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500th Military Intelligence Brigade

The mission of the 500th Military Intelligence Brigade is to maintain an expeditionary mindset in order to support theater strategic engagement with tailored, trained, deployable intelligence support packages, which provide increased battle command, situational awareness and force protection.

As of 2010, the 500th Military Intelligence Brigade was located at Schofield Barracks, Hawaii, and provided multi-disciplined intelligence support for joint and coalition warfighters in the US Army Pacific area of responsibility. The 500th Military Intelligence Brigade had theater-wide collection and analytical responsibilities at the tactical, operational and strategic levels. The brigade also provided continuous force protection assessments, tactical and strategic overwatch, Foundry, red teaming and area of responsibility situational awareness for the warfighting decision makers. At that time the Brigade consisted of the Brigade Headquarters and Headquarters Company, and 5 battalions: the 15th, 205th, 301st, 441st, and 732nd Military Intelligence Battalions.

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