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  • U.S. needs a new electronic identity-protection strategy to prevent 'hybrid warfare' attacks by Dan Gonzales, 8 Jul -- "By Dan Gonzales Earlier this month, the FBI revealed that as many as 18 million current and former government employees and other U.S. citizens may have had their personal information stolen in a cyberattack on the Office of Personnel and Management. The General Accounting Office is investigating potential cybersecurity breaches of Healthcare...."
  • Putin: Eyes Wide Shut by Stephen Larrabee, 20 Apr -- "The United States is entering a period of growing competition and tension in relations with Russia. The Russia that the United States faces today is more assertive and more unpredictable--and thus, in many ways, more dangerous--than the Russia that the United States confronted during the latter part of the Cold War. ..."
  • Inside the Terrorist Factory by Brian Michael Jenkins, 30 Mar -- "As the civil wars in Syria and Iraq continue, they sharpen the sectarian divide between Sunnis and Shias, threatening the stability of the region and attracting a steady flow of foreign volunteers, effectively turning Syria and Iraq into a terrorist factory. The main recruiters can be found within the two galaxies of jihadist terrorists in the region, al Qaeda and the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL). ..."
  • National Strategic Void by Ed Corcoran, 28 Jan -- "There is global malaise. The European Union is in turmoil. ..."
  • Seth Rogen's digital Pearl Harbor by George Smith, 18 Dec -- "What happens when hackers from North Korea, according to the US government, threaten the American arm of an entertainment giant, Sony, over a mediocre-to-crappy movie, Seth Rogen's The Interview, set to open Xmas Day? Americans fold. ..."

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