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11 March 2002 Military News

Other Conflicts
Defense Policy / Programs
Defense Industry
News Reports

Current Operations

  • AFGHAN/PENTAGON VOA 11 Mar. 2002-- Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld says U-S led coalition forces hope to finish mopping up operations against remaining al-Qaida fighters in eastern Afghanistan this week
  • NATO / KOSOVO VOA 11 Mar. 2002-- NATO has pledged to crack down on organized crime in Kosovo, which the alliance fears is destabilizing the internationally run Yugoslav province. NATO says it plans to work more closely with the United Nations and local police units to neutralize criminal gangs
  • AFGHAN - U-S SOLDIERS VOA 11 Mar. 2002-- The United States has pulled 400 troops out of the battle in eastern Afghanistan. The soldiers were airlifted from the rugged Arma Mountains to the U-S base camp at Bagram, north of Kabul
  • U.S., Coalition Continue Pressure in Gardez AFPS 11 Mar. 2002-- U.S., Afghan and coalition forces will remain in the Gardez area of Afghanistan until the last pockets of Al Qaeda terrorists are eliminated, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said March 11
  • Transcript: Bush Says Second Stage in War on Terrorism Has Begun Washington File 11 Mar. 2002-- Now that the Taliban government no longer governs Afghanistan and al Qaeda has lost its home base for terrorism, the second stage in the war on terrorism has begun, President Bush said in a speech on the South Lawn of the White House March 11 in observing the six-month anniversary of the terrorist attacks on the United States.
  • Rumsfeld Welcomes Coalition Members to Pentagon Washington File 11 Mar. 2002-- Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld hopes that all remaining al-Qaida and Taliban forces will be cleared this week from the 60-square-mile combat zone near Gardez, Afghanistan.
  • Somalia Potential "Haven" for Terrorists, Defense Official Says Washington File 11 Mar. 2002-- The unnamed "senior defense official" said that there are special factors which make Somalia "a favorable environment for the continuing presence of indigenous extremists," including that country's lack of "a fully functioning government for a decade or more."
  • State's Boucher Releases Update on War on Terrorism Washington File 11 Mar. 2002-- State Department spokesman Richard Boucher said 136 nations have offered some form of military assistance in the war on terrorism, and 17 of those nations have deployed more than 16,500 troops in the U.S. Central Command's area of responsibility.
  • AFGHAN FIGHTING VOA 11 Mar. 2002-- More U-S troops were taken out of the fighting in eastern Afghanistan, Monday, in what military officials say is a slackening off of combat activity. But, they emphasize the operation continues

Other Conflicts

  • Savimbi Death: Peace Prospects in Angola VOA 11 Mar. 2002-- Twenty-seven years of life in the bush came to a violent end last month. Long-time Angolan rebel leader Jonas Savimbi (JOE-nas sah-VIM-bee) was ambushed and killed by troops of Angola's MPLA government. In this edition of Dateline, Carol Castiel examines the impact Savimbi's death may have on ending nearly three decades of civil war.
  • UN/SOMALIA VOA 11 Mar. 2002-- In the past three-weeks, one U-N representative has been killed in Somalia, and another kidnapped
  • Zinni to Seek Immediate Implementation of Tenet Plan Washington File 11 Mar. 2002 -- Special Middle East Envoy General Anthony Zinni, who is returning to the region this week following the heavy Israeli-Palestinian violence, will seek the immediate implementation of the Tenet security work plan.

Defense Policy / Programs

Defense Industry

  • ATK Awarded $27 Million Contract to Begin Initial Production Of Next-Generation Tactical Tank Ammunition Round ATK 11 Mar 2002 -- one of four companies within ATK's newly formed Precision Systems Group -- developed the M829E3 round under a $47 million Army contract. The company will also manage the production program. The Army program manager is Tank and Medium-Caliber Armament Systems (TMAS) at Picatinny Arsenal.
  • BAE SYSTEMS agrees to sell camouflage, concealment and deception (CCD) business to SAAB barracuda AB BAE Systems 11 Mar 2002 -- BAE Systems North America and Saab Barracuda AB of Sweden today announced that they have reached a definitive agreement under which Saab Barracuda will acquire BAE Systems CCD business in Lillington, North Carolina. The BAE Systems CCD line of business has about 100 employees; its core competency is development and production of advanced camouflage netting for the military. Closing of the agreement is expected to occur within 60 days.
  • CACI Awarded $50 Million Subcontract With Northrop Grumman to Support Software Development for Army Communications-Electronics Command CACI 11 Mar 2002 -- CACI International Inc (NASDAQ:CACI) announced today that it has been awarded a subcontract with Northrop Grumman Information Technology, Inc.'s Defense Enterprise Solutions Unit, of McLean, Virginia, to provide software support for the U.S. Army Communications-Electronics Command (CECOM) Software Engineering Center in Ft. Monmouth, New Jersey.
  • U.S. Army Awards General Dynamics $12.4 Million Propelling Charge Contract General Dynamics 11 Mar 2002 -- General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems, a business unit of General Dynamics (NYSE: GD), announced today that the U.S Army TACOM/ARDEC Command at Picatinny Arsenal, N.J. has awarded the company a contract for the Load, Assemble and Pack of the M231/M232 Propelling Charges for the 155mm Modular Artillery Charge System. The contract provides for a base award of $12.4 million with a total value of approximately $36 million with the award of all options.
  • More Lockheed Martin C-130J Aircraft Now on Contract Lockheed Martin 11 Mar 2002 -- Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company, a business area of Lockheed Martin Corporation [NYSE: LMT], announced today that the five C-130J-30 transport aircraft appropriated in the 2002 U.S. defense budget have been placed on contract and will be delivered to the United States Air Force in 2004.
  • Northrop Grumman Files Hart-Scott-Rodino Premerger Notification Northrop Grumman 11 Mar 2002 -- Northrop Grumman Corporation (NYSE:NOC) announced today it has filed notification with the U.S. Department of Justice and the Federal Trade Commission of its intention to acquire TRW Inc. (NYSE:TRW), in compliance with the premerger notification requirements of the Hart-Scott-Rodino Antitrust Improvements Act of 1976.

