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June 2004 Intelligence News

  • RUSSIA / QATAR VOA 30 Jun 2004 -- Russia's foreign minister has rejected the finding by a court in the Gulf State of Qatar that two Russian security agents were involved in the assassination of a former Chechen rebel leader in Qatar earlier this year. The comment came came shortly after the court in Qatar sentenced the two men to life in prison for the February killing, and said the murder had been ordered by Russian officials.
  • UN / IRANIANS EXPELLED VOA 29 Jun 2004 -- The United States has expelled two Iranian security guards at Iran's mission to the United Nations.
  • Iran`s foreign ministry slams US expulsion of two UN mission guards IRNA 29 Jun 2004 -- Iran deplored the expulsion of two guards of its mission at the United Nations in New York.
  • CACI Clarifies Information About Interrogator Services in Iraq CACI 28 Jun 2004 -- CACI International Inc (NYSE:CAI) today stated that due to the erroneous, inaccurate and false information being widely disseminated and repeated, it has again become necessary to clarify various aspects of its contract arrangements with the U.S. Army to provide interrogator services (an intelligence information gathering function) in Iraq.
  • Northrop Grumman-Developed Heavy-Fuel Engine Promises Higher Performance, Lower Costs for Hunter Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Northrop Grumman 28 Jun 2004 -- The U.S. Army's RQ-5A Hunter unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) will be able to climb faster, operate at higher altitudes, and spend less time being serviced thanks to the integration of a heavy-fuel engine on the air vehicle by Northrop Grumman Corporation (NYSE:NOC), the Hunter prime contractor.
  • CIA Suspends Interrogation Tactics on Terrorist Suspects VOA News 27 Jun 2004 -- A U.S. newspaper says the CIA has stopped using some interrogation methods on terrorist suspects while officials study the legality of the measures.
  • Atlas IIAS Launch Of NRO Payload Postponed Lockheed Martin 26 Jun 2004 -- The launch of an Atlas IIAS vehicle with a national security payload was postponed today because of a concern over launch vehicle avionics. Atlas engineers are conducting additional tests to confirm that avionics on the rocket are free from an anomaly discovered on another unit in the factory.
  • CONGRESS/IRAQ/AL QAIDA VOA 23 Jun 2004 -- The U.S. House of Representatives has approved an amendment calling on the to conduct an audit of any evidence it provided to the Bush Administration and Congress concerning a relationship between Iraq and the al-Qaida terrorist network before September 11th, 2001. The measure came as part of House action on legislation to fund U.S. intelligence agencies. That package passed the House, 360 to 61, late Wednesdat.
  • CONGRESS/IRAQ/AL QAIDA VOA 23 Jun 2004 -- The U.S. House of Representatives has approved an amendment calling on the CIA to conduct an audit of any evidence it provided to the Bush Administration and Congress concerning a relationship between Iraq and the al-Qaida terrorist network before September 11th, 2001. The measure came as part of House action on legislation to fund U.S. intelligence agencies.
  • CONGRESS/INTELLIGENCE VOA 23 Jun 2004 -- The U.S. House of Representatives is considering (Eds: Update as needed after final vote) legislation providing an estimated 40-billion dollars for U.S. government intelligence operations. Final approval of the bill was marked by strains in normally cooperative relations between Democrats and Republicans on intelligence spending
  • Sagem, Rheinmetall Defence Electronics and Bell Helicopter Textron sign a strategic agreement to provide Tactical VUAVs to European Armed Forces Sagem (Safran group) 22 Jun 2004 -- Sagem of France, Rheinmetall Defence Electronics (RDE) of Germany, and Bell Helicopter Textron of the United States have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to provide a next generation tactical VTOL UAV (VUAV) to the expeditionary forces of Europe.
  • Raytheon Successfully Completes DCGS Block 10.2 Final Design Review Raytheon 21 Jun 2004 -- Raytheon Company successfully completed a final design review for the Distributed Common Ground System (DCGS) Integration Backbone (DIB) and the DCGS Block 10.2 multi-intelligence core.
  • IAI/Malat's Bird-Eye 500 Mini UAV Makes Successful Historic Maiden Voyage over Amsterdam, Netherlands Israel Aerospace Industries 20 Jun 2004 -- IAI/Malat in cooperation with Condor UAV B.V., successfully flew the Bird-Eye 500 mini UAV in thepresence of high-ranking Amsterdam Police officials on June 18th 2004. The test demonstrated all performance requirements and was the first mini unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) flight in the Netherlands for civilian purposes.
  • Pakistan to strengthen intelligence agencies network, says PM IRNA 19 Jun 2004 -- Dubbing recent wave of killings as terror acts, Pakistan on Saturday decided to strengthen its network of intelligence agencies to effectively combat the menace.
