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384th Military Police Battalion (EPW/CI)

The distinctive unit insignia was approved on 19 October 1953. It was amended to revise the description on 4 January 1991, consisting of a shield blazoned: Vert, on a fret Or a fleur-de-lis of the like. Attached below the shield a Gold scroll inscribed "EQUALITY AND JUSTICE" in Green letters. Green and yellow are the colors for the Military Police Corps. The fret is used as a symbol of security. The fleur-de-lis represents the organization's service in France during World War II. The U.S. Army's 384th Military Police Battalion was deployted at Mauthausen concentration camp in 1946. During 1999 the the 384th MP Bn spent two weeks of Annual Training at Fort McCoy, Wisconsin running an internment camp.

The 384th Military Police Battalion was called to active duty in March 2003, and thereafter served at the detention facility at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, before returnign home in mid-June 2004.

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