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21 September 1999 Military News

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  • Administration Sees Renewed Hope For Colombia USIA 21 September 1999 -- The situation in Colombia remains perilous, but the Clinton Administration is optimistic that the strategy developed by Colombian President Andres Pastrana called "Plan Colombia" will address the Andean nation's economic, security, and drug-relatedproblems.
  • Text: State Dept.'s Rand Beers Testifies on Colombia USIA 21 September 1999 -- A top State Department official is alerting members of Congress to the "critical" situation in Colombia, where the government of President Andres Pastrana faces a battle against guerrilla groups and the narcotraffickers to whom they are closely linked.
  • Text: Pentagon Official Brian Sheridan Testifies on Colombia USIA 21 September 1999 -- Pentagon assistance to Colombia will maintain its "sole focus" on counterdrug support and "under no circumstances will U.S. military personnel participate or accompany Colombian forces engaged in operations of any sort," Department of Defense (DoD) official Brian Sheridan told members of the U.S. Senate September 21.
  • Text: Southcom's Wilhelm Testifies on Colombia USIA 21 September 1999 -- The key to peace in Colombia is to deprive that country's guerrilla forces of the "illegal revenues they receive from narco-traffickers," which "in turn will pave the way" for a negotiated settlement to Colombia's four-decades-old insurgency, says Charles Wilhelm, commander-in-chief of the U.S. Southern Command.
  • INDONESIA / U-N Voice of America 21 September 1999 -- United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Sadako Ogata has completed a three-day visit to Indonesia, where she toured refugee camps in West Timor and met with Indonesian leaders. Before leaving Indonesia (on Tuesday) Ms. Ogata spoke with reporters about the situation in Timor and the role the United Nations will play.
  • GUSMAO - AUSTRALIA Voice of America 21 September 1999 -- East Timorese independence leader Xanana Gusmao says he has no intention of setting up a government in exile, in the northern Australian city of Darwin. Mr. Gusmao's announcement comes as hundreds of peacekeepers continue to leave Australia for their mission to restore order in East Timor.
  • EAST TIMOR AND INDONESIAN POLITICS Voice of America 21 September 1999 -- The international peacekeeping troops that are arriving in East Timor could be stepping into the middle of a growing dispute between Indonesia's political factions. The dispute centers on the fact that some politicians and military leaders might not be reconciled to the fact that East Timor's people have voted overwhelmingly to break away from Indonesia and form an independent nation.
  • INDONESIA POLITICS Voice of America 21 September 1999 -- Indonesian President B-J Habibie has defended his handling of the crisis in East Timor and blamed Australia for blowing the problem out of proportion. The crisis has forced Mr. Habibie into a fight for his political life.
  • EAST TIMOR / HUMAN RIGHTS Voice of America 21 September 1999 -- The United Nations Human Rights Commission plans an emergency meeting Thursday to examine charges of human rights violations in East Timor.
  • EAST TIMOR AID Voice of America 21 September 1999 -- The United Nations Refugee Agency, U-N-H-C-R, says Indonesian authorities have promised to provide security for United Nations aid workers and unlimited access to everyone in East Timor who needs help.
  • EAST TIMOR: SUPPORT STEADY DESPITE 'DAUNTING UNKNOWNS' USIA Foreign Media Reaction Report 21 September 1999 -- Overseas media reaction to events in East Timor was again heavy, with most commentators focusing on the "daunting" "unknowns" facing the UN-sanctioned peacekeeping forces, the first wave of which landed in Dili yesterday without incident. Writers in Japan, China, the Philippines, Germany, Poland-- and one in Indonesia-- foresaw the possibility of a "bloody mission" ahead, and held that confrontations between the Australia-led peacekeepers and pro-Jakarta militias were "entirely possible."
  • SRI LANKA - AMNESTY REPORT Voice of America 21 September 1999 -- The human rights watchdog group, Amnesty International, has condemned the killing of more than 50 ethnic Sinhalese villagers last week, by Tamil Tiger rebels in eastern Sri Lanka.
  • RUSSIA CAUCASUS Voice of America 21 September 1999 -- The leaders of two southern Russian republics bordering breakaway Chechnya have held an unauthorized meeting with the Chechen president amid growing fears of a new Caucasian war. Russia, angered by bombs that killed hundreds of civilians, is continuing a military buildup along the Chechen border.
  • BURUNDI KILLINGS Voice of America 21 September 1999 -- In Burundi, 13 civilians and five rebel fighters are dead after a round of Hutu attacks over the last few days. The new casualties come as peace talks aimed at stopping Burundi's civil unrest are adjourned.
  • ANGOLA / UNITA Voice of America 21 September 1999 -- The UNITA rebel movement in Angola says the recent killing of one of its parliamentary deputies was an assassination.

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