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FM 34-35: Armored Cavalry Regiment and Separate Brigade Intelligence and Electronic Warfare Operations



Required publications are sources that users must read in order to understand or to comply with this publication.

Field Manuals (FMs)

FM 7-30 Infantry, Airborne, and Air Assault Brigade Operations

FM 17-95 Cavalry Operations

FM 34-1 Intelligence and Electronic Warfare Operations

FM 34-2-1 Reconnaissance and Surveillance and Intelligence Support to Counterreconnaissance

FM 71-3 Armored and Mechanized Infantry Brigade

FM 100-7 Army Component Operations

FM 101-5 Staff Organization and Operations

FM 101-5-1 Operational Terms and Symbols


Related publications are sources of additional information. They are not required in order to understand this publication.

Field Manuals (FMs)

FM 3-5 NBC Decontamination

FM 6-20 Fire Support in the AirLand Battle

FM 34-2 Collection Management

FM 34-3 Intelligence Analysis

FM 34-10 Division Intelligence and Electronics Warfare Operations

FM 34-25 Corps Intelligence and Electronics Warfare Operations

FM 34-80 Brigade and Battalion Intelligence and Electronic Warfare Operations

FM 34-130 Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield

FM 90-2 Battlefield Deception

FM 90-2A (U) Electronic Deception, Confidential

FM 90-3 Desert Operations (How to Fight)

FM 90-5 Jungle Operations (How to Fight)

FM 90-6 Mountain Operations

FM 90-10 Military Operations on Urbanized Terrain (MOUT) (How to Fight)

Standardization Agreements (STANAGs)

STANAG 6004 Meaconing, Intrusion, Jamming and Interference Report

STANAG 6010 Electronic Warfare in the Land Battle - ATP-51

Training Circulars (TCs)

TC 34-84 AN/TLQ-l7A( V), Countermeasures Set Operations

TC 34-87 (U) AN/MSQ-103C, Operations, Confidential

TC 34-90 (U) AN/MLQ-34, Tactical Communications Jammer Operations, Confidential

Technical Manuals (TMs)

TM 32-5865-005-10 Operation Instructions, Countermeasures Set AN/TLQ-17A(V)

TM 32-5865-005-23 Organizational and Direct Support Maintenance of the TLQ-17A, Models V1 and V2

TM 32-5865-060-10 Operations Manual for the MLQ-34

TM 32-5895-070-10 Operations Manual for the TRQ-32, Models V1 and V2

TM 32-5895-050-24&P Organizational Direct Support, General Support, and Parts Manual for the TRQ-32

TM 32-5811-030-10-1 Operator's Manual, Vol I, Special Purpose Receiving System AN/MSQ-103C

TM 32-5865-012-10 Operation Instructions for Special Purpose Countermeasures System, AN/ALQ-151(V) 2


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