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29 October 2001 Military News

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October 29, 2001 Airstrikes


  • PENTAGON/RUMSFELD VOA 29 Oct. 2001-- Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld says Taleban and al-Qaida terrorist leaders in Afghanistan are using civilians as human shields
  • AFGHAN ATTACKS VOA 29 Oct. 2001-- U-S warplanes have struck terrorist and military-related targets in eastern Afghanistan and the southern city of Kandahar

Video footage and pre- and post-strike aerials of airstrikes, used during DoD news briefing
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Movie showing Oct. 26, 2001, airstrike on a Taliban Vth Corps armored vehicle seeking cover in a wadi near Marzar-e-Sharif
Footage showing Oct. 26, 2001, airstrike on a Taliban Vth Corps armored vehicle seeking cover in a wadi near Marzar-e-Sharif
Movie showing Oct. 26, 2001, airstrike on emerging targets: a tank and an anti-aircraft emplacement which were identified that day in one engagement zone. The AAA emplacement was damaged while the tank was destroyed
Footage showing Oct. 26, 2001, airstrike on emerging targets: a tank and an anti-aircraft emplacement which were identified that day in one engagement zone. The AAA emplacement was damaged while the tank was destroyed
Movie showing Oct. 27, 2001, airstrike on a Taliban military facility north of Kabul Footage showing Oct. 27, 2001, airstrike on a Taliban military facility north of Kabul

Defense Policy / Programs

Government Statements and Transcripts

  • Justice Department Report: New Terrorism Threat Update Issued 29 Oct. 2001 -- Attorney General John Ashcroft and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Director Robert Mueller late October 29 warned of a "credible" new threat of a terrorist attack in the United States or against U.S. interests overseas during the coming week.
  • Transcript: Defense Department Briefing, October 29, 2001 29 Oct. 2001 -- Rumsfeld: "So let there be no doubt; responsibility for every single casualty in this war, be they innocent Afghans or innocent Americans, rests at the feet of Taliban and al Qaeda"
  • Transcript: UK Defence Secretary: Press Conference - 29 October 2001 29 Oct. 2001 -- "This campaign will last as long as it takes. In the case of the reconstruction of Afghanistan, this will undoubtedly mean many years, but nobody should be in any doubt that we are determined to see it through. The objectives are set, and they will be met in full."
  • Fact Sheet: Organization and Operation of the Homeland Security Council 29 Oct. 2001 -- Describes the breakdown of the committee and what its functions are.
  • Transcript: U.S. to "Tighten Up" its Visa Policy, Bush Says 29 Oct. 2001 -- Bush: We're going to tighten up the visa policy. That's not to say we're not going to let people come into our country; of course we are. But we're going to make sure that when somebody comes, we understand their intended purpose and that they fulfill the purpose that they -- on their application.
  • Transcript: Tom Ridge, Other Federal Officials Brief on Anthrax 29 Oct. 2001 -- Ridge: It seems to me that the inhalation anthrax that took the lives of a couple postal workers came at a point where there was obviously maximum exposure. What caused it, whether or not it was spraying the strappers with -- again, it's an investigation dealing with, frankly, perhaps a universe of unknowns that we're trying to narrow down
  • Byliner: Dobriansky on Afghanistan, Not Always a Battlefield 29 Oct. 2001 -- Says Afghans deserve a chance to reclaim, rebuild their nation
  • Text: Bush Welcomes Japan's Military Support Against Terrorism 29 Oct. 2001 -- Japan also providing humanitarian assistance
  • Transcript: Rumsfeld ABC-TV Interview With Cokie Roberts, October 28 29 Oct. 2001-- Rumsfeld: "Second, there is no coalition. There are multiple coalitions. And we have said that from the very beginning. We are getting all kinds of different assistance from different countries all across the globe. And about a week or two ago, I said, you know, some day in the next period, someone's going to say, "oh, the coalition's falling apart!"
  • Text: U.N. Health Agency Advises Against Smallpox Vaccination Campaign 29 Oct. 2001 -- WHO confirms that the best method of stopping a smallpox outbreak, should it occur, remains the same - search and containment. That means identifying persons with smallpox, identifying those people who have been in contact with them, and vaccinating them.
  • Text: U.S. Welcomes Japan's Support for Counterterrorism Efforts 29 Oct. 2001 -- The United States warmly welcomes the passage of legislation by the Japanese Diet on October 29 that paves the way for Japan's military contributions to the counterterrorism campaign. The new laws authorize Japan's Self Defense Forces to provide rear-area logistical support for coalition members and takes measures to strengthen security around U.S. bases in Japan.
  • Text: Treasury's O'Neill Urges Global Money Laundering Standards 29 Oct. 2001 -- O'Neill: "Financing terrorism is an abuse of the international financial system and is repugnant to the international community. Terrorism is a deliberate intent to cause senseless injury and death, to intimidate populations, and to cause governments to act from fear"
  • Transcript: Rumsfeld Interview with CNN's Wolf Blitzer, Oct. 28 29 Oct. 2001-- Rumsfeld: "I said, this isn't days or weeks or months, this is a very long process. And the task is to root out terrorists, it's to stop the terrorist networks, and that is a difficult thing to do. It's not an easy thing to do. And it's going to take time and patience."
  • Excerpt: Bush Talks to Africa Forum About Trade, Terrorism 29 Oct. 2001 -- "In an era of global trade and global terror, the futures of the developed world and the developing world are closely linked. We benefit from each other's success. We are not immune from each other's troubles. We share the same threats, and we share the same goal: to forge a future of more openness, trade, and freedom," Bush said.