News Reports

  • U-S / IRAQ (PART ONE) VOA 11 Mar. 2002-- As the Bush administration considers whether Iraq will be the next target in the U-S led war on terrorism, U-S lawmakers are getting their own assessments of the threat posed by Iraq. A series of experts appeared before Congress recently to outline Iraq's weapons' capabilities.
  • U-S / IRAQ (PART TWO) VOA 11 Mar. 2002-- U-N Secretary-General Kofi Annan is to hold a second round of talks with Iraqi officials next month aimed at resuming U-N weapons inspections in Iraq. But the Bush administration and some in the U-S Congress are questioning the effectiveness of inspections in the effort to stop Iraq's weapons of mass destruction program. A series of experts recently offered their own assessments to U-S lawmakers
  • U-S/SAUDI/ASSET SEIZURE VOA 11 Mar. 2002-- The Bush administration is moving to block the assets of another Islamic charity that it believes is involved in funneling money to terrorist groups including al-Qaida
  • U-S-SUDAN VOA 11 Mar. 2002-- The Bush administration is resuming its effort to mediate an end to the civil conflict in Sudan. It had broken off the contacts last month, after a government air attack on a relief site in the southern part of the country
  • 9/11 Six Months Later: New Yorkers Reflect VOA 11 Mar. 2002-- Exactly six months have gone by since September 11th, when terrorist attacks leveled New York's World Trade Center. New Yorkers continue their efforts to cope with that calamity.
  • Cheney, Blair Warn of Terrorist, Iraqi Desire for Weapons of Mass Destruction Washington File 11 Mar. 2002-- Vice President Dick Cheney said March 11 that the purpose of his visit to 11 Middle Eastern countries is to discuss both the current actions of the international anti-terror coalition and future threats from weapons of mass destruction, including "the important choices that await us in the days ahead."
  • Diplomats Renew Solidarity with U.S. in Anti-Terror Coalition Washington File 11 Mar. 2002-- The south lawn of the White House was the venue for one of many ceremonies held March 11 to honor both victims and heroes of the multiple terrorist attacks in the United States exactly six months earlier.
  • New York City Remembers September 11 with Multiple Ceremonies Washington File 11 Mar. 2002-- New York City observed the six-month anniversary of the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center March 11 with a series of brief ceremonies that reflected not only the grief and loss the city and nation have felt, but also the determination to gather from the destruction and the courage of victims a will to defeat terrorism and build a better future.
  • British Philanthropist Sees Blitz Parallels with Attack on America Washington File 11 Mar. 2002-- Prominent British philanthropist Sir Sigmund Sternberg, who recently visited the site of the attack on the twin World Trade Center Towers in New York City where 2,800 people died last September 11, says it reminded him of the Nazi air assault on British cities during World War II known as the "Blitz."
  • Memorial Ceremonies Mark Six-Month Anniversary of 9/11 Terrorist Attacks Washington File 11 Mar. 2002-- On March 11, six months after the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon killed thousands of Americans and their colleagues from other countries, ceremonies were held at the White House, the Pentagon, near Ground Zero in New York City, and a small church in rural Pennsylvania.
  • WAR ON TERRORISM VOA 11 Mar. 2002-- The war on terrorism is succeeding beyond expectations, say two analysts with military and anti-terrorist experience. But they say uncertainties lie ahead, and the will of Americans is vital to continued success
  • EDITORIAL: DAY OF DECISION VOA 11 Mar. 2002-- "We have come together to mark a terrible day, to reaffirm a just and vital cause, and to thank the many nations that share our resolve and will share our common victory." With these words, President George W. Bush marked the six-month anniversary of the terrorist attacks on America.
  • "I Will Not Relent," Bush Vows AFPS 11 Mar. 2002-- America's war on terror is "not just a policy, it's a pledge," George W. Bush declared today at a White House memorial marking six months since the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.
  • Coalition Members Show Solidarity at Pentagon AFPS 11 Mar. 2002-- Lined up with military representatives from 27 countries supporting the war on terrorism, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld today said, "Six months after the war began, it is certainly far from over, but if we stand together . the final outcome is assured."
  • ZIMBABWE / ELECTION / MONDAY VOA 11 Mar. 2002-- The main opposition candidate in Zimbabwe's presidential election, Morgan Tsvangirai, says the poll will become a farce if thousands of Harare voters are not allowed to cast their ballots today (Monday).
  • SHAPE NEWS SUMMARY & ANALYSIS 11 Mar. 2002-- Disbandment of NATO's Central Europe multinational division envisioned

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