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Alpena Combat Readiness Training Center
Alpena, MI

The mission of the Alpena Alpena Combat Readiness Training Center [CRTC] is to provide an integrated, year-round, realistic training environment (airspace, facilities, equipment and instruction) which enable military units to enhance their mission capability and readiness at a deployed, combat oriented operating base.

The Alpena County Regional Airport is a county owned and operated facility on which the Alpena CRTC Air National Guard (ANG) is a tenant. The military area is isolated from the civilian area to provide minimal interference between the two. The flight line and maintenance facilities are subdued to provide a European NATO type operating environment. Sufficient winterized facilities are available to provide a year-round training capability.

Runway 01-19 is a 9001' x 150' concrete runway. The entire runway is grooved and has a 1000' overrun at each end. It is equipped with runway and threshold lights and is also marked with instrument and all weather runway markings and runway distance markers. Runway 01 is the calm wind and instrument runway. It has an ILS and approach lights. Runway 19 has a TACAN approach. BAK-14 cables are located 1500' from the threshold of each end with 1200' rollout. A precision approach (PAR) is available when the RAPCON is open. Runway 07-25 is a lighted and grooved 5031'x100' concrete runway. Runway 13-31 is a 3500' X 60' C-130 Assault Field Landing Strip and parallels the drop zone. All taxiways are 75' wide except "D" which is 50' wide and "H" which is 60' wide. All taxiways are lighted. The military aircraft parking ramp is 2800'x425'. Its grounding point grid is designed for two parallel lines of parked fighter aircraft but other parking arrangements can be accommodated. It is lighted for night operations with the lights controlled from base operations.

The CRTC has an excellent training site to offer CE units deploying to Alpena. The Rapid Runway Repair (RRR) training facility is one of its most highly demanded resources. A new Prime BEEF support facility which includes an equipped DCC, and classroom with audio/visual equipment is available for your use. It has an 800' long RRR training pad with two mock craters and multiple training scenarios. Additionally, we have for your use desktop computers for CE AFQTP Training and certification testing. To make use of this training facility, the CRTC will provide equipment (as listed below) and an on-site structure to house and secure the equipment. Future plans include force bed-down equipment for on-site training use.

The Alpena CRTC recently completed a multi-million dollar face lift to 43 dormitories by converting them from Open Bay to 2 Person Rooms. With the completion of this long awaited project each facility has inside restroom facilities and dayrooms in each wing. Dayrooms are equipped with a television, two sofas,table, chairs, microwave, and a refrigerator. There are 40 dormatories configured to house 18 people and six setup to house 20 people. Based on customer feedback we elected to keep 6 dormatories in the open bay style with double bunking and capacity for 38 personnel. There are also coinless laundry facilities. With all of these improvements Alpena still has the capability to accommodate over 1000 people.

The Alpena CRTC has a recycling program that includes office paper, corrugated cardboard, toner cartridges, scrap metal, styrofoam, and compact disks. Bins are available for the collection of mixed and white office paper in the Recycling Center located on C Street, across from Base Supply. We request that visiting units utilize opportunities to recycle as much as possible! This will help the CRTC greatly reduce our solid waste generation, and is good for the environment.

Alpena Michigan is located on Lake Huron's northwestern coastline at the mouth of the Thunder Bay River. This scenic coastal town has retained much of its architectural tradition from the turn of the century, with many well-preserved houses and buildings - especially in the "old town" section just north of the Thunder Bay River.

Alpena was platted in 1856 by the name of Fremont. After some research by the 'founding fathers' it was discovered that Michigan already boasted a town named Fremont. At the recommendation of Henry R. Schoolcraft, a Michigan Statesman, Fremont was renamed Alpena. The name, Indian for partridge, was chosen because of the many fowl in the area. Alpena Michigan was eventually incorporated in 1871.

Besides tourism, Alpena's economy is supported by cement production, paper processing, and automotive/machine products manufacturing. It's downtown area is a great shopping location, situated conveniently next door to the marina.

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