US Domestic Responses

  • ANTHRAX/MAIL VOA 29 Oct. 2001 -- The U-S Postal Service is taking measures to ensure the safety of its mail, which has been compromised by anthrax
  • NEW TERROR THREAT VOA 29 Oct. 2001 -- U-S Attorney General John Ashcroft says there is credible evidence of a new terrorist threat. The U-S government is moving to a higher alert status as a result.
  • BUSH TERROR VOA 29 Oct. 2001 -- President Bush is tightening enforcement of U-S immigration laws

International Responses

  • 'EFFECTIVENESS' OF MILITARY STRIKES, COLLATERAL DAMAGE TOP CONCERNS Foreign Media Reaction 29 Oct. 2001-- At the start of the fourth week of the U.S.-led military campaign in Afghanistan, overseas commentators have expressed increasing doubts about the "effectiveness" of the U.S. military strategy and a growing concern for Afghan civilian casualties. Many warned that the lack of results could lead to a possible erosion in the international coalition.
  • E-U / AFGHANISTAN VOA 29 Oct. 2001 -- European Union foreign ministers are focusing diplomatic efforts on the future of Afghanistan, as U-S air-strikes against terrorist targets there go into a fourth week
  • AFGHAN OPPOSITION / TURKEY VOA 29 Oct. 2001-- Bickering between Afghan opposition factions has put in doubt a planned strategy meeting in Turkey this week
  • ITALY / TERROR / MONEY VOA 29 Oct. 2001 -- Italian authorities are stepping up efforts to investigate the money trail of Osama bin Laden's al Qaida network. Italy's treasury minister says in a newspaper interview published Monday that Italy is committed to a campaign to freeze terrorist funds.
  • U-N AFGHAN VOA 29 Oct. 2001 -- The U-N special envoy for Afghanistan, Lakhdar Brahimi, is in neighboring Pakistan for discussions aimed at working out a political solution to the crisis. But U-N officials say it is unclear whether he will meet with Taleban officials.
  • BRITAIN / AFGHANISTAN / IRAQ VOA 29 Oct. 2001 -- Britain says there is no evidence that Iraq was involved in September's terrorist attacks in the United States. The question has come up as the British defense secretary prepares to visit Washington
  • JAPAN/MILITARY BILL CLEARED VOA 29 Oct. 2001 -- Japan's Parliament has passed legislation that will allow the nation's armed forces to back the U-S-led war against terrorism. While the new law will now permit Japanese troops to take part in limited overseas operations, it still prohibits them from engaging in actual combat
  • PAKISTAN / AFGHAN/DEPORTATION VOA 29 Oct. 2001 -- Senior police officials say the Afghan deportees were actively involved in staging violent anti-American demonstrations in the provincial capital, Quetta, October Eighth
  • INDONESIA/REFUGEES VOA 29 Oct. 2001 -- Indonesian authorities have located a ship that had been feared hijacked by asylum-seekers trying to reach Australia. It is the latest incident in the continuing problem of asylum-seekers who use Indonesia as a transit point.

Defense Industry

Other Conflicts

News Reports

  • BUSH SENIOR / TERRORISM VOA 29 Oct. 2001 -- Former President Bush says his son, current President George W. Bush, is doing a good job leading the country's anti-terrorism campaign. The elder Bush was in Chicago Monday, and said he is confident the international coalition assisting Washington's efforts will hold together
  • ANTHRAX VOA 29 Oct. 2001-- The threat of anthrax forced the U.S. Supreme Court today to abandon its ornate chambers, and more anthrax has been found in other government buildings.
  • ATTACKS-DETAINEES VOA 29 Oct. 2001 -- Civil liberties and human rights groups are demanding that the Bush Administration release information about the nearly one-thousand people arrested or detained, in the aftermath of the September 11th terrorist attacks
  • WALL ST. WRAP VOA 29 Oct. 2001 -- Profit-taking on last week's rally on Wall Street drove stock prices sharply lower Monday
  • U-S/PAKISTAN VOA 29 Oct. 2001 -- The Pentagon is denying a published report that an elite U-S unit has explored plans for an operation inside Pakistan aimed at finding and disarming that country's nuclear warheads
  • Root Causes of Terrorism Revisited: A Critical Arab Perspective VOA 29 Oct. 2001 -- Since the September 11th terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon, a flurry of articles has appeared on the root causes of terrorism. Some analysts say U.S. foreign policy, particularly towards the Middle East, is partly responsible for provoking the terror attacks

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