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Technical Reconnaissance
Tekhnicheskoi Razvedki

Technical reconnaissance (technical condition investigation) is a complex of organizational and technical measures carried out by forces of units and subunits to determine the real technical condition of missile weapons, military equipment, objects in the position area of the missile division. It is conducted by the groups assessing the technical state of missile weapons (GOTS). The tasks of the groups, the time of the beginning of reconnaissance, its duration and the order of carrying out are determined by the decision of the division commander. Groups are delivered to damaged facilities by helicopters or overland terrain vehicles. During the reconnaissance, the technical condition of missile launchers (PU) and control points, the nature of the malfunctions (the degree of damage), the possibility of restoring their readiness for launching missiles, the amount and time of repair and restoration work and the forces and means required for performing the work are determined.

The possible time for starting the reconnaissance of the technical condition and the duration of its maintenance are determined by the presence and condition of the forces and means involved, the expected conditions of the situation in the areas of the reconnaissance objects and on the routes to them, the permissible radiation doses and the security of personnel.

First of all, reconnaissance of the technical condition of the surviving launchers with missiles and control posts is organized. The reconnaissance of the technical condition includes: external inspection and monitoring of the condition of the systems and assemblies that determine the readiness of the PU, command posts (KP), power supply systems (SES), launch of the missile; control of serviceability of systems and units PU (KP, SES).

Work of the GOTC PU (KP, SES), is carried out on the basis of an order to conduct reconnaissance of the technical condition of the PU, KP and SES, which is developed by the technical support group of the KP group of the connection (see Combat Control Group). The following are indicated at the disposal: tasks PU (KP, SES) for conducting technical intelligence; technical condition of the facility based on the results of a survey of controlled parameters (reports, air reconnaissance results, etc.); the expected level of radioactive, chemical and biological) contamination of the facility; Head and composition PU (KP, SES); representative of the regiment (object) and the place of its meeting with the GPT. PU (KP, SES); vehicles provided by the GOT PU (KP, SES); forces and means of traffic; time of movement to the site and route with hazardous areas; the procedure for the exploration of technical condition; security measures and other instructions, as well as the order of interaction and organization of communication with the connection control points (interacting units, subunits and formations).

To the commander G.T.S., the group of technical support of the combat command group K.P. connection issued an order for technical reconnaissance. The results of the exploration of the technical condition of the object are drawn up in the corresponding section of the prescription, which indicates: the state of the route of movement to the object; levels of radiation (contamination by chemical and biological weapons) on the route and site; state of the building part, aggregates and systems of the object, the degree of their damage and other parameters characterizing the technical condition of the facility; list and duration of work on restoring the readiness of the equipment of the facility for use (combat use), the necessary forces and means for performing the work.

The results of the technical state reconnaissance shall be certified by the signatures of the representative of the facility, the head and specialists of the GPT. PU (KP, SES). The issued order is submitted to the technical support group of the KP connection for further analysis and development of proposals for restoring the readiness of the facility and is a report document.

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