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Mississippi Army National Guard

The Mississippi Army National Guard came into existence in 1798. Beginning with the Creek War and the War of 1812, Mississippi provided riflemen to the defense of the frontier and Dragoons to Jackson at New Orleans.

The 1st Mississippi Regiment of Infantry, the "Mississippi Rifles" under the command of a young colonel named Jefferson Davis, turned the tide at the Battle of Buena Vista during the Mexican War. Colonel Davis's command "STAND FAST MISSISSIPPIANS" remains the motto of the Mississippi Army National Guard's oldest unit, the 1st Battalion, 155th Infantry.

The Mississippi Army National Guard maintains 97 armories, and is present in 93 communities.

The Mississippi Army National Guard, with a membership of nearly 10,000 soldiers, is a force leader standing ready to assist the state of Mississippi and our nation. Our services in FY99 benefited various communities throughout the state as well as foreign countries in need.

Mississippi Army Guard engineers traveled to Honduras and Nicaragua to assist local governments following the devastation of Hurricane Mitch. Members of Mississippi's 890th and 223rd Engineer Battalions helped build schools, medical clinics and assisted in other projects to increase the quality of life for our neighbors to the south.

The 155th Separate Armored Brigade completed one of the most successful training rotations ever at the National Training Center in Fort Irwin, California. Over 5,500 Mississippi troops and soldiers from 21 other states came together for the largest reserve rotation at the NTC since Operation Desert Storm.

Mississippi Guard members operated the award winning Youth Challenge Program at Camp Shelby, MS, where at-risk youth are given a second chance to become productive citizens. The Regional Counterdrug Training Academy continued to provide vital counterdrug training to law enforcement officers from various

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