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1179th Deployment Support Brigade

The 1179th Deployment Support Brigade mission is to plan and assist in the execution of the staging and outloading of organic unit equipment for the contingency commander; to be prepared to support follow-on missions for MTMC worldwide; and to provide liaison and coordination for the movement and receipt of division units and nondivision units to the port of embarkation.

In September 2000 about 2,000 soldiers of the 3rd Infantry Division and North Carolina National Guard were getting ready for their upcoming deployment to Bosnia and they were assisted by a team from the 1179th Deployment Support Brigade, Fort Hamilton, NY. Approximately 400 containers and wheeled vehicles were packed and made ready for shipment by the Fort Stewart soldiers -- a full plate for the 1179th's team of nine reservists to check for proper packing, documentation, and measurement. Efficient cargo transfer from the fort to the port with few if any frustrated containers or equipment does not come without hard work and sacrifice. The 1179th soldiers spent more than four sweltering days from sun up to sun down climbing on and over containers and vehicles located in shadeless motor pools. Not one of the deployment support team ended the day without being exhausted and soaked in sweat.

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