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29th Infantry Division (Light) Artillery (DIVARTY)

Virginia Army National Guard soldiers of past and present gathered at Fort Pickett to bid a final farewell to the 29th Infantry's Division Artillery long-revered "Red Legs," affectionately nicknamed "DIVARTY."

The event, held on June 21 and lead by Col. Will O'Neill, marked the deactivation of the Division Artillery. This moment was commemorated with a Final Fire ceremony of all 26 M105 Howitzers. On firing point "54 Alpha " the guns lined up in a solemn single-line formation, and with one simultaneous 26-gun salvo, their rounds landed into the impact of Fort Pickett, Va. for the last time.

The retirement of the Division Artillery is part of the Army's transformation initiative, leading to multiple changes within the active Army and Army Reserve components, including the National Guard. With the continually shifting geopolitical world climate, the Army must change in order to stay prepared for any contingency.

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