  • Response to a question at the press conference following the meetings of the Eurasian Economic Community Interstate Council and Collective Security Treaty Organisation's Collective Security Council President of Russia 18 Jun 2004 -- "I can confirm that, following the events of September 11, 2001 and up until the beginning of military operations in Iraq, Russian intelligence did indeed receive on several occasions information that official organisations in Saddam Hussein's regime were preparing terrorist attacks on U.S. territory and against U.S. military and civilian targets abroad. This information was indeed passed on through our cooperation channels to our U.S. colleagues."
  • CIA Contractor Indicted for Abuse of Afghan Detainee Washington File 17 Jun 2004 -- A 38-year-old North Carolina man has been indicted for assaulting an Afghan detainee while working as a contractor for the Central Intelligence Agency at a U.S. military base in Asadabad, Afghanistan.
  • Rheinmetall Defence Electronics, SAGEM and Bell Helicopter Textron sign a strategic agreement to provide tactical VUAVs to European Armed Forces Rheinmetall Defence 16 Jun 2004 -- Rheinmetall Defence Electronics (RDE) of Germany, SAGEM of France, and Bell Helicopter Textron of the United States have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to provide a next generation tactical VTOL UAV (VUAV) to the expeditionary forces of Europe.
  • Bird Eye 500, IAI/MALAT's Mini-UAV Successfully Demonstrated in Nuenen, the Netherlands Israel Aerospace Industries 15 Jun 2004 -- Eurosatory - Paris, 15 June 2004 - Condor UAV B.V., the Haarlem based Netherlands' distributor ofIAI/MALAT's Mini-UAVs, performed a successful demonstration of the Bird Eye 500 Mini Unmanned Aerial Vehicle system in Nuenen, the Netherlands. The demonstration took place on Monday & Tuesday June 14-15, 2004.
  • Northrop Grumman Demonstrates System for Controlling Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Missions from Aircraft Carriers Northrop Grumman 15 Jun 2004 -- Northrop Grumman Corporation (NYSE:NOC) successfully demonstrated a shipboard mission control system that will allow unmanned combat aerial vehicles to participate safely and autonomously in conventional manned, aircraft-carrier flight operations.
  • EADS and SAGEM sign an agreement on EUROMALE UAVs EADS 14 Jun 2004 -- On the occasion of the Paris Eurosatory International Exhibition, EADS and SAGEM announce the signature of a co-operation agreement for the development of EUROMALE UAVs.
  • Israel Aircraft Industries' Malat Division to Display its Micro and Mini-UAV family at Eurosatory Exhibition Israel Aerospace Industries 14 Jun 2004 -- Eurosatory - Paris, June 2004 - Israel Aircraft Industries' Malat Division is to display its new micro unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) Mosquito 1.5, as well as new models of the Bird Eye 100 (formerly "Birdy") and Bird Eye 500 (formerly "Spy There") mini UAVs at Eurosatory June 14-18, 2004.
  • Minju Joson on Resignation of Tenet KCNA 14 Jun 2004 -- The Central Intelligence Agency of the United States is a group of swindlers and plotters exaggerating, processing, fabricating and spreading information in order to encroach upon the sovereignty of other countries and nations and topple legitimate governments, says Minju Joson in a commentary Saturday.
  • CACI Continues to Inform Investment Community and Public at Large About CACI's Business In Iraq CACI 13 Jun 2004 -- CACI International Inc (NYSE:CAI) today presented a synopsis of information it has been providing to the investment community and the public about its business in Iraq. For more than 42 years, CACI has proudly provided information technology (IT) services to government and private sector customers to enhance efficiency and meet mission effectiveness. In these four decades the company has successfully provided IT services through seven Presidential administrations of the U.S. government that have had varying policies, agendas and objectives. Throughout its history in contracting with the government, CACI's steadfast objective has always been to support the country's future through quality service.
  • CACI Rejects Lawsuit as Slanderous and Malicious CACI 10 Jun 2004 -- CACI International Inc (NYSE:CAI) today issued the following statement: Yesterday, a New York-based human rights activist group filed a lawsuit in San Diego federal court. The suit accuses CACI, Titan Corporation of San Diego, and several named individuals of conspiring with the U.S. government to carry out various crimes against detainees at detention centers in Iraq.
  • Russian Supreme Court Overturns Espionage Acquittal RFE/RL 09 Jun 2004 -- Russia's Supreme Court today overturned the acquittal of a Russian physicist on espionage charges and ordered a new trial.
  • Lockheed Martin Delivers Aerostat Surveillance System to U.S. Army for Deployment in Iraq Lockheed Martin 08 Jun 2004 -- Lockheed Martin (NYSE: LMT) has delivered a 56,000-cubic-foot tethered aerostat surveillance system to the U.S. Army for deployment in Iraq. The aerostat, equipped with various sensors, will provide a persistent surveillance capability in the defense of ground forces and high-value assets in Baghdad. Lockheed Martin integrated the aerostat, sensors, ground station and mooring system at its facility in Akron.
