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18 January 2000 Military News

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Defense Policy / Programs

  • GUATEMALA MILITARY REFORM Voice of America 18 January 2000 -- The new president of Guatemala, Alfonso Portillo, has taken an unprecedented step to reform his nation's military, in effect, removing all the army's generals.

Defense Industry

Other Conflicts

  • SECURITY COUNCIL HOLDS OPEN BRIEFING ON SITUATION IN ANGOLA Press Release SC/6785 - 18 January 2000 -- The protracted conflict in Angola and the risks of its spillover into the neighbouring countries remain a source of major concern for the international community, with the National Union for the Total Independence of Angola (UNITA) bearing the primary responsibility for the current state of affairs. Its refusal to comply with obligations under the Lusaka Protocol, in particular its failure to demilitarize its forces and to allow State administration to be extended throughout the country, precipitated the resumption of widespread hostilities.
  • PRESS BRIEFING BY CHAIRMAN OF SECURITY COUNCIL ANGOLA COMMITTEE Press Briefing - 18 January 2000 -- The international community was insistent on deterring UNITA's ability to make war. Nothing had been said about its ability to be a political party. It had lost interest in the political process when they did not win the last election.
  • ANGOLA - Film shown to Security Council by Amb. Robert Fowler (Canada) 18 January 2000 -- Savimbi had issued specific orders to shoot down any aircraft of the United Nations. He was not interested whether they were just crossing Angolan airspace or whether they were based here, or what they were doing. He gave express instructions to bring down these aircraft
  • GENERAL FEEDBACK: ANGOLA DATE: 18 JANUARY 2000 As a result of FAA's successful offensive in late -1999 against the UNITA positions on the 'Planalto' and the subsequent withdrawal of UNITA forces and the loss of a central logistical facility UNITA had to enter in a reorganising and consolidation phase. This led to a general decrease in UNITA's military profile.
  • Text: Peace Process Observers' Statement on Angola USIA 18 January 2000 -- In a statement to the Security Council January 18, the three observer states to the Angolan peace process -- Portugal, Russia, and the United States -- blamed the continuing conflict in Angola on the failure of UNITA under Jonas Savimbi's leadership to live up to its obligations under the Lusaka peace agreement.
  • The Statement by the three Observer States to the Angolan Peace Process - Portugal, the Russian Federation and the United States of America (the Troika) New York, NY - January 18, 2000 -- Members of the Troika reaffirm that the primary cause of the continuing conflict in Angola is the failure of the Uniao Nacional para a Independencia Total de Angola (UNITA) under the leadership of Mr. Jonas Savimbi to comply with its obligations under the Lusaka Protocol.
  • U-N - ANGOLA Voice of America 18 January 2000 -- At the United Nations, the chairman of the U-N Sanctions Committee for Angola, Canadian representative Robert Fowler, says that sanctions against the UNITA rebel forces in Angola are working.
  • Angola's Situation Alarming, Security Council Told By Judy Aita USIA 18 January 2000 -- During a public briefing on the situation in Angola January 18, the Security Council heard a description of Angola's dire humanitarian situation caused by UNITA's continued resistance to the government - along with new information that UNITA forces deliberately shot down two UN planes.
  • Text: U.N. Assessment of Angola USIA 18 January 2000 -- Undersecretary-General Kieran Prendergast told the United Nations Security Council January 18 that the humanitarian situation in Angola is particularly critical, affecting about one-third of the country's population.

  • ON ENVIRONMENTAL SITUATION IN THE CHECHEN REPUBLIC BORIS N. ALEKSEYEV - Major General, Chief of the Environmental security department of the RF Armed Forces 18.01.2000 16:00 -- Chechnya has. Its territory is criss-crossed by gas and oil pipelines. The locals cut into the pipelines and build small refineries. There are 15,000 mini-refineries operating in Chechnya.
  • UNHCR / CHECHNYA Voice of America 18 January 2000 -- The United Nations refugee agency, U-N-H-C-R, has expressed alarm at Russia's intensified bombing of the Chechen capital, Grozny.
  • RUSSIA / CHECHNYA Voice of America 18 January 2000 -- Russian military officials say federal troops have broken through rebel lines into the center of the Chechen capital, Grozny.

  • EAST TIMOR VIOLENCE Voice of America 18 January 2000 -- Peacekeepers in East Timor exchanged fire with pro-Indonesia militiamen in three different clashes on Monday.
  • CONGO FIGHTING Voice of America 18 January 2000 -- In Congo, government troops have broken through rebel lines, ending a two-month siege of the central town of Ikela.
  • BOSNIAN SERB WARLORD "ARKAN" KILLED Voice of America 18 January 2000 -- Arkan, One of the most feared militia leaders in the Balkans has been killed. Over the weekend, two men walked into the lobby of a Belgrade, Yugoslavia hotel and fired automatic weapons at Arkan, wounding him fatally.
  • ALGERIA / AMNESTY Voice of America 19 January 2000 -- The Algerian government says 80 percent of the Islamic militants in the country's eight-year civil war have laid down their arms under a recent amnesty program.

News Reports

  • LAGOS / PINOCHET Voice of America 18 January 2000 -- The possible return to Chile from Britain of former dictator Augusto Pinochet may create a dilemma for Chilean President-elect Ricardo Lagos.

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