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Combat Equipment Battalion-Qatar

Combat Equipment Battalion-Qatar represents FSC as the single manager for integration, synchronization and coordination of all AMC activities in Qatar. Responsible for receipt, storage, cyclic maintenance, repair, accountability, and configuration of APS-5 Qatar prepositioned equipment and supplies. Oversees maintenance and property accountability programs to ensure operational readiness of APS-5 Qatar materiel for use by CENTCOM during contingencies or exercises.

In 1995 CENTCOM began work on the Qatar based location, named Camp As Saliyah. The camp was completed in 2000 with a price tag of $110M. It is the largest prepositioned site in the world and houses a large amount of equipment and support units that can be stood up quickly in response to conflict. Initial plans required units to fly into Qatar, draw equipment, road march it to the nearest port, load the ships, and sail to the area of operation. The plan was modified to send 90% of stocks to CEB-Kuwait via ship prior to issuing to Soldiers. This placed the equipment much closer to the area of operations and line of departure.

Throughout FY 02, equipment and supplies moved into and out of CEB-QA at a constant pace. Early in FY 02, CEB-QA received 871 containers of Inland Petroleum Distribution Sets (IPDS) Operational Project stocks bringing the total containers at CEB-QA to 1035. In Mar 02, IPDS stocks were relocated from CEB-QA to CEB-KU. Fill of other Operational Projects authorized for APS-5 increased dramatically. CEB-QA received, inventoried, and stored stocks associated with Special Operations Forces, Water Support Systems, and Containerized Systems Operational Projects. In addition to IPDS, CEB-QA loaned, issued, or forward positioned nearly 1,000 pieces of equipment from Qatar to Al Udeid Air Base, CEB-KU, and elements in Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, and Qatar.

In Jan 02, CEB-QA was directed to clear the first of what would ultimately become eight Controlled Humidity Warehouses (CHWs) vacated over the course of FY 02. Three more CHWs were cleared in Mar 02 and four additional CHWs were cleared in Sep 02. Storage space was reconfigured as warehouses were emptied and turned over to US Army Forces, CENTCOM. In preparation for OIF, CENTCOM moved much of its operations staff to Qatar. They converted the warehouses to office space, quarters, and dining facilities.

Readiness within APS-5 was improved through redistribution of equipment from APS-2 (Europe). In FY 02, CEB-QA received significant influxes of equipment in two increments. The first increment consisted of 3,490 pieces of equipment that arrived in Mar 02 and was integrated into the APS-5 Qatar equipment sets. An additional 834 pieces of equipment arrived in the SWA area of operation (AOR) in Sep 02. CEB-QA prepared and moved the entire Class V stockpile, consisting of 119 20-foot containers each, from Qatar to Kuwait.

The CEB-QA 2x1 Brigade Set (1,550 pieces of equipment including tracks, wheels and trailers) was prepared and forward positioned in Kuwait. This equipment move required CEB-QA to load 24 Logistics Support Vessels, 5 High Speed Vessels and 1 Large Medium Speed Roll-On/Roll Off ship. In October 2002 the 2x1 Brigade was transformed into a 2x2 Brigade.

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