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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)


On 28 November 1967 a competition for a new strategic bomber began. Sukhoi came with a variable-geometry winged design, named T-4MS, although it had nothing in common with the original T-4. The T-4MS would be capable of meeting the demands and carry two Kh-45 missiles inside a bomb bay, as well as two Kh-45 externally. In 1977 the preliminary design of the Tu-160 was submitted for state committee acceptance. At this stage the aircraft would carry two Kh-45 missiles.

Rocket X-45 - aircraft missile of class "air-surface" for the carrier aircraft TYAM.

This rocket was developed for the purpose of confirmation of the possibility of designing of the high-precision rocket of class "air-surface" with the hypersonic speed of flight. The tests of rocket had to be carried out on the aircraft TYAM (Tya), capable of accomplishing endurance flight with a speed of up to 3 500 km/h.

Rocket X -45 was executed according to normal aerodynamic configuration with the X-shaped wing arrangement and tail assembly, which ensured high maneuverability characteristics.

According to the results of studies for the rocket X -45 was selected the flight trajectory most optimum from the point of view of power engineering, which made it possible to use simple engine installation with unilocular ZHRD - LIQUID PROPELLANT ROCKET ENGINE.

For guaranteeing the high accuracy of entry, solution of the complex problems of control and stabilization into of flight conditions for the first time for the rockets of class "air-surface" was created the inertial system for navigation and control on the base of gyro-inertial system and onboard digital computer, that possesses great possibilities on the aggregation with the self-homing heads.

Application on board the rocket of gyro-inertial system and digital computer required creation on the plant of the specialized sections on the control and finalizing of digital computer technology, mastery of the brazing technique of cable connections with the application of bifilar wires, new types of connectors and corresponding re-training of workers, which was essential preparation stage for the mastery of the subsequent types of rockets.

They were used on the rocket X -45 as the basic construction materials: the stainless steel Of ei-'shchya (tanks), titanium alloy VT -20 (sections GCHF, KHCHF, wing, tail assembly); separate load-bearing elements were made from high-strength steels Y2KH2NVFA, E0KHGSA, steel VNS-E, titanium alloys OTYA-Y, OT -4, VT -5, VTSHCH-Y, VT5- L and magnesium alloy ML -10.

In the process of development the rockets by key personnel BAR and of plant were found and it is experimentally worked out a number of the original technological-design solutions, which made it possible to substantially simplify and to facilitate construction, among them: steering frame with the rim from the alloy VTSHCHL and the crosspiece from the alloy ML -10 (A. z. chuchalov, Yu. f. chetverikov, M. A. Borisov, A. A. Bykov); the detachable panels of heat shielding tanks from the alloys OT -4 and by a basaltic fiber of the type B (A. a. osochenko); tunnel pipes for the padding of communications in the tanks (V. m. kulikovskiy, M. z. eydlin, o. V. Melnikov); the quick-detachable fastening of front fairing with the cargo hold with the aid of the coupling clamp (O. v. Melnikov, G. f. chetverikov).

The problem of the creation of thermo-durable, erosion-resistant radio-transparent fairing was one of the most complex problems with the development of rocket X -45. Searches, studies, experiments were carried out together by specialists BAR, plant, VIAM - ALL-UNION SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH INSTITUTE OF AVIATION MATERIALS, VNIISPV((G. a. dmitrenko, s. A. kuman'kova, In. V. skvortsov, L. ye. Kurilov, I. V. pugacheva, G. A. osykin, E. S. Panov, In. S. zimenkov, In. V. Pavlov, V. n. potashova, V. n. Bulgakov, R. V. raykov, N. V. kozhukhova). As a result of the accomplished works the two-layered monolithic construction, which includes, was created and worked out:

  • power layer from the fiberglass laminate SK -9FAK on the basis of quartz cloth and silicon connecting K -9FA;
  • erosion-resistant layer from the fiberglass laminate SK- YAK on the basis of multilayer all-fabric quartz case (specially developed by specialists VNIISPV) and silicon connecting the k-th;
  • is worked out and inculcated the usovershenstvovannyy progressive method of production - impregnation operation under the pressure (with the counterpressure).
  • When the Soviets learned about the American AGM-86 ALCM-B cruise missile, the requirement of the Kh-45 as main armament for the Tu-160 was dropped and a strategic (nuclear) version of the Kh-55 cruise missile was developed.

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