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08 February 2005 Military News

Defense Policy / Programs
Defense Industry
Other Conflicts
News Reports

Current Operations

Defense Policy / Programs

  • DoD Appoints New Director of Defense Threat Reduction Agency 08 Feb 2005 -- The Department of Defense announced today the appointment of James A. Tegnelia as the new director, Defense Threat Reduction Agency.
  • DoD Selects Foreign Defense Equipment for Testing 08 Feb 2005 -- The Department of Defense has selected 18 new start projects to receive fiscal 2005 funding under the Foreign Comparative Testing (FCT) program.
  • More Teamwork, Technology Drive Air Force Transformation AFPS 08 Feb 2005 -- The Air Force will employ more teamwork and technology in transforming itself into a more agile and efficient force for the 21st century, a senior Air National Guard officer said here Feb. 7.
  • ARMY ANNOUNCES THE ESTABLISHMENT OF THE US ARMY COMBAT READINESS CENTER Army News Release 08 Feb 2005 -- The United States Army Safety Center has been recast as the United States Army Combat Readiness Center (USACRC) here today by order of the Secretary of the Army, The Honorable Dr. Francis J. Harvey.
  • Army opens center to research flexible computer displays Army News 08 Feb 2005 -- The Army officially opened a "Flexible Display Center" at Arizona State University Feb. 4 to develop thin computer screens that bend.
  • Soldier Battle Lab testing future force Army News 08 Feb 2005 -- Fort Benning agencies began experimenting with new Army force structures Jan. 31 as part of the transition to the Future Combat System.
  • Need for hardening vehicles ebbs in Kuwait Army News 08 Feb 2005 -- On Feb. 4, the goal of the 276th Maintenance Company was to up-armor 300 vehicles before the close of business.
  • Up-armor factory meeting Army's demands Army News 08 Feb 2005 -- Since August 2003, the production of up-armored Humvees has gone from 15 to almost 500 vehicles per month to meet the needs in Iraq.
  • Navy Christens X-craft Navy NewsStand 08 Feb 2005 -- The Navy unveiled its future as it officially christened its revolutionary new Littoral Surface Craft - Experimental, commonly referred to as "X-Craft," Feb. 5.

  • UN: Divisions Over ICC Mark Security Council Meeting On Darfur RFE/RL 08 Feb 2005 -- For months now, the United States has pushed for international action to end the violence in Sudan's Darfur region, where government-backed Arab militias have been accused of mass killings, rape and other atrocities committed against black Africans. A United Nations report last week urged action on Darfur and called for those accused of war crimes to be put on trial by the International Criminal Court. But rather than boosting international momentum for action on Darfur, the UN report risks delaying it in a protracted diplomatic tussle. Ironically, that's because the United States opposes sending the Darfur case to the ICC -- for fear of legitimizing the new court, which it has refused to condone.

  • Open New Chapter in Our Alliance, Rice in Paris Urges Europe Washington FIle 08 Feb 2005 -- Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice appealed to Europe February 8 to set aside past disagreements with the United States, and open a new chapter in the transatlantic alliance based on the unprecedented opportunity to achieve "historic global advances for justice and prosperity, for liberty and for peace."

  • White House Daily Briefing, February 8 Washington FIle 08 Feb 2005 -- Budget/President's speech in Detroit, Meetings with Congress, Schedule, Personnel announcements, RNC letter, Mideast cease-fire
  • State Department Briefing, February 8 Washington FIle 08 Feb 2005 -- Asia/Department, Israel/Palestinians, Kenya, Togo, Saudi Arabia

