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2nd Battalion - 192nd Field Artillery Regiment

The 1st Battalion, 192nd Field Artillery, traces its lineage to the formation around 1642 of a militia in the town of Stamford against nearby Indians.

The unit was consolidated in 1672 with a unit in Greenwich and the consolidated was integrated within the Ninth Regiment of Militia. In 1737 the unit was called to duty and fought in the French and Indian War and served as well in the American Revolution.

Redesignated as Company I, the unit was called to active duty to play its part in the Civil War effort in September 1862. The unit ended up fighting at the battles of Bull Run, Georgia(1862), South Carolina(1862), South Carolina(1863), Louisiana(1863), Cold Harbor, and Petersburg.

During World War I, personnel from the unit took part in the Aisne-Marne, Champagne, Oise-Aisne, and the Meuse-Argonne campaigns.

The unit was redesignated in 1921 as the 192nd Field Artillery Regiment, and reassigned to the 43rd Infantry Division.

The 192nd Field Artillery Regiment was mustered into federal service and assigned to the 68th Field Artillery Brigade, 43rd Infantry Division. It was redesignated as the 192nd Field Artillery Battalion on 10, February 1942. The unit deployed to New Zealand in October 1942, and fought in the Pacific Theater of Operation in the Guadalcanal, New Solomon Islands, New Guinea, and Luzon, Philippines Campaigns.

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