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15 April 2004 Military News

Defense Policy / Programs
Defense Industry
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News Reports

Current Operations

  • OIF/OEF Casualty Update 15 Apr 2004 [PDF]
  • No U.S. Soldier Died in Action in Mosul During Last 24 hours [CJTF-7 News Release] April 15, 2004
  • Task Force Danger Soldier Killed, Five Wounded [CJTF-7 News Release] April 15, 2004
  • Task Force Olympia Soldier Dies [CJTF-7 News Release] April 15, 2004
  • DoD Identifies Army Casualty
  • DoD Identifies Army Casualty
  • DoD Identifies Army Casualty
  • DoD Identifies Army Casualty

  • Transcript: Special Defense Department Briefing 15 Apr 2004 -- "As the Secretary said, approximately 20,000 Army soldiers have been extended for 90 days past the 12 months boots-on-the-ground date in Iraq. These decisions, as you also heard, are not decisions that are taken lightly. The decisions impact about 40 total units. They are combat, combat support, and combat service support units, and they are both in Iraq and in Kuwait. As you also heard, the majority of these units are active component units, primarily focused on the larger units, the 1st Armored Division from Germany, and the 2nd Light Cavalry Regiment from Fort Polk Louisiana."
  • Transcript: Defense Department Operational Update Briefing 15 Apr 2004 -- Secretary Of Defense Donald Rumsfeld; and General Peter Pace, Vice Chairman, Joint Chiefs Of Staff
  • Transcript: Coalition Provisional Authority Briefing 15 Apr 2004 -- Gen. Richard Myers, Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff; Lt. Gen. Ricardo Sanchez, Commander, Coalition Ground Forces
  • MARINE RAIDS TARGET ANTI-COALITION MEMBERS MAKING IEDs CENTCOM Release 15 Apr 2004-- Raids conducted by Marines and soldiers assigned to 1st Marine Division netted several suspects throughout cities in eastern Al Anbar Province April 14.
  • ANTI-COALITION FORCES USE HUMANITARIAN CONVOYS TO FURTHER ATTACKS CENTCOM Release 15 Apr 2004-- A convoy of humanitarian goods bound for Fallujah residents contained weapons and ammunition for enemy forces. The convoy was near the city of Saqlawiyah, just west of Fallujah.
  • MWHS-3 transfers power in Iraq Marine Corps News 15 Apr 2004-- The torch of leadership was passed to Lt. Col. David A. DeMorat here, April 15, during the change of command for Marine Wing Headquarters Squadron 3, 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing.
  • Defense Department Report, April 15: Iraq Operational Update Washington File 15 Apr 2004 -- The Chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff says the international community must give the Iraqi people every chance to succeed as a free state and it is inappropriate for neighboring countries to promote "their own self-interest" there.
  • Rumsfeld Extends Iraq Tour for 20,000 Troops Washington File 15 Apr 2004 -- Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld announced April 15 that some 20,000 U.S. troops will stay in Iraq for as long as 90 days beyond the scheduled end of their tours of duty.
  • IRAQ SITREP VOA 15 Apr 2004 -- The United States is extending the tour of some 20-thousand American troops in Iraq, because of increasing attacks on coalition forces. And the Pentagon is not ruling out sending even more troops to the country if the level of violence directed at coalition forces by Shiite and Sunni fighters does not diminish.
  • 1st Cavalry Division Takes on Baghdad Responsibility AFPS 15 Apr 2004 -- Task Force Baghdad, made up mostly of the 1st Cavalry Division, has assumed responsibility for Baghdad and its environs from the 1st Armored Division.
  • 2 Soldiers Dead; Enemy Employing New Tactic in Iraq AFPS 15 Apr 2004 -- Two American soldiers died in Iraq April 14, one of them as a result of enemy action, and five others were wounded. Also in Iraq, coalition officials reported a new tactic used by terrorist forces: using aid convoys to smuggle arms.
  • Pentagon Extends Iraq-Kuwait Duty for 20,000 Soldiers AFPS 15 Apr 2004 -- About 20,000 soldiers now in Iraq and Kuwait will serve at least 90 days past their originally scheduled tours of duty, senior DoD leaders said here today.
  • IRAQ/FIGHTING VOA 15 Apr 2004 -- A top U-S military official visiting Iraq says foreign fighters are still infiltrating Iraq through the borders of Syria and Iran and that additional resources may be needed to stabilize the country.
  • Unknown assailants gun down Iranian diplomat in Baghdad IRNA 15 Apr 2004 -- Khalil Nai`imi, cultural and press attache of the Iranian embassy here, was shot dead by unknown assailants in the Iraqi capital on Thursday.
  • Italian Hostage Executed In Iraq RFE/RL 15 Apr 2004 -- The Italian government has confirmed that militants executed one of four Italian hostages seized recently in Iraq. However, both Italy and Japan have restated their commitments to keep troops in Iraq, despite abductions involving their citizens.
  • Iranian Diplomat Shot Dead In Baghdad RFE/RL 15 Apr 2004 -- An Iranian diplomat was shot dead by unknown assailants near the Iranian mission in Baghdad today.
  • A Day in the life...I Co. 3/24 Marine Corps News 15 Apr 2004-- The morning light conquered darkness at Camp Fallujah, Iraq, as reserve Marines with India Company, 3rd Battalion, 24th Marine Regiment prepare for their mission: protecting the camp's perimeter

