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Russian Guard - Rosguard - Activities

According to the federal law “On the troops of the national guard of the Russian Federation,” the Russian guards together with the internal affairs bodies of the Russian Federation participate in the maintenance of public order, ensuring public safety, and the fight against terrorism and extremism. Protect important government facilities, including fuel and energy complex (the corresponding list was approved by the Government of the Russian Federation), special cargoes, facilities on communications. They take part in ensuring emergency and martial law regimes and the legal regime of counter-terrorism operations. In the territorial defense of the Russian Federation, they assist the border agencies of the FSB of Russia in protecting the state border of the Russian Federation.

In addition, the Russian Guard provides licenses and permits for the acquisition, storage and carrying of civilian and service weapons, controls its circulation, carries out licensing and supervision of private security activities, and controls the work of departmental security. The service also protects the property of legal entities and individuals under contracts. Rosguard maintains information databases on citizens who own weapons and on persons who received a private security guard certificate.

The Russian National Guard and Chinese People’s Armed Police signed an agreement on 18 May 2016 to hold joint tactical exercises in July 2016. The joint exercises would focus on counter-terrorism, and the exercises are not aimed against any countries or regions. In accordance with the protocol, the joint drills have been given the code name ‘Cooperation – 2016’ and would take place in the first half of July 2016. Over a period of two weeks, in the Smolensk and Moscow regions, two combined mixed units consisting of Russian and Chinese service personnel (in a 50:50 ratio) would undergo classes on basic preparations for special forces in the form of practical actions.

In 2016 Rosgvardiey destroyed 125 bandits, including about 10 leaders of bandit groups, eliminated more than 300 infrastructure bandit underground in the North Caucasus Federal District. The republic of the North Caucasus remained a center of terrorist activity in the territory of the country. The Rosgvardiey prevented many Russian citizens leaving attempts to participate in international terrorist organizations, including the fighting in the Middle East countries.

Rosgvardiya became controller in the provision of private security services. Today, private security firms - are not just a unit to carry out protection, they should be a great help to the security forces to ensure the security of citizens. It was necessary to establish requirements for security companies working for the budget, primarily because they must be spent rationally. In addition, it would be specified and regulatory framework. Setting requirements would improve the quality and safety, and the quality of the budget expenditure for the execution of security services, and optimize the costs of the state for the protection of objects.

Important state facilities are under guard of troops. These are nuclear power plants, nuclear weapons and fuel and energy complex facilities, enterprises of the nuclear and chemical industries. "Thanks to the vigilance of the military in 2019, theft of material assets from guarded facilities in the amount exceeding 25 million rubles was prevented, about 8 thousand violators of the access control regime were detained," the department said.

In the course of fulfilling tasks to protect important state facilities, the marine divisions of the Russian Guard saw over 2.8 thousand units of underwater objects with a total area of ??802 thousand square meters. km, and divers spent under water about 4.8 thousand hours. Thanks to the air regiments and squadrons, special forces aviation units, the troops are mobile and can effectively carry out tasks throughout the country. “In 2019, Rosguard pilots made over 40 thousand flights. In addition, as a result of military-service missions, the department’s aviation revealed 100 facts of poaching, 60 people and nine wanted vehicles,” the press service said.

Every day, more than 3 thousand groups of detention of private guards of the Russian Guard go on patrol routes. Clear and competent actions of the personnel of the detention groups allowed to stop about 83 thousand offenses in relation to protected property and over 95 thousand offenses at the objects and places of residence and storage of property of citizens.

Systematic work was continuing to strengthen state control over the circulation of weapons, the activities of private security agencies, as well as ensuring security at the facilities of the fuel and energy complex. “Today, the divisions of licensing and permitting work of the Rosguard exercise control over the owners of weapons, which number about 4 million in our country. Citizens have more than 6.6 million weapons in their hands,” the department’s press service noted. conducted 3.7 million inspections, according to the results of which 250 thousand gun owners were brought to administrative responsibility, about 50 thousand licenses and permits were canceled. "

In addition, 2.1 thousand objects of the fuel and energy complex were inspected, 19.3 thousand private security organizations and 916 private detectives were monitored. At the same time, in the field of licensing and permitting work, citizens are provided with 25 types of public services, of which 24 are in electronic form.

On January 17, 2020, the Rosgvardia press service reported that the Combined Counter-Terrorist Operations Group in the North Caucasus Region (it includes Rosgvard troops and police units) eliminated 28 participants in the terrorist cells. Rosguards and police discovered and destroyed more than 190 gang infrastructure. More than 1,200 weapons were withdrawn from illegal trafficking, of which 736 were hunting weapons, more than 77,000 ammunition of various calibers, and improvised explosive devices were neutralized.

Since February 2020, the Rosgvardeytsy provided law and order in places of isolation of citizens infected with coronavirus. It was also expected that by the end of 2020, nine Russian Arctic ports would be under the protection of the troops of the department.

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