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475th Quartermaster Group

The 475th Quartermaster Group is the United States Army Reserve's only Petroleum & Water Group. The 475th Quartermaster Group and its POLEX Down Trace units support Class III, Water and Corps Support Operations Other Than War.

Petroleum products required by the military prior to World War II were relatively small and requirements were usually placed on industry. With the overnight growth of mechanized forces and extensive Air Force training programs Class III support became a major logistical problem. Sixty (60%) percent of all cargoes handled were petroleum. Trained personnel for the military were practically nonexistent and facilities for training were not available. With the loss of so many engines due to the lack of quality fuel, the Army learned a valuable lesson, and immediately after WW II, plans were drafted to put the Army into business of training its own quality surveillance specialists.

Task Organization - POLEX "01"

Task Organization - POLEX "01"




Training Location:

  475th Quartermaster Group - Petrl & Wtr


99th RSC    Devens RFTA, MA
  319 Quartermaster Battalion - PS WSR3AA 88th RSC    Devens RFTA, MA    
  635th Quartermaster Detachment - Liaison WSUZAA 99th RSC    Fort Dix, NJ
  328th Quartermaster Detachment - Liaison WSUUAA 99th RSC    Fort Stewart, GA
JP-8 Line Haul
  633rd Quartermaster Battalion - PS WQ5AAA 88th RSC    Devens RFTA, MA  
  773rd Transportation Company - 7.5k WSZ1AA 77th RSC    Devens RFTA, MA
  182nd Transportation Company - 7.5k WQ3TAA 88th RSC    Devens RFTA, MA
  718th Transportation Battalion WSYHAA 88th RSC    Fort Dix, NJ
  705th Transportation Company - 7.5k  WOZ3AA 88th RSC    Fort Dix, NJ
  309th Transportation Company - 7.5k WSZZAA 99th RSC    Fort Dix, NJ
  623rd Transportation Company - 5k WSOHAA 77th RSC    Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD
  685th Transportation Company WSONAA 88th RSC    Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD
  373rd Quartermaster Battalion - PS WSSGAA 81st RSC    Charleston, SC
  706th Transportation Company - 7.5k WQOVAA 88th RSC    Charleston, SC
  281st Transportation Company 90th RSC    Charleston, SC
  380th Quartermaster Battalion - PS WZNTAA 88th RSC    Granite City, IL
  660th Transportation Company - 7.5k WSZTAA 88th RSC    Granite City, IL
  724th Transportation Company - 5k WQWFAA 88th RSC    Granite City, IL
 457th Transportation Company WQSTAA 88th RSC    Fort Stewart, GA
  319th Transportation Company - 5k WSZ0AA 143rd TRANSCOM    Fort Stewart, GA
  296th Transportation Company - 5k WQ3GAA 81st RSC    Camp Shelby, MS
  941st Transportation Company - 5k  WQ7DAA 81st RSC    Fort Stewart, GA
  655th Transportation Company - 7.5k WZPGAA 81st RSC   Camp Shelby, MS
JP-8 and DFM Storage
  402nd Quartermaster Battalion - PS WVHLAA 99th RSC    Devens RFTA, MA
  233rd Quartermaster Company - PS WZN5AA 99th RSC    Devens RFTA, MA - FSSP #1
  277th Quartermaster Company - PS WSS1AA 77th RSC    Devens RFTA, MA - FSSP #2
  298th Transportation Company - 5k WSZ9AA 99th RSC    Devens RFTA, MA
  334th Quartermaster Company - PS WZNUAA 94th RSC    Fort Dix, NJ
  439th Quartermaster Company - PS WQ3EAA 94th RSC    Fort Dix, NJ - FSSP #3
941st Quartermaster Company - PS WST6AA 65th RSC