Defense Industry

  • U.S. Air Force Orders Three Boeing C-40C Aircraft Boeing 08 Feb 2005 -- The U.S. Air Force has announced orders for three Boeing C-40C aircraft to provide worldwide transportation support for government officials. The C-40Cs are based on the Boeing Business Jet and will replace retiring C-9A aircraft, supplying the Air Force with reliable, updated and cost-effective airlift support.
  • General Dynamics Awarded U.S. Navy Contract to Provide IT Services to the Crane Division, Naval Surface Warfare Center General Dynamics 08 Feb 2005 -- The U.S. Navy has awarded General Dynamics Network Systems a contract for the installation of shipboard physical security equipment aboard Military Sealift Command and Navy ships. The indefinite delivery/requirements contract has a performance period of five years and a potential value of $49.9 million. The contract was awarded by the Crane Division, Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC Crane), Crane, Indiana. General Dynamics Network Systems is a business unit of General Dynamics (NYSE: GD).
  • LOCKHEED MARTIN TEAM BEGINS CONSTRUCTION ON FIRST LITTORAL COMBAT SHIP Lockheed Martin 08 Feb 2005 -- The Lockheed Martin team cut steel for the nation’s first Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) early this month, marking the start of fabrication at Marinette Marine in Marinette. The team will deliver the first LCS to the U.S. Navy in late 2006.
  • Raytheon's Patriot GEM-T Missiles Two for Two Raytheon 08 Feb 2005 -- Raytheon Company's low cost Patriot GEM-T missiles destroyed two target drones during a test conducted at White Sands Missile Range, N.M. last week.
  • Sikorsky Will Not Protest Marine One Contract Decision Sikorsky 08 Feb 2005 -- Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation today issued the following statement regarding the U.S. Navy's presidential helicopter contract decision.
  • RUSSIAN DISPLAYS AT ABU DHABI ARMS SHOW TO EXCEED 500 RIA Novosti 08 Feb 2005 -- During the seventh International Defense Exhibition IDEX 2005 to be held in the capital city of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Abu Dhabi, Russia will display more than 500 exhibits, including top-notch weapons systems, equipment, instruments and ammunition to fit virtually all armed services and branches, a spokesperson for the Rosoboronexport state unitary company told RIA Novosti.
  • Northrop Grumman Begins Demonstration Flights for Army UAV Program Northrop Grumman 08 Feb 2005 -- Northrop Grumman Corporation (NYSE:NOC) has begun ground and flight demonstrations of the new Hunter II medium altitude endurance unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) it has proposed as the U.S. Army's next generation UAV system.
  • Northrop Grumman Establishes Directed Energy Systems Unit To Maximize Company's High-Power Laser Capabilities Northrop Grumman 08 Feb 2005 -- Northrop Grumman Corporation (NYSE:NOC) has established a new business area -- Directed Energy Systems -- to help transition high-energy laser systems from the laboratory to warfighters, the most advanced of which will be able to engage mortars, rockets, artillery and other threats to protect U.S. and allied military and civilian populations and assets.

Other Conflicts

  • Annan welcomes Israeli and Palestinian statements on stopping violence UN News Centre 08 Feb 2005 -- Welcoming Israeli and Palestinian statements today that they were holding their fire against one another, United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan said he believed that "their joint announcements to cease violence after four years of death and suffering provide an opportunity for the peace process to resume."
  • Middle East: Sharon, Abbas Declare Cease-Fire At Summit RFE/RL 08 Feb 2005 -- Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas both proclaimed a formal end to violence during a summit at Egypt's Red Sea resort of Sharm el-Sheik today. The cease-fire aims to bring an end to the Palestinian intifada and Israeli military activity that has left more than 4,000 people dead since September 2000. Palestinian officials say they also hope the summit will pave the way for new peace negotiations. Today's summit is part of a growing rapprochement since Abbas was elected in January to head the Palestinian Authority. But despite the proclaimation of hope, officials, and analyts say there are potential pitfalls ahead.
  • MIDEAST / SUMMIT VOA 08 Feb 2005 -- An historic agreement is expected to be announced Tuesday that calls for a cease-fire in the more-than-four-year Palestinian intifada. That may mark a major turning point in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The announcement will be made in Egypt, where President Hosni Mubarak is hosting a one-day summit involving the newly elected leader of the Palestinians and the prime minister of Israel.
  • Rice Meets With Middle East Leaders at "Most Promising Moment" Washington FIle 08 Feb 2005 -- Taking advantage of what she called "the most promising moment for progress between Palestinians and Israelis in recent years," Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice held two days of "intensive and productive" discussions with Israeli and Palestinian leaders on a visit to Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Ramallah February 6 and 7. Rice's visit came on the eve of direct talks between Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas at Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, on February 8.
  • MIDEAST / SUMMIT VOA 08 Feb 2005 -- Palestinians and Israelis announced Tuesday an agreement to end more than four years of bloodshed that have resulted in thousands of deaths. The announcement is seen as a major confidence building move that could pave the way for more substantive peace negotiations.

