1192d Transportation Terminal Brigade

The 1192d Transportation Terminal Brigade has been around a long time in New Orleans. It started as a Transportation Terminal Unit with about 23 people. The unit now has well over 100 personnel. Because the unit has a very technical job that it performs, it doesn't have a lot of junior grade officers and enlisted positions. However, there is a subordinate company, the 453rd Transportation Company which has many junior officer and enlisted slots. At the 1192d, most of the positions are Sergeant through Sergeant First Class and Captain though Major.

The 1192d is in the business of seeing that military cargo gets to its place of business, quickly, efficiently, and at a reasonable cost to the US taxpayers. It supervises the loading and unloading of vessels in Gulf of Mexico ports, and has won many national transportation awards for our quality customer service. In addition to tracking the cargo, the unit supervises the loading and discharge of vessels.

Because of computers, the Brigade is now able to do a lot more work with a lot less people. As a result, it really doesn't need a full unit of people to manage a port. Usually, the unit performs annual trainings in small groups rather than at unit level. This calls for a great deal more personal responsibility for each individual.

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