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4th Quartermaster Detachment [Airborne]

The 4th Quartermaster Detachment is headquartered in Pusan and is a subordinate unit to the 20th Support Group. The detachment provides rigging support and airdrop to both U.S. and Republic of Korea forces. It is the only unit in Korea capable of airdrop re-supply operations. They have the capability of rigging a full battalion of combat soldiers or 50 short tons of material and equipment per day. The 4th Quartermaster Battalion was constituted 12 August 1943 in the Army of the United States as the 928th Quartermaster Petroleum Products Laboratory. The battalion was activated 14 August 1943 at Camp Lee, Virginia. It was reorganized and re-designated 16 November 1944 as the 928th Quartermaster Service Detachment. It was again re-designated 21 April 1945 as the 928th Quartermaster Petroleum Products Laboratory. The battalion was inactivated 25 February 1946 in Belgium. Re-designated 23 February 1949 as the 4th Quartermaster Petroleum Products Laboratory and allotted to the Regular Army. It was then activated 31 May 1949 at Camp Lee, Virginia. The 4th Quartermasters was reorganized and re-designated 24 June 1955 as the 4th Quartermaster Detachment. Three years later the detachment was inactivated (24 June 1958) in Japan, and reactivated 10 May 1960 on Okinawa and inactivated 1 December 1967. The 4th Quartermaster Detachment was activated 8 November 1968 in Vietnam and remained until 16 November 1971.

The latest activation took place on 22 December 1974 in Okinawa. The 4th Quartermaster Detachment is now assigned to the Republic of Korea (Pusan), as part of the 20th Area Support Group.

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