  • UN/Sudan VOA 08 Feb 2005 -- Sudan has told the U.N. Security Council prosecuting Darfur war crimes is an internal matter, and should be done only after fighting in the region is ended. The Council remains deeply divided over the question of how to bring perpetrators of Darfur's war crimes to justice.
  • U.S. Seeks Peaceful Settlement on Nagorno-Karabakh Washington FIle 08 Feb 2005 -- The U.S. Department of State issued the following fact sheet February 7, 2005, which updates a January 25, 2005, fact sheet
  • United States Firmly Committed to Colombian Peace Process Washington FIle 08 Feb 2005 -- The United States stands firm in supporting Colombia's ongoing peace process and in helping the Andean nation to end its illicit drug trade, says Andrew Natsios, administrator of the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID).
  • Darfur Remains Dismal, U.N. Envoy Says Washington FIle 08 Feb 2005 -- While praising the North-South peace agreement in Sudan, the U.N. Security Council has complained to Sudanese officials about the continuing violence and grim situation in Darfur.
  • UN envoy paints 'dismal' picture of state of Sudan's Darfur conflict UN News Centre 08 Feb 2005 -- The top United Nations envoy for Sudan today painted a "dismal picture" of the situation in the Darfur region, even if not as bad as in early 2004, with the Government and rebels violating the ceasefire, atrocious crimes still going unpunished and humanitarian workers increasingly subjected to intimidation from both sides.
  • UGANDA/LRA VOA 08 Feb 2005 -- Uganda's interior minister has told VOA his government and the Lord's Resistance Army rebel group will likely sign a peace agreement soon to end 18 years of civil war in the north.
  • SUDAN: Security situation in Darfur deteriorating - AU IRIN 08 feb 2005 -- The security situation in the western Sudanese states of North and South Darfur has deteriorated progressively over the past four months, with unacceptable consequences for the peace and tranquility of the civilian populations, according to the African Union (AU).
  • Government and rebel leader mark Sudan peace in Security Council chamber UN News Centre 08 Feb 2005 -- The two principals in the decades-long Government-rebel conflict in southern Sudan, who less than three months ago vowed before an extraordinary United Nations Security Council meeting on their own doorstep in Kenya to make peace, came to the Council's home base in New York today, basking in the glow of their achievement.
  • PHILIPPINES / BATTLE VOA 08 Feb 2005 -- Philippine soldiers battled to regain control of areas in the Muslim south, where clashes have broken out over the past several days. Nearly 50 people have been killed in the fighting.
  • UNICEF/CONGO VOA 08 Feb 2005 -- The United Nations Children's Fund has started assisting some 50-thousand victims of renewed violence in the Ituri region of Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. UNICEF says it is very concerned about the fate of countless thousands of other people who have fled from the fighting.
  • RUSSIAN PEACEKEEPERS TO SERVE IN SUDAN RIA Novosti 08 Feb 2005 -- The Russian Defense Ministry has trained 20 peacekeepers for Sudan.

  • FOREIGN MINISTRY ON CHECHEN NUCLEAR THREAT ALLEGATIONS RIA Novosti 08 Feb 2005 -- Moscow does not believe that Chechen militants possess a nuclear device or that they could commit an act of nuclear terrorism, a commentary by the Russian Foreign Ministry's information and press department states in response to Boris Berezovsky's allegations that Chechen militants have nuclear weapons.
  • EXPERT: BASAYEV NEEDED ALIVE AS SYMBOL OF SEPARATISM RIA Novosti 08 Feb 2005 -- The international Arab terrorists operating in Chechnya need leader of the Chechen militants Shamil Basayev alive as a symbol of separatism, an expert on the struggle against terrorism, who spoke on conditions of anonymity, told RIA Novosti.
  • CHECHEN LEADERS SUGGEST MASKHADOV SURRENDER RIA Novosti 08 Feb 2005 -- Chechen leaders suggest separatist leader Aslan Maskhadov should give himself up, according to the message issued by the Chechen president's public relations office on Tuesday.

News Reports

  • TOGO: Residents snub new president with stay-home protest, African peers threaten sanctions IRIN 08 Feb 2005 -- Normal business in Togo slowed down on Tuesday but did not come to a complete standstill after an opposition call for a two-day general strike to protest against Faure Gnassingbe seizing the presidency following his father's death.
  • TOGO/ GNASSINGBE PROFILE VOA 08 Feb 2005 -- The new Togolese president, Faure Gnassingbe, has promised to pursue democratization of his country, even though he came to power through the military. The new head of state entered politics just three years ago, and faces international condemnation over his accession to power.
  • TOGO / PROTESTS VOA 08 Feb 2005 -- A stay-at-home protest in Togo against the replacement of the late President Gnassingbe Eyadema with his 39 year-old son is heating up. Meanwhile, African bodies and European governments are also mounting pressure against what they are calling an illegal transfer of power.

  • FBI EXPERTS START INVESTIGATING GEORGIAN PREMIER'S DEATH RIA Novosti 08 Feb 2005 -- Experts of the US Federal Bureau of Investigation will visit the apartment where Georgian Prime Minister Zurab Zhvania died.

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