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2-399th Instr Spt

The 2-399th provides committee instructors to augment Fort Knox elements during drills and annual training. The battalion also provides operators for the tank driver trainer simulator and the unit conduct of fire trainer simulator.

The 2-399th is also heavily involved in the ROTC basic trianing conducted annually at Fort Knox. The 2-399th also provides training assistance to local ROTC and Junior ROTC units during drill weekends, particularly for their annual "Ranger Challenge" competition.

The 2/399 received a mission last year to provide logistics support to the Division's TASS Brigades throughout the four-state area. This included transportation, supply, food service, facilities/billeting and maintenance tasks. The goal was to relieve TASS instructors of the myriad support issues that detract from their intended roles and enhance the overall quality of the educational process for the students.

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