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1176th Transportation Terminal Brigade

The 1176th Transportation Terminal Brigade mission is to provide traffic management and monitoring of commercial contracts for the movement of DoD cargo through designated port facilities worldwide. It has the capability to load and unload cargo from a ship, receive cargo and document cargo.

The 1176th is divided into 5 sections: cargo documentation, terminal operations, movements, vessel and admin. The cargo doc section is responsible for cargo accountability. During a mission they keep a database of the cargo. It is their job to know where the cargo is at all times during its journey. The terminal operations section controls the flow of cargo into and out of the staging area. They are also responsible for moving the cargo from the staging area to the vessel. The movements section determines how the cargo will be loaded on the vessel. They develop the stow plan and coordinate with the vessel master to make sure the plan is correct. The vessel section manages the loading and unloading of the cargo. They are posted on board the vessel and watch everything that goes on. If any cargo is damaged, or if the ship is damaged during operations, the vessel section makes a note so that proper action can be taken. The admin section houses the unit's S-1, S-2 and S-4 sections. They are responsible for pay, attendance, logistics and all the other administrative functions necessary for the unit to operate effectively.

The 949th Transportation Company (Floating Craft) is a subordinate unit of the 1176th Transportation Terminal Brigade, 99th Regional Support Command. The 949th is collocated with the 1176th at the Brandt U.S. Army Reserve Center, in Baltimore, Md. The 97th Army Reserve's 949th Transportation Company is based in Curtis Bay, Md. Taining normally means towing barges. However, in war they would tow ocean-going ships and salvage damaged vessels.

The 1176th Transportation Terminal Unit traces its history to the 7463rd USAR Transportation Terminal which was established in May 1963. On 16 December 1965 the unit was reorganized and the 1176th was established as a U.S. Army Outport by MTMC at its current home station of Curtis Bay. The current Reserve Center building was completed and dedicated in September 1981.

Soldiers from the 1176th were among the first reservists activated for duty when Kuwait fell to Iraq in August 1990. During the Gulf War, the 1176th spent almost 11 months on active duty at seven ports up and down the east coast, loading and discharging a total of about 60 ships. The 1176th was awarded the Superior Unit Award for its performance during Desert Storm.

Over the years the 1176th has undergone several organizational changes. In May 1994 it went from being a TTU to a transportation terminal brigade and growing somewhat in size.

In October 1995 the brigade's higher headquarters changed from the 97th ARCOM at Fort Meade, Md., to the 99th Regional Support Command in Oakdale, Pa. Subsequently, in April 1996, the brigade lost responsibility for the 313th Transportation Battalion and its subordinate companies, but gained command and control of four transportation detachments at Fort Eustis, Va. It currently has 11 subordinate units, stretching from Delaware to Virginia.

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