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Spetsnaz Russian Interior Troops - Order of Battle

The total number of special forces of internal troops of MIA of Russia is estimated at 17,000. All Special Forces units perform combat missions. Almost every one has a name. Earlier state brigades operational purposes (armor) and regiments operational purposes (MON) of internal armies were special forces company (URSN). The company was composed of three platoons: 1st and 2nd platoons were special forces assault, and the third was a reconnaissance platoon. Also the company was part of a training platoon.

Two company sized MVD units, the Special purpose company (RSN) and the Special purpose militsiia detachment (OMSN), were created in December 1978 and 1980, respectively, from the MVD Dzerzhinskii Division as counterterrorist units. Under Gorbachev both companies grew to battalion size.

As of mid-2000's special forces of internal troops consisted of 16 mobile units. Later, in December 2008 it was announced that as part of the Internal Troops there are three centers for special purposes and internal troops themselves are not subject to the reduction of the armed forces, which began in 2006. As part of the newly created centers, in addition to directly SWAT teams, will also be formed to some brand new special forces units of internal troops. These included a platoon of paragliders, a section of special technical measures with the use of remotely piloted aircraft reconnaissance, special diving unit and others.

The First Special Operations Center was established as part of the separate operative division of internal troops. To equip the new center was purchased by a variety of modern samples of military hardware - combat vehicles "Tiger" and "Cascade".

On December 23, 2008 the Minister of Internal Affairs Rashid Nurgaliyev in a solemn ceremony on the parade ground of the separate operative division of BB presented the Combat Banner of the new center of the sample, special purpose Interior Troops of Russia.

1 PSN (former 6 OSN) VV "Vityaz"
Moscow (in / hr 3179)

7 OSN VV "Rosich"
Novocherkassk (w / h 3719)

8 OSN VV "Russia"
Moscow (in / hr 3377)

12 OSN VV "Ural"
Nizhny Tagil (in / hr 6738)

15 OSN VV "Vyatich"
Armavir (w / h 6761)

16 OSN VV "Skif"

17 OSN VV "Edelweiss"
Mineralny Vod (in / hr 6762)

19 OSN VV "Ermak"
Novosibirsk (w / h 6749)

Saratov (in / hr 7463)

21 OSN VV "Typhoon"
Khabarovsk (in / hr 6767)

23 OSN VV "Mechel"
Chelyabinsk (w / h 6830)

24 OSN VV "Svyatogor"

25 OSN VV "Mercury"
Smolensk (in / hr 7459)

26 OSN VV "Bars"
Kazan (in / hr 5598)

27 OSN VV "Kuzbass"
Kemerovo (in / hr 6607) *

28 OSN VV "Ratnik"
Arkhangelsk (in / hr 6832)

29 OSN VV "Bulat"
Ufa (w / h 6795)

30 OSN VV "Svyatogor"

33 OSN VV "Relight"

34 OSN VV "Smerch"
Grozny (wp 6775)

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