Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

Iskander / SS-26

DIA Code Name SS-26
Nato Code Name: ?
Russian Designation: Iskander
Design Bureau: KBM Engineering
Inservice: 1999?? / 2007 ??
Range: maximum 280 Km ? / 500 km ?
minimum 50 Km
Stages: 1
Fuel: Solid
In service: Current System
Entered Service  
Total length  
launcher Weight 40,000 kg
Missile Weight 3,800 kg
Warhead Weight 480 kg
Maximum Speed  
Guidance mode independent, inertial, integrated with optical homing head
Single-shot hit probability  
Warhead cluster, HE fragmentation, penetrating, HE incendiary
Chassis wheeled, cross-country
Number of missiles:
on launcher 2
on transloader 2
Time to launch, min:
from highest readiness state up to 4
after march up to 6
Assigned service life yr 10
Crew 3
Operating temperature range C ~+mn~50

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