  • AFGHANISTAN FIGHTING VOA 15 Apr 2004 -- In Afghanistan, officials say a district police chief and nine of his officers were ambushed and killed in remote Zabul province. The local police commander is disputing a claim of responsibility made by Taleban insurgents.

Defense Policy / Programs

  • Senior Leadership Approves New Civilian Personnel System Plan AFPS 15 Apr 2004 -- Senior leadership in the Defense Department approved the plans for the new National Security Personnel System, Secretary of the Navy Gordon R. England, who is heading the project, announced here April 14.
  • DoD Health Officials Concerned Over Military Suicides AFPS 15 Apr 2004 -- The number of suicides in Iraq has the full attention of Defense Department health officials, who are asking soldiers suffering from combat related stress to seek medical assistance.
  • Joint Task Force Exercise Challenging for All Hands Navy Newsstand 15 Apr 2004-- Sailors from the USS John C. Stennis (CVN 74) Carrier Strike Group (CSG) are breathing a sigh of relief now that their Joint Task Force Exercise (JTFEX) has come to an end. The 10-day event, led by Commander, Carrier Group 7 Rear Adm. Patrick Walsh, ended April 8.
  • 2/6 heads back to North Carolina Marine Corps News 15 Apr 2004-- Marines from 2nd Battalion, 6th Marine Regiment currently assigned to the 4th Marine Regiment on the Unit Deployment Program, began departing Okinawa the first two weeks of April to return home to Camp Lejune, N.C.

  • EU: Brussels Unlikely To Lift Arms Embargo On China Despite Warming Ties RFE/RL 15 Apr 2004 -- Romano Prodi, the president of the European Commission, this week became the first head of the EU's executive arm to visit China. Prodi met the Chinese president and prime minister to discuss a wide range of issues with one of the EU's foremost "strategic partners." However, he could do little to address the key Chinese concern -- to secure the quick lifting of an EU weapons embargo.

  • Indian Army to become network-centric warfare IRNA 15 Apr 2004 -- The structural changes in the Indian Army in the form of a new post of Deputy Chief of Army Staff (information systems) will be complete by the end of May this year.

  • NATO and Russia Enhance Military Cooperation Washington File 15 Apr 2004 -- NATO and Russia signed agreements recently to create a Russian Military Liaison Office at the NATO Operational Command in Mons, Belgium, and the NATO Transformation Command in Norfolk, Virginia.

