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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

Strategic Missile Troops

  • Missile Troops
  • Missile Troops

    Sources and Methods

    • The Russian Strategic Missile Forces enter the new year with a new structure, Yury Strigelskiy , Belapan, 1/21/1998 -- Discusses a restructring of Russia's strategic missile forces.
    • Strategic Missile Troops Increase Combat Capability , ITAR-TASS, 12/16/1997 -- Following the merger of the Space Military Troops and the Space Missile Defense Forces, the Strategic Missile Troops have been able to fulfil up to 50 percent of all the tasks facing the Strategic Nuclear Forces as far as a retaliatory strike is concerned, and up to 90 per cent as far as a retaliatory counterstrike is concerned.
    • The SMF's Special Mission, Colonel-General Vladimir Nikolayevich Yakovlev, chief of the Strategic Missile Forces Main Staff , Armeyskiy Sbornik, May 1997 -- A discussion of the history and role of the Strategic Missile Forces.
    • Chernomyrdin Praises Missile Troops at News Conference , Interfax, 2/21/1997 -- The Russian Strategic Rocket Forces is capable of effectively carrying out its assignments, Prime Minister Viktor Chernomyrdin told the press after visiting the force headquarters.
    • General Eugene Habiger, Commander-in-Chief of the Strategic Command News Briefing - 04 November 1997
    • "I.Sergeyev: Both the Missiles and the People Are Always in Complete Readiness" Moskovskaya Pravda, 4 Jun 97 pp 9-10 [Interview with Defense Minister Designee Igor Sergeyev by Valeriy Borisenko
    • Strategic Rocket Troops Count 879 Launchers , INTERFAX, 12/13/1995
    • Russia's Nuclear Shield, Colonel General Igor Sergeyev, CINC Strategic Missile Troops, ARMEYSKIY SBORNIK, December 1995 -- In the past training year forces in the Strategic Missile Troops were upgraded by introducing missile regiments armed with the Topol missile complex to the order of battle and placing them on alert duty.
    • 17 December Is Strategic Missile Troops Day: "Guarantor of Peace and Stability", Lieutenant Colonel Ilshat Baychurin, Armeyskiy Sbornik, December 1996 -- Interview with General of the Army Igor Dmitriyevich Sergeyev, CINC Strategic Missile Troops.
    • At the Dawn of the Strategic Missile Troops, Colonel General Viktor Ivanovich Yesin, chief of Strategic Missile Troops Main Staff, ARMEYSKIY SBORNIK, May 1996 -- A history of Soviet Strategic Missile Forces
    • Missile Forces' Power. --Russia's Nuclear Shield Is in Good Hands, Igor Korotchenko, NEZAVISIMOYE VOYENNOYE OBOZRENIYE, 2/24/1996 -- Interview with Colonel-General Viktor Yesin, chief of the Russian Strategic Nuclear Forces Main Staff on the status of Russia's Strategic Missile Forces.
    • Geopolitics and Security, General Igor Dmitriyevich Sergeyev, CINC Strategic Missile Troops, Vooruzheniye, Politika, Konversiya, (14), 1996 -- Under present conditions, when Russia is rebuilding its economy and cannot allocate the enormous funds for defense as was the case previously, the Strategic Nuclear Forces and their basic component, the Strategic Missile Troops, remain the only real guarantee for ensuring the country's military security.
    • Strategic Rocket Forces SOVIET UNION - A Country Study Library of Congress Federal Research Division - 1989

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