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01 June 2003 Military News

Defense Policy / Programs
Defense Industry
Other Conflicts
News Reports

Current Operations

Defense Policy / Programs

Defense Industry

  • EADS CASA Multi Role Transport and Air Refuelling Solutions for Airbus Derivatives EADS 01 Jun 2003 -- EADS CASA is responsible within EADS for all military transport aircraft derivatives, including the Multi Role Tanker Transport (MRTT). EADS CASA has been working for two yeas now on the development of air-to-air refuelling solutions to offer the wide body Airbus family (A310 / A330) as a high quality, flexible, low risk and cost-effective product to meet short and mid term tanking requirements.
  • EADS: A Total Service Provider For Military Aircraft EADS 01 Jun 2003 -- EADS Military Aircraft incorporates all EADS European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company (Munich/Madrid) capacities and abilities for the design, development, integration, production and services of high-performance fighter aircraft, manned mission aircraft, Unmanned Combat Air Vehicles (UCAV), trainer aircraft and related ground-based equipment.
  • 22 Million Euros of Orders for the Maintenance of the Rafale EADS 01 Jun 2003 -- Since the beginning of the year, EADS TEST & SERVICES has received a total of 22 million Euros in orders from Dassault Aviation for the maintenance of the French Air Force and French Navy Rafale aircraft.
  • Official tests in Germany confirm outstanding capabilities of LR TRIGAT Spain also interested in procuring the missile EADS 01 Jun 2003 -- In April and May 2003 the outstanding capabilities of the LR TRIGAT multi-purpose guided missile system were once again demonstrated with a successful firing campaign on the test site of the Bundeswehr Technical Centre 91 (WTD 91) at Meppen.
  • Eurotraining gathers momentum EADS 01 Jun 2003 -- The “Eurotraining”-Project proceeds at a good rate. Several steps towards a joint integrated training system solution (Advanced European Jet Pilot Training / AEJPT) have been achieved up to now: the signature of an international governmental MoU, the formation of an industrial consortium and the signature of the contract covering the Feasibility Study in Rome, in December 2002.
  • Production investment phase for Taurus KEPD 350 is on schedule EADS 01 Jun 2003 -- The production investment phase for the German Air Force's 600 Taurus KEPD 350 precision standoff guided missile systems ordered under contract from TAURUS Systems GmbH is on schedule.
  • German-Swedish Hypersonic Technology Programme to start in 2004 Second Flight Test of EADS/LFK's Hypersonic Missile is in Preparation EADS 01 Jun 2003 -- A second test flight of EADS/LFK's hypersonic missile is planned for August 2003 at a German test site. It is the intention that the Mach 6.5 world speed record set up during a similar low-level test flight last year will be further improved upon.
  • Mako HEAT - Tailor-made for advanced pilot training EADS 01 Jun 2003 -- Multinational pilot training requires a sound concept that incorporates all training facilities from the computer-aided training program right up to cockpit trainers and simulators. A suitable training aircraft plays a critical role in this. With the Mako HEAT (High Energy Advanced Trainer), EADS Military Aircraft offers an aircraft that satisfies future requirements for pilot training.
  • A new tool for fighter pilot training: Weapon System Simulation in Flight EADS 01 Jun 2003 -- The purpose of the project Weapon System Simulation in Flight (WaSiF) is to design, implement and demonstrate an on-board embedded simulation system allowing the training of aircrew against simulated adversaries, in a virtual scenario including a threat environment, while flying on a real aircraft.
  • Successful conclusion of Roland NDV official troop trials Decision on series production next on the agenda EADS 01 Jun 2003 -- The German official troop trials with the first Roland prototype in the new "extended service life" (Nutzungsdauer verlängert / NDV) version -with the official designation FRP 1A2 - were successfully concluded in recent weeks.
  • EADS CASA Fully Integrated Tactical System (FITS) EADS 01 Jun 2003 -- EADS CASA leads the development of maritime patrol systems based on the experience with the maritime surveillance and electronic warfare systems that have equipped their C-212 and CN-235 models since 1983, of which more than 49 are flown by 12 operators worldwide.
  • Eurofighter Typhoon: Program in progress with aircraft acceptance imminent EADS 01 Jun 2003 -- “It will only take a few weeks until the first Eurofighter Typhoon production aircraft will be officially handed over to the air forces of Germany, Spain and of the other nations”, said Aloysius Rauen, CEO of EADS Military Aircraft.
  • Industry will present its offer for the MEADS development phase on schedule EADS 01 Jun 2003 -- The companies involved in the three-year MEADS risk reducing phase - EADS/LFK (Germany), MBDA-I (Italy) and Lockheed Martin (USA) - will deliver their development offer on schedule in June 2003 via MEADS International to the NATO agency NAMEADSMA.