  • White House Daily Briefing, April 15, 2004 Washington File 15 Apr 2004 -- Presidential phone calls, president's speech/economy/tax relief/job growth, bin Laden tape/war on terror/Iraq, Palestine/Middle East Quartet/ Sharon plan, U.N./ Lakhdar Brahimi

Defense Industry

  • General Dynamics Awarded $212 Million Wheeled Light Armoured Vehicle Life Cycle Support Contract General Dynamics 15 Apr 2004 -- The Canadian Department of National Defence has awarded a $212 million (US$165 million) contract to General Dynamics Land Systems – Canada, of London, Ontario, to provide a full range of services for the Canadian Forces Wheeled Light Armoured Vehicles. Canada’s Minister of National Defence, the Honourable David Pratt, made the announcement today at the General Dynamic’s plant in London, Ontario. General Dynamics Land Systems, the Canadian company’s parent corporation, is a business unit of General Dynamics (NYSE: GD).
  • Canadian Government to Enter Negotiations with General Dynamics for Acquisition of 66 Mobile Gun Systems General Dynamics 15 Apr 2004 -- During a visit today to the General Dynamics Land Systems – Canada plant in London, Ontario, the Honourable David Pratt, Minister of National Defence, announced that the Canadian Government is set to enter into negotiations with General Dynamics Land Systems – Canada for the acquisition of 66 Mobile Gun Systems. General Dynamics Land Systems, the Canadian company’s parent corporation, is a business unit of General Dynamics (NYSE: GD).
  • Lockheed Martin Awarded $13.8 Million to Upgrade Missile Defense Radar for U.S. Marine Corps Lockheed Martin 15 Apr 2004 -- Lockheed Martin (NYSE: LMT) has been awarded a $13.8 million contract by the Marine Corps Systems Command to provide post-production support for its tactical missile defense radar systems that supported both Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Other Conflicts

  • U-S-Mideast-Powell VOA 15 Apr 2004 -- The Bush administration was busy Thursday defending its controversial understandings with Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon on the shape of a future Israeli-Palestinian peace accord. Secretary of State Colin Powell said the agreements only reflect long-standing realities, and will kick-start the regional peace process by securing an Israeli withdrawal from Gaza and parts of the West Bank.
  • BUSH MIDEAST VOA 15 Apr 2004 -- Few issues before the White House are as complicated as the Middle East peace process, where each word, each nuance, is watched carefully. President Bush's decision to endorse Israel's so-called disengagement plan offers dramatic proof.
  • Middle East: EU Calls For 'Negotiated' Settlement To Israeli-Palestinian Conflict RFE/RL 15 Apr 2004 -- The European Commission today said it can only support a solution to the Middle East conflict that is backed both by Israel and the Palestinians.
  • Annan hopeful Israeli withdrawal from Gaza sparks renewal of Road Map peace plan UN News Centre 15 Apr 2004 -- United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan welcomes the possibility of an Israeli withdrawal from the Gaza Strip but hopes that such a step would spark the renewal of the Road Map to peace, his spokesperson said today.
  • ISRAEL / PAL / U-S VOA 15 Apr 2004 -- Palestinian President Yasser Arafat, reacting Thursday to the outcome of President Bush's summit with Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, says his people will never give up their struggle for an independent homeland, with Jerusalem as its capital. In Israeli circles, the summit is being seen largely as a victory for Mr. Sharon, who wants to get Israel out of the Gaza Strip, but he still faces angry opposition at home to the plan.
  • ISRAEL/PALESTINIANS VOA 15 Apr 2004 -- Israeli troops battled with Palestinian gunmen Thursday in the southern Gaza Strip, just hours after President Bush endorsed a plan for an Israeli withdrawal from the territory. At least 11 Palestinians were reported wounded in the operation that Israel said was aimed at uncovering tunnels used to smuggle weapons from Egypt.
  • BRITAIN/MIDEAST VOA 15 Apr 2004 -- The Palestinian foreign minister says British Prime Minister Tony Blair should use his meeting with President Bush on Friday to persuade the U-S leader to reverse his acceptance of some Israeli settlements in the West Bank.