Fort Dix, NJ FSSP #8

  947th Quartermaster Company - PS WZN6AA 94th RSC    Fort Dix, NJ - FSSP #4
  411th Quartermaster Company - PS WSTBAA 94th RSC    Fort Dix, NJ - FSSP #5
  377th Quartermaster Company - PS WQ7ZAA 81st RSC    Fort Dix, NJ - FSSP #6
  716th Quartermaster  Company - PS WSSZAA 77th RSC    Fort Dix, NJ - FSSP#7
  454th Transportation Company - 5k WZPFAA 88th RSC    Fort Dix, NJ
  362nd Quartermaster Battalion - PS WSRSAA 81st RSC    Fort AP Hill, VA
  175th Quartermaster Company - PS WQ0KAA 88th RSC    Fort AP Hill, VA - FSSP #6
  192nd Quartermaster Company - PS WQ0LAA 88th RSC    Fort AP Hill, VA - FSSP #6
  425th Quartermaster Company - PS WQ39AA 88th RSC    Fort AP Hill, VA - FSSP #7
  967th Quartermaster Company - PS WZN8AA 88th RSC    Fort AP Hill, VA - FSSP #7
  656th Transportation Company - 5k WQOUAA 88th RSC    Fort AP Hill, VA
  247th Quartermaster Battalion - PS WSR8AA 99th RSC    Fort Pickett, VA
  475th Quartermaster Company - PS WSS4AA 99th RSC

   Fort Pickett, VA - FSSP #8

828th Quartermaster Company - PS


 Fort Pickett, VA - FSSP #8

  495th Transportation Company - PS WQ7DAA 143    Fort Pickett, VA
Water Mission
  332nd Quartermaster Battalion - WS   WZH2AA 88th RSC    Devens RFTA, MA
  79th Quartermaster Company - WS WVPUAA 88th RSC    Devens RFTA, MA
  14th Quartermaster Detachment - WP WSUZAA 99th RSC    Devens RFTA, MA
  360th Quartermaster Detachment - TWDS WYF3AA 81 RSC    Devens RFTA, MA
 254th Quartermaster Company - FS / DS WVCJAA 99th RSC    Devens RFTA, MA
  981st Medical Detachment - Sanitary WZTJAA 70th RSC    Devens RFTA, MA
  327th Quartermaster Battalion - WS WQZ4AA 99th RSC    Fort Dix, NJ
  753rd Quartermaster Company - WS WSUEAA 88th RSC    Fort Dix, NJ
  388th Quartermaster Detachment - WP WV3HAA 99th RSC    Fort Dix, NJ
  431st Quartermaster Detachment - TWDS WYF2AA 81st RSC    Fort Dix, NJ
  418th Quartermaster Detachment - TWDS WV3EAA 81st RSC    Fort Dix, NJ
  254th Quartermaster Company - FS / DS WSM3AA 99th RSC    Fort Dix, NJ
  981st Medical Detachment - Sanitary WZTJAA 70th RSC    Fort Dix, NJ
  362nd Quartermaster Battalion - WS WSRSAA 81st RSC    Fort AP Hill, VA
  810th Quartermaster Company - WS WSNWAA 88th RSC    Fort AP Hill, VA
  831st Quartermaster Detachment - WP WSUWAA 88th RSC    Fort AP Hill, VA
  315th Quartermaster Detachment - TWDS WV2PAA 81st RSC    Fort AP Hill, VA
  140th Quartermaster Company - FS / DS WS66AA 77th RSC    Fort AP Hill, VA
  981st Medical Detachment - Sanitary WZTJAA 70th RSC    Fort AP Hill, VA
  370th Quartermaster Battalion - WS 96th RSC    Fort Pickett, VA
  301st Quartermaster Company - WS WVKHAA 88th RSC    Fort Pickett, VA
  873rd Quartermaster Detachment - WP WV3FAA 81st RSC    Fort Picket,  VA
  326th  Quartermaster  Team - WP WTVEAA 99th RSC    Fort Picket,  VA
  318th  Quartermaster  Detachment - TWDS WVQXAA 81st RSC    Fort Picket,  VA
  140th  Quartermaster  Company - FS / DS WS66AA 77th RSC    Fort Picket,  VA
  981st   Medical Detachment - Sanitary WZTJAA 70th  RSC    Fort Picket,  VA

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