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1185th Transportation Terminal Brigade

The 1185th Transportation Terminal Brigade is a Reserve unit in Lancaster, Pa. The mission of the RC of all services is to provide trained, well-equipped units and individuals for active duty in time of war, national emergency, or at such times as the national security requires. The Army National Guard (ARNG) and the United States Army Reserve (USAR) constitute the RC of the Total Force of the United States Army. RC units and individuals were available on short notice to support the initial mobilization and deployment for Operation DESERT SHIELD.

On 5 August 1990, the manifestation of this short-notice availability and readiness to serve was embodied in the adaptability of the 1185th Transportation Terminal Unit (TTU), a USAR unit. The advance party of the 1185th Transportation Terminal Unit (TTU) was already on its way to annual training (AT) at Wilmington, NC, when the unit got word that they were being diverted to Savannah, GA, to outload the 24th Infantry Division (Mechanized) for duty in the Persian Gulf. The USAR unit from Lancaster, PA, immediately departed for Savannah and began loading military equipment and cargo. As their two-week AT drew to a close, the President had not yet invoked the authority to recall the Selected Reserve. Based on MTMC's concern that it could not meet the 24th Division's deployment schedule without the continued support of the 1185th, the unit's AT period was extended 30 days. Finally, on 27 August 1990, the unit was recalled to active duty under the PSRC, and the outload of the 24th Division was completed several days ahead of schedule. It then operated several other gulf and east coast ports until it deployed to Rotterdam to load out one-third of VII Corps for Saudi Arabia. Finally, eleven months after leaving home for a two-week training period, the 1185th TTU was returned home and demobilized.

In 1995 and 1996, when the United States mobilized to help restore democracy in Haiti, the Army Reserve's 458th Transportation Detachment was one of the first units ordered to active duty. Teams from three units - the 1185th and 1186th Transportation Terminal Brigades, and the 1188th Transportation Terminal Battalion went to a number of ports on the East coast. And every one of them was there voluntarily. There were a total of 86 men and women from those three units who just volunteered for the Haiti deployment. The 1189th Transportation Terminal Brigade moved quickly from Charleston, SC, to Savannah, GA, to load equipment and supplies onboard a ship destined for Haiti. They were on annual training. They jettisoned their normal training plan and worked together to get the job done, providing the critical technical skills and knowledge necessary in a time of crisis.

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