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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

RKV-500 / SS-N-21 Sampson

The RKV-500 is the Soviet counterpart to American BGM-109 Tomahawak cruise missile. The RKV-500 and the Kh-55 employed by strategic bombers share the same airframe. The RKV-500 is designed to be launched through a submarine torpedo tube.

The RKV-500 was deployed onboard Soviet Navy's Akula, Sierra, and Victor III-class nuclear-powered submarines. The sea-based version SS-N-21 Sampson was reportedly deployed on the Yankee Notch submarines. Since the SSC-4 coastal defense variant is carried in a 25.6-in (650-mm) diameter canister, some analysts have suggested that the sub-launched variant is probably for launch only from 650-mm diameter torpedo tubes.

The upgraded RKV-500B featuring the same improvements than the Kh-55MS missile was deployed in the 1990s within the Russian Navy.

There are sketchy reports of an experimental derivative of the 3K-10 named the "3M-55 (SS-N-27)" that is intended for the antiship role. It has a warhead consisting of a solid fuel missile that performs a terminal attack at Mach 2.5.

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