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94th Brigade Support Battalion
"Strength and Honor"

The 94th Brigade Support Battalion was first organized on 13 November 1943 as Headquarters and Headquarters Detachment, 94th Quartermaster Battalion. After the Second World War, it was inactivated, on 16 March 1946 at Fort Francis E. Warren, Wyoming. Soon after, it was redesignated on 24 February 1947 as the 94th Quartermaster Service Battalion and activated on 21 April 1947 at Ladd Field, Alaska. This unit was inactivated 23 August 1948 at Ladd Air Force Base, Alaska.

The unit was redesignated on 15 February 1949 as HHD, 815th Quartermaster Battalion, withdrawn from the Regular Army. It was subsequently allotted to the Organized Reserve Corps. It was assigned to Second Army on 24 February 1949, and activated 10 March at St. Clairsville, Ohio. This unit was inactivated 27 December 1950 at St. Clairsville, Ohio.

The unit was redesignated on 10 January 1952 as HHD, 94th Quartermaster Battalion, and withdrawn from the Organized Reserve Corps and allotted to the Regular Army. It was officially activated on 23 January 1952 at Fort Lee, Virginia. The unit was reorganized and redesignated on 8 December 1960 as 94th Quartermaster Battalion. This unit was subsequently assigned to the 23rd Infantry Division "Americal" in the Republic of Vietnam. There HHD, 94th Quartermaster Battalion was reorganized and redesignated on 25 April 1966 as HHC, 94th Supply and Service Battalion. Following the conflict in Vietnam the unit was inactivated.

The battalion was redesignated on 30 March 2004 as the 94th Support Battalion and was activated on 16 January 2005 at Fort Polk, Louisiana, as part of the 10th Mountain Division's 4th Brigade Combat team. This activation was part of the overall transformation of the 10th Mountain Division to the US Army's new modular force strucutre.

The support structures and deployment plans for the Brigade Support Battalion contrasted with the Forward Support Battalion of a Force XXI (the term used to describe the Army wide organizational scheme prior to the transition to the modular structure) Brigade because of different missions and purposes. The Force XXI Brigade's Forward Support Battalion, depending upon mission, enemy, terrain, troops, time and civilian considerations (METT-TC), was a much heavier fighting force with greater lethality, but also with greater logistical requirements and capabilities. Though habitually attached to one of a Division's Brigade, the Forward Support Battalions were technically organized at Division level as part of the Division Support Command (DISCOM). Only in Seperate Brigades were Forward Support Battalions integral to the Brigade.

In order to reduce the logistics and deployment footprint, the modular Brigade Support Battalion had fewer personnel than the previous Force XXI Forward Support Battalion. To increase deployment capabilities and to reduce stockpiling for sustainment, both the Brigade Support Battalion and Force XXI Forward Support Battalion would use preconfigured loads. Common platforms such as the Palletized Load System (PLS) and the Load Handling System (LHS) would reduce Class IX (repair parts) requirements. Under the plan to transform the entire Army to the modular force structure, Forward Support Battalions would be replaced with Brigade Support Battalions, with the additional responsibilities passed to Division level Sustainment Brigades.

As of winter 2006, the 94th Brigade Support Battalion was the first unit from 4th Brigade Combat Team, 10th Mountain Division (Light Infantry), to assume responsibility for operations in southern Afghanistan. The transfer of authority was conducted between 173rd Brigade Support Battalion, 173rd Airborne Brigade, and the 94th Brigade Support Battalion. The 94th BSB became responsible for providing combat service support to all US forces operating in Regional Command South. Soldiers of the Battalion departed on 7 February 2006 from Fort Polk, Louisiana, and arrived on 9 February 2006 in Afghanistan. After arriving, the unit had been conducting "left-seat, right-seat" rides and theater training. The 94th BSB served in Afghanistan into 2007 before returning from the deployment to Fort Polk.

In 2008 the 94th BSB deployed with other elements of the 4th Brigade Combat Team to Iraq as part of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

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