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309th Medical Group

A number of Army Reserve medical units are subordinate to the 309th Medical Group in Maryland. Reserves have a peacetime linkage and a wartime linkage. In peacetime, the 4215th U.S. Army Hospital is linked to the 309th Medical Group. In wartime, the unit is linked to Walter Reed. Performing as they would during war, about 75 Reservists from the 4215th U.S. Army Hospital complete their two week annual training at Walter Reed. The "citizen soldiers" have assisted Walter Reed staff throughout various sections of the hospital while they further developed their skills and gained experience to prepare for their wartime mission. The goal is to become familiar with the facility, its equipment and the patient mix so they feel confident and comfortable delivering service to these patients in the event that they are called. The 4215th is a TDA unit based in Richmond, Va., and falls under the command of the 309th Medical Group in Rockville. The 4215th is fully staffed with 187 members and includes a veterinary detachment, with a war mission is to backfill Walter Reed in case of a deployment.

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