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Division West, First US Army
"First in the West"

First US Army's Division West (DIVWEST), in accordance with the Army Force Generation (ARFORGEN) model, conducts training readiness oversight and mobilization of designated active and reserve component forces in the western area of responsibility in order to provide trained and ready forces to regional combatant commanders.

Division West supports pre-mobilization training for reserve component forces in accordance with ARFORGEN; assesses and reports pre-mobilization readiness for reserve component forces in accordance with ARFORGEN; conducts mobilization and demobilization operations; conducts counter-improvised explosive device, counter insurgency and escalation of force training; provides command and control over assigned and mobilized forces; and provides operational force protection.

Division West conducts battle focused, tough, realistic training to provide equipped and ready Soldiers, units and leaders for the combatant commanders. The command continues to increase strategic responsiveness, flexibility and quality of life for our Soldiers and families while remaining a committed community partner.

On 16 January 2006, First US Army's mission expanded to include the training, readiness oversight, and mobilization for all US Army Reserve and Army National Guard units within the continental United States and 2 US territories. First US Army assumed authority from Fifth US Army, which was transforming into US Army North (USARNORTH), which subsequently assumed nationwide responsibility for homeland security.

With its new role, First US Army developed 2 subordinate multi-component headquarters, one division to support the eastern United States and the other to support the western United States. Division West, First US Army was activated at Fort Carson, Colorado. The establishment of Division West eliminated the requirement for the 7th Infantry Division at Fort Carson, which was inactivated in a ceremony at the Mountain Post on 22 August 2006.

DIVWEST was activated as a multi-component organization that epitomized the "One Army" concept: Army Reserve, National Guard and Active Army Soldiers working together, serving a nation at war. DIVWEST leaders, trainers and Soldiers planned and conduct battle-focused, tough, realistic training so combatant commanders received equipped and ready units, troops and leaders. During training, soldiers were repeatedly exposed to realistic situations until they could intuitively make the right decisions without hesitation. DIVWEST soldiers prepared and trained not only soldiers, but also members of the US Air Force and US Navy so they were highly motivated and ready to perform important missions around the world.

Division West moved its headquarters to Fort Hood, Texas in 2009.

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