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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)


Soviet Designation TU-4
US-Designation Bull
Design Bureau OKB-156 Tupolev
Manufacturer Plant Nr. 22 Kazan
Plant Nr. 18 Kuibyshev
Plant Nr. 23 Moscow
Power Plant 4 ASH-73TK engines
Thrust 1790 kw each
Length 30.179
Height 8.46
Wingspan 43m
Wing surface 161.7sqm
Speed 558 km/h (at 10250m)
435 km/h (ground)
Ceiling 11.200m
Weight (empty) 35.270kg
Fuel weight 4.280kg
Maximum take-off weight 65.000kg
Normal load 6.000kg
Maximum load 9.000
Operational Range 5.400km (with a load of 3.000kg)
3.580 km (with a load of 9.000kg)
Maximum Range 6.200km (with a load of 3.000kg)
Armament Six 1000-Kt bombs (TU-4)
1 nuclear bomb (TU-4a)
2 KS missiles (TU-4K)
Crew 7
Unit cost  
Development began 1945
First Flight 5/19/1947
Series production 1945-1952
Date deployed 1949
  • Tu-4 - bomber, the main production series aircraft built in series until 1952;
  • Tu-4P - long-range aircraft fotorazvedchik, aircraft altered from serial Tu-4;
  • Tu-4 aircraft REB - serial Tu-4, equipped with electronic reconnaissance equipment and combat, was equipped with several machines;
  • Tu-4A - the aircraft carrier of the atomic bomb, 10 serial Tu-4, adapted for the transport and use of the first Soviet atomic bomb;
  • Tu-4K (Tu-4KS) - the aircraft carrier-aircraft missiles such as COP-1, released a series of 50 machines, which are operated by the Air Force;
  • Tu-4D (the plane "76") - descent transport aircraft, altered production of the Tu-4, only 300 were converted Tu-4;
  • TU-4R reconnaissance a/c
  • Tu-4T (plane "4T") - troop-carrier, a copy of the Tu-4, converted into a prototype with advanced capabilities for transportation and dropping people, goods and military equipment;
  • Tu-4USHS - navigational training plane, alteration of serial Tu-4 aircraft, designed to prepare navigators bombers;
  • Tu-4 "Commanding" - several serial Tu-4, equipped as a command post aircraft;
  • Tu-4 (the order "20") - plane radiation reconnaissance specially equipped with sensors to monitor the US nuclear tests;
  • Tu-4 relay - aircraft equipped with radio equipment for Navy ships with coastal command posts -
  • Tu-4 "Boatmen" - Tu-4, equipped with a towing system of two MiG-15bis;
  • Tu-4 flying cinematographic laboratories for the filming of movies on the system "tsirkorama";
  • Tu-4 long-range ice reconnaissance. Tu-4, decommissioned and transferred to the polar aviation;
  • The plane "79" - a project of the Tu-4 with engines M-49TK;
  • The plane "94" - a project of the Tu-4 with a theater-type TV-2;
  • Tu-4 tankers - several Tu-4, equipped with refueling in the air, under the "hose-cone" for frontline aircraft and system "from wing to wing" for long-range aircraft;
  • Tu-4 pp - flying laboratory for testing of aircraft engines. The Tu-4 pp was converted several aircraft that were in operation before the beginning of the 60s. They were conducted flight tests and operational development of the type of piston engines Shvetsov Ash-2 and AL-2K 3TK VD and VD-4K, turboprop - TV 2, TV-2F and TV-2M, 2TV-2F, SC-12, NC -4, AI-20, turbojet - AM-3 and RD-3, aL-7 and aL-7F, WA-WA-5 and 7 AM-5, RD-9, R-11, R-20P, etc.
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