  • EU: 'First Step' Taken Toward Setting Up Joint Intelligence Capability RFE/RL 08 Jun 2004 -- European Union officials today announced that the bloc will step up cooperation between the intelligence agencies of its 25 member states.
  • Northrop Grumman To Upgrade Weather Radar System on Air Force Ground Surveillance Aircraft Northrop Grumman 07 Jun 2004 -- Northrop Grumman Corporation (NYSE:NOC) will integrate a new, more capable weather radar system on U.S. Air Force E-8C Joint Surveillance Target Attack Radar System (Joint STARS) aircraft under a recent award from the Air Force's Electronic Systems Center. The new radar will give pilots more accurate information about weather conditions along their flight route.
  • Raytheon Awarded U.S. Navy Field Service Engineering Contract for Combat and C4ISR Systems Potentially Worth $378 Million Raytheon 07 Jun 2004 -- Raytheon Technical Services Company LLC (RTSC), a subsidiary of Raytheon Company (NYSE: RTN), has been awarded a 10-year, multiple-award, indefinite-delivery indefinite-quantity contract with a potential value to Raytheon of $378 million, including options, by the U.S. Navy Fleet Industrial Supply Center, Norfolk, Va.
  • U.S.: After Director Tenet's Resignation, CIA Faces Likely Reform RFE/RL 07 Jun 2004 -- The resignation of Director of Central Intelligence George Tenet last week has prompted efforts to reform the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Tenet said he resigned for personal reasons, but the CIA had come under increasing criticism for intelligence failures related to the 11 September 2001 terrorist attacks and the Iraq war.
  • Secretary of Defense Statement on the Resignation of George Tenet 03 Jun 2004 -- George Tenet is an enormously talented public servant. I join the President in regretting George's decision to leave the government, and wish him the very best.
  • CHALABI / U-S VOA 03 Jun 2004 -- The man once considered by many senior Pentagon officials to be the most likely future leader of a free Iraq is at the center of an espionage controversy. U-S officials are investigating whether Ahmad Chalabi, head of the Iraqi National Congress, leaked sensitive intelligence information.
  • TENET RESIGNS / REACT VOA 03 Jun 2004 -- The resignation of Central Intelligence Director George Tenet has prompted bipartisan calls for reforming U-S intelligence agencies.
  • U-S INTELLIGENCE VOA 03 Jun 2004 -- The director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (F-B-I), Robert Mueller, has proposed the creation of an intelligence service within his organization and repeated his opposition to calls for a new and separate domestic spy agency.
  • President Praises Tenet's Tenure AFPS 03 Jun 2004 -- President Bush today praised CIA Director George Tenet for doing what he said was a "superb job on behalf of the American people," after accepting Tenet's letter of resignation June 2.
  • White House Report, June 3: CIA Director Resigns Washington File 03 Jun 2004 -- President Bush told reporters June 3 that he has accepted a letter of resignation from Director of Central Intelligence George Tenet, effective in July.
  • Bush Announces CIA Director George Tenet's Resignation Washington File 03 Jun 2004 -- President Bush announced June 3 that he had accepted the resignation of his director of Central Intelligence, George Tenet.
  • Remarks by Director of Central Intelligence George J. Tenet to Employees of the Central Intelligence Agency and the US Intelligence Community Central Intelligence Agency 03 Jun 2004 -- "For the past nine years, I have been privileged to be part of a great American family-the family of American Intelligence. I have lived in the heart of the CIA family. In that long and eventful time, we have shared moments of success and disappointment, of happiness and sorrow. Today, I share with you news that I gave the President last evening. I have decided to step down as Director of Central Intelligence, effective July 11th, the seventh anniversary of my being sworn in as DCI."
  • BUSH/TENET VOA 03 Jun 2004 -- The director of U-S Central Intelligence has resigned. V-O-A's Paula Wolfson reports President Bush says George Tenet is leaving his post as head of the intelligence community for personal reasons.
  • CIA Director Tenet Resigns VOA News 03 Jun 2004 -- The head of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency has resigned. George Tenet says he is stepping down for personal reasons.
  • Bush Consults Lawyer in Probe Over CIA Leak VOA 03 Jun 2004 -- The White House says President Bush has consulted an outside lawyer in the grand jury investigation into who leaked the name of a covert CIA operative to the news media last year.
  • At Least 190 Cases of U.S. Aerial Espionage Committed in May KCNA 02 Jun 2004 -- The U.S. imperialists committed at least 190 cases of aerial espionage against the DPRK in May by mobilizing strategic and tactical reconnaissance planes with different missions, according to military sources.

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