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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

R-26 / "SS-8 SASIN"

DIA Mistaken for SS-8/R-9,R-9A
NATO Sasin mistaken for SS-8/R-9, R-9A
Bilateral N/A
Service Not deployed
OKB/Industry R-26, 8K66
Design Bureau OKB-586 (Acad. M. K. Yangel)
Approved 5/23/1960
Years of R&D  
Engineering and Testing 1960-1961
First Flight Test Project canceled 07/09/1962
IOC Not operational
Deployment Date Not deployed
Type of Warhead Single
Warheads 1
Yield (Mt) 5
Payload (t) 3-3.500
Total length (m) 24.38
Total length w/o warhead (m) 22
Missile Diameter (m) 2.75
Launch Weight (t) 85-87
Fuel Weight (t)  
Range (km) 10,500-11,000-12,000
CEP (m) (Russian Sources) 1,500-2,000
CEP (m) Western Sources) ?

Number of Stages 2
Canister length (m) N/A
Canister length w/o
front meters (m)
Canister diameter (m) N/A
Booster guidance system Inertial

  1st stage 2nd stage
Length (m) 11.4 10.05
Body diameter (m) 2.75 2.4
Fueled weight (t)    
Dry weight (t)    
Engine Designation RD-216 (11D614) Z-RD-?
Configuration two engine cluster 1 engine
Design Bureau Acad. V. P. Glushko OKB-456 Yuzhnoy?
Years of R & D 1958-1960  
Propellants Liquid Storable Liquid Storable

Oxidizer AT=AK-27P,= Nitrogen tetroxide, N204 in N02 AT=AK-27P,= Nitrogen tetroxide, N204 in N02
Burning time (sec.) 120 160
Thrust Sea Level/Vacuum (Tonnes) 151.499/177.9115 43.65 vacuum
Specific Impulse Sea Level/Vacuum (sec.) 248/291.3  

Basing Mode Soft site and Silo
Launching Technique Hot launch
Deployed Boosters 0
Test Boosters  
Warheads Deployed 0
Deployment Sites  
Training Launchers  
Space Booster Variant N/A

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