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04 October 1999 Military News

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  • EAST TIMOR / GUERRILLAS Voice of America 04 October 1999 -- Leaders of the international peacekeeping mission in East Timor say peacekeepers will begin disarming members of the territory's guerrilla independence army. The head of the peacekeeping force announced the plan after a tense standoff between the peacekeepers and the guerrillas.
  • INDONESIA - POLITICS Voice of America 04 October 1999 -- One of the leaders of Indonesia's political reform movement has been elected chairman of the new National Assembly. The election of Amien Rais is the latest in a series of surprises in the build-up to Indonesia's presidential election later this month.
  • INDONESIA / AMBON VIOLENCE Voice of America 04 October 1999 -- At least two civilians and one police officer are dead in Indonesia's eastern town city of Ambon, after a resurgence of violence between Christian and Muslim groups. There are conflicting reports about exactly how the violence broke out in the city 2300 kilometers east of the Indonesian capital in the Spice Islands.
  • JAPAN - EAST TIMOR Voice of America 04 October 1999 -- Japan says it will contribute 100 million dollars to support the United Nations-backed multinational force in East Timor. The contribution comes in lieu of Japanese peacekeeping troops.
  • ETHIOPIA / ERITREA WAR Voice of America 04 October 1999 -- Diplomats trying to end the border war between Ethiopia and Eritrea have spent most of their time trying to convince Eritrea to accept a regional peace plan. The conflict is no closer to being over, but it now appears to be Ethiopia that is blocking the deal.
  • Text: Rubin Comments on Renewed Fighting in DROC USIA 04 October 1999 -- Commenting on reports of new fighting in the Eastern Kasai province of the Democratic Republic of Congo, State Department Spokesman James Rubin on October 4 called on all parties concerned "to reaffirm their commitment to the Lusaka Accord, and to take the steps necessary to restore the cease-fire and move forward to implement provisions of the Lusaka Accord."
  • CHECHNYA PLANE DOWNED Voice of America 04 October 1999 -- Chechen rebels have shot down a Russian warplane, the first such confirmed incident since air strikes on Chechnya began more than a month ago.
  • COLOMBIA - KIDNAP Voice of America 04 October 1999 -- Colombian authorities have freed 40 people kidnapped this morning by a small guerrilla group in a northeastern city. Combat continues between the guerrillas and the army, but the former hostages are now safe in the local military battalion.
  • PAK - KASHMIR MARCH Voice of America 04 October 1999 -- Pakistani police have clashed with Kashmiri activists to stop them from staging a symbolic crossing of the disputed border in Kashmir. Islamabad police have detained a number of people to stop what has been called a "suicide march" into Indian Kashmir from Pakistan.
  • RUSSIA / CHECHNYA Voice of America 04 October 1999 -- Russian forces are bombing and shelling Chechen border villages as they push forward into the breakaway region to establish a security zone. Two Russian soldiers and several Chechen civilians have been killed in the latest military actions.

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