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375th Transportation Group (Composite)

Each year, Forces Command funds the Sealift Emergency Deployment Readiness Exercise (SEDRE) cycles to test and validate the joint readiness of various Reserve and Active Component units supporting strategic mobility. The 375th Transportation Group from Mobile, AL, provided command and control for SEDRE cycles during fiscal year 2000-01.

SEDRE 2000 is a two-phased deployment exercise consisting of an upload at Savannah, Ga., and a download at Port Hueneme, Calif. Reserve transportation personnel are brought into SEDRE to test and validate readiness. More than two thirds of the Army's transportation assets belong to the Army Reserve. The 375th was in direct support of the 3rd Infantry Division and the U.S. Army's 3rd Brigade, who task organized as the Brigade Combat Team (BCT).

The 375th Transportation Group's mission was to command and control reception, staging and onward movement (RSO) of the Combat Team's equipment and vehicles from Port Hueneme to Fort Irwin, Calif., for National Training Center (NTC) rotation 2000.

The 375th Transportation Group's S-4 logistics section, together with battalion and company maintenance sections worked to ensure all transportation equipment was inspected and certified to standards. Some of the equipment was loaded onto 872 A2 trailers, also known as 18-wheelers, chained down and staged in marshaling areas. Other equipment was refueled, matched-up with organic trailers and staged for drive-away missions.

The 375th also established a Convoy Support Center (CSC) at Edwards Air Force Base (AFB), Calif., and a Logistics Support Area (LSA) at Fort Irwin, Calif. They also ensured accountability for all 3rd BCT equipment from the point of discharge until it arrived "in the box" at the NTC. During this mission, safety planning was more difficult than normal because of congested roads along the coast, and weather and elevation extremes from the port to Edwards AFB.

The 375th, well aware that the key to successfully completing airy mission is a strict adherence to all safety standards, faced challenges along one of few 220-mile stretches of land in America where the environment changes rapidly. This diverse environment provided a great location for Area of Operations Responsibility validation and the entire mission was accomplished without an accident or incident.

A majority of the soldiers who participated in SEDRE 2000 said they gained a better understanding of how important and complicated this type of operation would become in a wartime deployment where the volume and tempo of operations would be drastically increased.

In 1997, Naval Reserve Military Sealift Command Office Korea 109 piloted participation in the Army's 375th Transportation Group Revelers Knight exercise -- an exercise designed to closely match RSO&I. Offices were set up at the Naval, Marine Corps Reserve Center Little Rock, Ark., and at Mobile, Ala., site of the exercise. Naval Reservists were tasked to determine ports of entry and berth assignments during the exercise," stated BM2 Billy Carey, one of the watchstanders in Mobile. "Revelers Knight was an unqualified success, and in the 1998 exercise, MSCO Korea 109 was joined by Naval Reserve units MSC Republic of Korea 119 and MSCO Korea 111."

The Army Reserve conducted its first combat service support (CSS) training simulation system (CSSTSS) simulation exercise (SIMEX) in an inactive-duty-for-training (IDT) status in September 1997. Due to the success of the SIMEX, a proposal has been developed to conduct a single SIMEX from a mainframe and transmitted to all five Division (Exercise) (DIVEX)'s. This way, CSS units all over the country can simultaneously participate in one SIMEX through their host DIVEX's. This will increase training opportunities and eliminate the cost of conducting multiple exercises. In Fiscal Year 1998, two DIVEX's, the 78th and the 87th, were conducting an exercise in this manner. The 375th Transportation Group, Mobile, Alabama, will join the 475th Quartermaster Group, the 300th Transportation Group, and the 390th Personnel Group for a SIMEX in August 1998.

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