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48th Combat Support Hospital (CSH)

The new Blended medical units are made up of AC, RC and AGR personnel. The 48th Combat Support Hospital (CSH) at Ft. Meade is one of the newest of the Blended Units. It is commanded by an AGR Officer, and has 296 Active Component soldiers assigned from Walter Reed Army Medical Center (WRAMC). The 2290th provides the Backfill to WRAMC for these 296 soldiers, and thus coordinate closely with the 48th CSH making sure this triangle of support works. The 2290th USAH has continually promoted the concept of AC/RC Integration.

The combat support hospitals, or CSH [pronounced 'cash'], use deployable medical systems, or DEPMEDS, to construct hospitals from scratch. A series of tents are used for all the facilities that compose a DEPMEDS.

The 48th, a Mobile Army Surgical Hospital active in World War II and the Korean War, was inactivated in 1953. The 48th resurfaced as a CSH in 2000, the Army's first multi-component hospital, staffed by both active and reserve component personnel.

The 48th has 20 active component soldiers, seven active guard reserve and one military technician on its fulltime staff. All are needed to keep the unit running. The 48th is staffed with reservists, and more than 300 professional refillers, or PROFIS, all of whom work at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington DC. PROFIS are active duty professionals, who augment reserve units upon deployment. Soldiers have transitioned well from working in clinics to a field environment with the CSH. The 48th provides operating rooms, emergency medical treatment and triage facilities, intensive care units, minimal care wards and neuropsychiatry services.

Eagle Medic is a multi-functional, sustainment exercise developed to meet the training objectives of the 48th Combat Support Hospital, the first multi-component RC/AC hospital, the 323rd Combat Support Hospital and the 789th Preventive Medicine Detachment. RTS-Medical is providing an Exercise Control Cell to simulate and/or operate C2, Evacuation, Medical Regulating, and Medical Logistics Battlefield Operation Systems. This exercise is ideal for multiple CSS and CS units. The Master Sequence of Events List can be tailored to meet multi-echelon and multi-functional requirements.

Walter Reed Army Medical Center is the renowned Federal Hospital in the Nation's Capital. It is truly a National treasure prepared to provide world class complex care to military personnel and the Nation's leaders while being prepared to provide the world's best combat health support to America's Army with support to the 48th Combat Support Hospital -- Walter Reed -- on the battlefield.

The distinctive unit insignia was approved on 27 September 2000, consisting of a gold field ten upon a grassy field emitting rays above a blue area at bottom all enclosed by a rectangular maroon tripartite scroll issuing from a green wreath of laurel in base and inscribed "ONE ARMY" on the left and "ONE MISSION" on the right in gold, at bottom a maroon cross and overall a white sword point down entwined by a green serpent. Maroon and white are the colors traditionally used by the Medical Corps; the cross represents the organization's medical support and service to the United States forces. The sword underscores the combat aspect of the mission and forms the allusion of the numeral "1", reflecting the unit's motto. The serpent and sword recall the rod of Aesculapius, symbolizing medical care and healing. Laurel is emblematic of excellence and high achievement; green is the color of regeneration and growth. The field tent highlights mobility and total readiness; the blue area below the tent alludes to the Salween River and the unit's baptism of fire during World War II.

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