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Grayling Air-to-Ground Range

The Grayling Air-to-Ground Range is located in the northern portion of R-4201A, and is at a bearing of 258 degrees and 46 NM from Alpena. Entry to the airspace does not automatically include unrestricted use thereof. Units in training will receive priority for any requirements. Schedule requests should be submitted in writing to Alpena CRTC/DOR, 5884 A St., Alpena, MI 49707-8125. Requests must be received by the 10th of the month of use, and include any special requests. A schedule is published and mailed to the requester by the 20th of the month prior to the month of use.

The bomb circle and most tactical targets are scorable out to 300 meters. BDU-50 and TP/WP rockets are approved on some targets. Some targets have multiple run in azimuths. Primary strafe targets include three acoustiscored targets (2000') for up to 30mm and a hard acoustiscored target for 30mm (3000'). Scorable 30mm events include LRS, HAS and TTS. Multiple targets are available for 20mm HAS, and also HEI strafe for either 20mm or 30mm. IR/EO array of full sized heat generating armored vehicles, including M-60 (tanks) and M-113 (APC's) are available upon request. A simulated Laser Target is available upon request for either a fixed (for offsets) or mobile position. Pave Spike is approved but must be coordinated. Ground laser operations may be arranged with adequate notice. BOMB CIRCLE and H-1 are lighted for night operations. Laser Pointer available for target designation.

Ground FAC support is available upon coordination. Airborne FAC's from the 110th FW are also normally available. Live ordinance up to MK-82 may be coordinated with a minimum of 60 days notice. Grayling Air Gunnery Range call sign is STEELGATE.

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