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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

Granat 3K10 / RKV-500 / SS-N-21 Sampson

length with solid propellant rocket booster motor 8090 mm [7.4 or 7.9 Meters]
Missile length 6200 mm
Booster length 1.2, 1.0 or 1.4 meters
Wingspan 3300 mm [ 3.0 or 3.9 Meters]
Rocket fuselage diameter 510 mm
Capsule diameter
  • inner - 518 mm
  • outer - 533 mm
  • launch mass in capsule - 2385 kg (KS-122RT, start 09/27/1977)
    launch mass
  • 1,485 kg (KS-122RT, start-up 9/27/1977)
  • approx. 1700 kg (3M-10)
  • Weight without booster 1103 kg (KS-122RT, starting 09/27/1977)
    Mass of the starting solid propellant rocket motor 382 kg
    Weight of warhead up to 200 kg
    Operating range3000 km (maximum, not confirmed)
    Cruising speed
  • 240 m / s (tested, 1979)
  • 720 km / h
  • 0.7 Mach
  • cruising ceiling 15-200 m
    launch depth 40 m (during testing)
    time underwater after launch 4.88 s (KS-122RT, start 09/27/1977)
    Types of warhead
  • nuclear, 200 kt - The main type of warhead.
  • high-explosive - according to Western data, it was developed and, possibly, installed on missiles placed on boats (Russian sources think this was unlikely).
  • Variants
    • KS-122RS - the first prototype version of the KS-122 rocket, apparently, "Static" - without a control system and a main engine.
    • KS-122RT - the second experimental version of the KS-122 rocket, apparently, the Telemetry - with an inertial control system (autopilot) and a cruising engine. Rockets carried out a straight flight.
    • KS-122RP - the third prototype version of the KS-122 rocket, apparently, “Program” - was intended for test launches from a Tu-16KSR-2 plane with a flight with an inertial control system (autopilot) with maneuvers according to the program.
    • 3M-10V1A - version of the rocket for tests with the engine TRDD-50 and control equipment AB-12, tested in 1978.
    • 3M-10V1 - version of the rocket with the engine R-95A-300 and different versions of the equipment of control, first launch 12.26.1978 city
    • 3M-10V2 - version of the missile with an engine P-95A-300 for flight tests from submarines. The first launch from a ground stand - 04/23/1982
    • 3M-10V5 - a variant of the rocket used at the final stage of the State tests, the first launch - on April 8, 1983.
    • KS-122 / 3M-10 - the basic version of a sea-based long-range cruise missile.
    Deployment The RKV-500 was deployed onboard Soviet Navy's Akula, Sierra, and Victor III-class nuclear-powered submarines. According to Western data, by the end of 1988, about 100 S-10 Granat missiles were based on naval SSNs.
    • PLA pr.671RTM - VICTOR-III - the missile was put into service with the PLA project on December 31, 1983 (in April 1984, according to other data). The tests of the complex took place on the PL-254 pr.671RTM on the White Sea.
    • SSARK pr.667AT "Pear" - YANKEE NOTCH - converted SSBN pr.667AU with the installation of a compartment with 2 groups of 4 TA located at an angle to the center plane. Total ammunition - 32 CU, incl. 8 CU in torpedo tubes.
    • PLA pr.971 - AKULA - the first launches of the CBRM 3M-10 Granat from the head PLA pr.971 K-284 were conducted in January 1987 in the Pacific Ocean. Arms tests completed only in 1988.
    • PLA pr.945 - SIERRA / pr.945A - SIERRA-II - attack missile-torpedo PLA.
    • PLARK pr.885 - YASEN - shock PLA equipped with universal PU vertical start.

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