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28 June 2002 Military News

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Current Operations

  • BOSNIA / U-N COURT VOA 28 July 2002-- A U-N peacekeeping mission in Bosnia-Herzegovina could end prematurely at midnight Sunday night if the United States carries out a threat to veto its extension in the U-N Security Council. The issue dividing the United States from the other 14 Council members is a newly created international criminal court, which the Bush administration opposes
  • U.S. Pilots Blamed for Friendly Fire Incident AFPS 28 July 2002-- A coalition investigation board has blamed two U.S. F-16 fighter pilots, and others in their chain of command, for the April 17 friendly fire incident that killed four Canadian soldiers and injured eight
  • AFGHANISTAN/EXPLOSION VOA 28 Jun 2002-- An explosion at an ammunition depot in southern Afghanistan has killed at least ten Afghans and injured many others. Authorities fear more bodies may be buried in the rubble of destroyed buildings
  • PHILIPPINES / ABU SAYYAF VOA 28 Jun 2002-- Philippine forces are mounting what is described as a major operation against Muslim rebels in the southern Philippine provinces
  • RUMSFELD / AL-QAIDA VOA 28 Jun 2002-- U-S Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld has told The Washington Times newspaper that al-Qaida and hardcore Taleban fighters in Afghanistan and Pakistan are getting more modern weapons

Other Conflicts

  • SUDAN / CIVIL WAR VOA 28 Jun 2002-- A new report warns that if the international community does not use its diplomatic and economic muscle to end Sudan's civil war, the fighting could soon get even worse because each side is growing more powerful
  • ISRAEL / PALESTINIANS VOA 28 Jun 2002-- The Israeli army has smashed through the wall of the battered Palestinian Authority headquarters in Hebron in an unsuccessful search for 15 Palestinian militants thought to be inside
  • Chair of Security Council sanctions committee assesses peace process in Sierra Leone United Nations 28 July 2002-- The chairman of the United Nations Security Council sanctions committee on Sierra Leone arrived today in the capital, Freetown, to assess the current peace process and political developments in the country.
  • U-S / Mideast VOA 28 July 2002-- The United States is sending a senior diplomat to London next week for a four-way meeting with Russian, European Union and U-N officials aimed at building momentum behind President Bush's Middle East peace plan that calls for new leadership for the Palestinians. There is U-S criticism, meanwhile, of what is said to be another example of insincerity by the Palestinian Authority in curbing terrorism
  • East Timor prosecutor issues new indictments, including one for 1999 murder of local UN staff United Nations 28 July 2002-- The East Timor prosecutor's office has issued four indictments for crimes against humanity committed in 1999, including the murder of two local United Nations employees after the popular consultation that year.

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News Reports

  • Rumsfeld: It's Not Helpful to 'Personify' War on Terrorism AFPS 28 Jun 2002-- The United States would like to capture Osama bin Laden, the al Qaeda terrorist network's leader and financier, "but the problem is much bigger than any one person," Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld said June 27
  • CYBERTERRORIST THREATS VOA 28 July 2002-- Cyberspace is getting more attention from U-S officials as a possible venue for terrorism. C-I-A Director George Tenet has warned in the past that the country was unprotected from an attack on computer networks capable of disrupting everything from the nation's banking system to its military preparedness

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