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SLUG: 0-09755 Editorial - Day of Decision







Anncr: Next, an editorial expressing the policies of the United States Government:

Voice: "We have come together to mark a terrible day, to reaffirm a just and vital cause, and to thank the many nations that share our resolve and will share our common victory." With these words, President George W. Bush marked the six-month anniversary of the terrorist attacks on America.

On September 11th, 2001, terrorists belonging to Osama Bin Laden's al-Qaida network slammed two hijacked passenger jets into the World Trade Center in New York City. In less than two hours, the twin towers collapsed, killing nearly three thousand people. A third hijacked plane was crashed into the Pentagon near Washington, D.C, killing over two hundred. A fourth hijacked plane was prevented from crashing into another landmark by the sacrifice of heroic passengers. The jet crashed instead into a field in Pennsylvania.

"September the eleventh," said Mr. Bush, "was not the beginning of global terror, but it was the beginning of the world's concerted response. History will know that day not only as a day of tragedy, but as a day of decision, when the civilized world was stirred to anger and to action. And the terrorists will remember September 11th as the day their reckoning began."

That reckoning started in Afghanistan, as a U.S.-led coalition ended the repressive regime of the Taleban and routed the al-Qaida terrorists. And the coalition did not stop there. Terrorist assets have been frozen, front groups have been exposed, plots have been unraveled from Spain to Singapore, and thousands of terrorists have been brought to justice, are in prison, or are running for fear of their lives.

Now the world has entered the second stage of the war on terror. "I've set a clear policy," said President Bush. "America encourages -- and expects - governments everywhere to help remove the terrorist parasites that threaten their own countries and the peace of the world." And Mr. Bush called on every nation to take seriously the growing threat of weapons of mass destruction. "Our coalition must act deliberately, but inaction is not an option. Men with no respect for life must never be allowed to control the ultimate instruments of death."

"This mission will end," said Mr. Bush, "when the work is finished, when terror networks of global reach have been defeated. The havens and training camps of terror are a threat to our lives, and to our way of life. And they will be destroyed."

"Every nation should know," he said "that for America, the war on terror is not just a policy, it's a pledge. I will not relent in this struggle for the freedom and security of my country and the civilized world."

Anncr: That was an editorial expressing the policies of the United States Government. If you have a comment, please write to Editorials, V-O-A, Washington, D-C, 20237, U-S-A. You may also comment at www-dot-ibb-dot-gov-slash-editorials, or fax us at (202) 619-1043.

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