  • Powell-Cyprus VOA 15 Apr 2004 -- The Bush administration continued diplomatic efforts Thursday in support of the United Nations peace plan for Cyprus, and it said it would be prepared to help the Turkish part of the island if the plan is scuttled by Greek-Cypriot voters in next week's referendum.
  • Annan calls for systematic approach to dealing with business and armed conflicts UN News Centre 15 Apr 2004 -- Secretary-General Kofi Annan today called for a "more systematic approach" across the United Nations to ensure that businesses can conduct their operations in countries either facing or emerging from conflicts but at the same time do not behave in a way that exploits or exacerbates the strife.
  • UN supports certification process for non-conflict rough diamonds UN News Centre 15 Apr 2004 -- A programme designed to eliminate sales of rough diamonds to finance armed conflicts, the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme, has received renewed support from the United Nations General Assembly.

  • LIBERIA: Disarmament starts smoothly in Gbarnga IRIN 15 Apr 2004 -- The United Nations re-launched a programme to disarm an estimated 40,000 50,000 former combatants in Liberia on Thursday at a cantonment site in the northern town of Gbarnga, a UN spokeswoman in Liberia said.
  • BURUNDI-DRC: Deployment of UN Kivu Brigade under way IRIN 15 Apr 2004 -- Deployment of a brigade of UN peacekeeping troops to the Kivus, in eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), remains on track and the entire unit could be operational by 31 May, the military spokesman of the UN Mission in the DRC, Maj Abdou Thiam, said on Wednesday.
  • LIBERIA / DISARMAMENT VOA 15 Apr 2004 -- The United Nations has resumed the long-delayed process of disarmament in Liberia after an initial attempt in December was suspended amid chaos.
  • PHILIPPINES/PEACE TALKS VOA 15 Apr 2004 -- The Philippine government says it hopes to cut a peace deal with Islamic militants within a year even as it admits that some of them may be sheltering terrorists.
  • DRC / UN VOA 15 Apr 2004 -- Large militia troop movements and clashes in Congo's eastern provinces and districts are causing concern for U-N peacekeepers, at a time the country's power sharing government is entangled in political squabbling.

News Reports

  • SHAPE News Morning Update SHAPE 15 Apr 2004 -- Macedonian (sic) prime minister leads field in election / Police raid Karadzic daughter's radio station in Bosnia / Canada says to keep about 800 troops in Kabul / Arabs call for greater UN role in Iraq / Norway expects to remove troops from Iraq, as planned, in June / Tehran has armed agents in Iraq says Iranian exile group
  • SHAPE News Summary & Analysis SHAPE 15 Apr 2004 -- Iraq takes a timely step back from the brink / EADS set to win giant NATO contract for surveillance aircraft / Old weapons, new terror worries / Croatia's stance on war crimes is key to EU hopes

  • SAF / ELECTION RESULTS VOA 15 Apr 2004 -- With more than a half of the results in, South Africa's ruling African National Congress is on track to win more than two-thirds of the seats in parliament. In a surprise to many, the party that ruled the country under apartheid lost most of its support.
  • Boeing-Built Communications Satellite Launched from Florida Boeing 15 Apr 2004 -- A Boeing-built communications satellite that will provide telecommunications and data services in the Asia-Pacific region was successfully launched today from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida.
  • ILS Successfully Launches Superbird-6 Satellite For Japan Lockheed Martin 15 Apr 2004 -- The Superbird-6 satellite is in orbit tonight thanks to a successful launch on an Atlas IIAS rocket provided by International Launch Services (ILS).
  • Lockheed Martin-Built Landsat-7 Spacecraft Marks Five Years In Space Lockheed Martin 15 Apr 2004 -- The Landsat-7 spacecraft, built, integrated and tested by the Lockheed Martin Corporation (NYSE: LMT), today marked five highly successful years in space. It was launched from Vandenberg Air Force Base, Calif. on April 15, 1999. Since launch, NASA has commended Lockheed Martin for the outstanding on-orbit performance of the spacecraft. NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center manages the Landsat-7 program for the Earth Science enterprise at NASA Headquarters, and the satellite is operated by the United States Geological Survey.

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