Other Conflicts

  • ISRAEL-PALESTINIANS UPDATE VOA 01 Jun 2003 -- Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon is preparing to address the issue of illegal Jewish settlements at the upcoming Mid-east summit with President Bush.
  • ISRAEL-PALESTINIANS VOA 01 Jun 2003 -- Israel has lifted its closure of the West Bank and Gaza Strip ahead of a three-way summit this week with US President George W. Bush.
  • JERUSALEM/ELECTIONS VOA 01 Jun 2003 -- On Tuesday, the citizens of Jerusalem choose a new mayor and council to govern the most politically sensitive city in the Middle East. The future of Jerusalem is also back on the agenda as one of the key issues to be resolved under the new international road map to peace plan for the region.

  • Chechnya: Maskhadov Announces Summer Campaign Against Russian Troops RFE/L 01 Jun 2003 -- Chechnya's fugitive separatist leader today announced that his guerrilla forces will launch a summer campaign against Russian troops in Chechnya.

News Reports

  • TOGO / ELECTIONS UPDATE VOA 01 Jun 2003 -- Opposition parties are claiming Togo's presidential elections Sunday were rigged in favor of Africa's longest-ruling leader Gnassingbe Eyadema, and are calling for the cancellation of the ballot.
  • TOGO/ELECTIONS VOA 01 Jun 2003 -- Voters in Togo are going to the polls today (Sunday) to choose between five opposition candidates and Africa's longest ruling leader, Gnassingbe Eyadema.
  • SUU KYI ARREST VOA 01 Jun 2003 -- The military government in Burma has reportedly closed down the offices of pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi in most major cities. The closures come after the Nobel Peace Prize winner and a score of top party leaders were detained following reports of a clash in northern Burma.
  • G-8/BUSH VOA 01 Jun 2003 -- President Bush has joined other leaders from the world's top industrialized nations and Russia for a summit in the French Alpine resort of Evian. The first item on their agenda was a working lunch with counterparts from several developing countries on issues relating to poverty and disease.
  • ZIMBABWE/PROTESTS VOA 01 Jun 2003 -- As Zimbabwe prepares for a possible week-long protest against the government, the opposition Movement for Democratic Change claims a court order banning its protests is invalid. The High Court ordered M-D-C leader Morgan Tsvangirai to call off all planned demonstrations and a general strike.
  • G-8/PROTESTS VOA 01 Jun 2003 -- As leaders from some of the world's richest and poorest nations gathered in Evian, France, before the G-8 economic summit, thousands of anti-summit protesters demonstrated in French and Swiss regions nearby. Scattered vandalism has already occurred.
  • ASIA SARS VOA 01 Jun 2003 -- China and its Southeast Asian neighbors have agreed on what they say are better ways of keeping SARS from crossing international borders.
  • G-8/OUTREACH VOA 01 Jun 2003 -- Development and trade issues have taken center stage on the first day of the G-8 summit, which brings together the leaders of the world's seven major industrialized countries and Russia. The G-8 leaders are trying to come up with a united front to deal with problems such as poverty and disease in the Third World.
  • CHINA/THREE GORGES VOA 01 Jun 2003 -- With much fanfare from the Chinese government, the gates of the Three Gorges Dam have shut in central China to create a massive reservoir. However, there are widespread concerns about the environmental and social fallout from the world's biggest hydroelectric project.
  • HONG KONG PROTEST VOA 01 Jun 2003 -- Hundreds of Hong Kong residents marched to commemorate a failed Chinese democracy movement, and to protest new legislation they fear will curtail the city's freedoms. The government says the anti-subversion laws should be introduced to protect national integrity.

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