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Camp Grayling

Camp Grayling is located in central northern Michigan. Camp Grayling, with its 147,000 acres, is the largest military installation east of the Mississippi River, and the nation's largest National Guard training site. This state owned and operated facility accommodates a wide variety of training opportunities ranging from small arms to heavy artillery. It is home to a new "state of the art" Multi-Purpose Range Complex (MPRC) and a MATES facility that houses (527) tracked vehicles, including (77) M1 tanks.

Training is conducted here all year round with active and reserve units of the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps all making use of Camp Grayling's unique combination of training resources. Training at Camp Grayling focuses on heavy vehicles and larger units. The base recently received $5.8 million in federal funding to replace Range Support Facilities and to construct a new access road. These funds will enable us to construct a new facility at Camp Grayling which will be used for workshops, storage and administrative offices. The new 15,000 square foot facility will support the staff in scheduling, coordinating and controlling use of the range.

Camp Grayling has 427 various types of buildings for troop use located at both the main installation grounds and the Grayling Army Airfield. Quarters available can house 725 officer and 6,144 enlisted personnel. In addition, tentage availability includes GP large, GP medium and GP small, along with 150 Arctic's with capability of housing 6,780 personnel. Total housing capacity is 13,649 personnel. There are 70 dining facilities, which can feed 11,900 personnel. Eighteen of the dining facilities have attached administrative and supply areas. There are fifteen battalion and higher headquarter buildings for administrative and supply support needs. The camp has an Ammunition Supply Point (ASP) on post, which can handle all ordnance requirements. A troop issue subsistence activity (TISA) operates from the main logistics facility, and supports food service requirements and operations. Bulk fuel sites are operational providing JP-8 and diesel fuels. Seven vehicle buildings with a total of 14 bays can be utilized for maintenance support.

The operations directorate is responsible for receiving and scheduling requests for use of all the operational facilities at Camp Grayling which includes a variety of ranges for small arms, mortar, tank, artillery and a multiple launch rocket system (MRLS) firings. Helicopter/helicopter door gunnery and anti-armor gunneries are also conducted on the installation. The installation also operates a multi-purpose range complex (MPRC) for tank, TOW, door gunneries and infantry assaults with automated target scenarios. To coincide with all range assets is the considerable maneuver land for training tactics. Additional training facilities include a land navigation course, rappelling tower, water operations, APFT track, NBC chamber, POW compound, bridge sites, DEMO range/operations and parachute/drop zone. The installation also conducts air-to-ground munition delivery for fixed wing aircraft with drops up to 500 pounds.

The Range 40 Complex includes an air-to-ground bombing range and an artillery range. The Multi-Purpose Range Complex includes MLRS/RRPR, miller drop zone, AT-4, TOW and dragon ranges, M-2 50 caliber MG Range, Jones lake base camp, tracked vehicle maneuver areas, wheeled vehicle maneuver areas and a MATES facility. Grayling Army Airfield has 60 helipad tie down areas, an air traffic control tower, a flight operations center, a cantonment Area, VOR/NDB/VASI/REIL, a hangar facility, and runway lighting system. The South (Main Camp) is the post headquarters, with housing/barracks areas, ARF range, combat pistol range, shotgun/MG ranges, mortar range, demolition range, LANES training areas, maneuver training areas, and NBC gas chamber.


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