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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

R-26 / "SS-8 SASIN"

The R-26 (8K66) missile, with its integrated fuel tanks, was one of the first of the second generation strategic missiles The Yuzhnoye (OKB-586) designed R-26 was approved in May 1960. The flight-design tests were slated to begin in December 1961, but development of the R-26 was halted by governmental order in July 1962. The suspension of development was partly technical and lay partly in design bureau in-house rivalries concerning the development of a light liquid propellant missile. NPO Mashinotroyeniya (OKB-52) successfully proposed the development of the UR-100 missile known as SS-11 SEGO undercutting the R-26 program.

After its cancellation, R-26 was paraded in Red Square, and identified in the West as the SS-8 SASIN. In fact, the entirely unrelated R-9A missile was the deployed SS-8 SASIN. Like the R-16 it is not entirely clear at what point Western intelligence discovered that the missile shown in parades in Moscow and the missiles actually deployed elsewhere in Russia were different and entirely unrelated missiles.

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