There are no prerequisites in Azerbaijan for any kind of "color" revolution, similar to the ones that happened in Kyrgyzstan and Georgia, Azerbaijani Foreign Minister Elmar Mamedyarov stated, while speaking with Russian journalists in Islamabad.
  • LEBANON/ANNIVERSARY VOA 13 Apr 2005 -- Lebanon is observing what is called a Unity Day to mark the 30th anniversary of the outbreak of civil war in 1975. Edward Yeranian reports from Beirut the country remains locked in political turmoil.
  • INDONESIA VOLCANO VOA 13 Apr 2005 -- Two volcanoes have recently come to life in Indonesia, with geologists tying the activity into the massive earthquakes that hit in December and again last month. One of the volcanoes is rattling the island hardest hit by the December quake and the tsunami it created.

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